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Jul 2014 - Present

Agribusiness R&D Consulting


I am a proven product development and project management professional with over 30 years experience in the agribusiness industry. I consult and serve as an expert witness in areas that take advantage of my skill package.


May 2018 - Feb 2019

AgriMetis LLC

Consultant - Interim Herbicide Project Manager

During the period from May 2018 to February 2019 I served as an Interim Project Manager. In that role, I put together a small team of experienced scientists who designed and implemented a 2019 US field and greenhouse research plan in cotton and soybeans to characterize the activity of a new herbicide developed by AgriMetis.

Jun 2014 - Jul 2016

Undisclosed NYC Law Firm

Expert Consultant

I served as an expert consultant on a very substantial arbitration pertaining to damage caused by herbicides. I assessed data and conclusions and provided key insights on the importance of phytotoxicity studies, the critical types of studies, proper interpretation of the data they generate, and how the interpretation can impact market dynamics.


Mar 2013 - May 2014


Consultant - Associate Project Mgr

As a consultant, I explored and prioritized commercial and research opportunities for AgriThority, and developed research proposals for new opportunities for clients..


Nov 2008 - Jun 2011

Dow AgroSciences

Global Technology Transfer Leader

Led the creation and establishment of the Global Technology Transfer group to deliver learning to employees around the world on the DAS technology portfolio. Models used included blended learning programs of a wide variety of e-learning experiences and in-person and field interactive environments. The learning culture is now integrated into growth projects and the sales organization.


Sep 2000 - Nov 2008

Dow AgroSciences

Field R&D Leader

Served as the leader of the Midwest (2 years) and later the Coastal (6 years) Field R&D organizations where I developed people and aligned resources with priority development/discovery projects. Also included in the role was the management of two field research stations (Fresno, CA and Greenville, MS). Experience acquired included people development, growth, and resource management to achieve corporate research goals, and a broad range of agricultural, biotechnology, and research systems. Budgeting ($5 million +) and resourcing a large field organization was an important part of the role. During my tenure leading people and organizations, several major changes involving reorganizations, downsizing, and acquisitions of staff and facilities occurred which required my personal attention and change management skills.


Sep 1996 - Sep 2000

Dow AgroSciences

Global Herbicide Product Development in Corn and Soybeans

Responsible for global development and research for the sulfonanilide chemistry in corn and soybeans with most activities and related travel in North America and Latin America. Acquired significant experience in agricultural, business, and research practices in those geographies. Prioritization of projects and building a sound budget and resource plan for global projects was a critical component of that job.


Sep 1993 - Sep 1996

Dow AgroSciences

North American Herbicide Product Development

Lead the characterization, development, and launch of cloransulam-methyl (FirstRate) in the US. Acquired substantial experience in herbicide and soybean cultural practices in the US and met all development, launch, and technical milestones


Sep 1989 - Sep 1993

Dow AgroSciences

Product Development Manager for Phenoxy Herbicides

Acted as the technical resource leader for phenoxy herbicides with the the global leader in the phenoxy business. I worked closely with NA and global business phenoxy business leaders, public affairs, regulatory, the 2,4-D Task Force, and competition to support a huge and thriving business. Issue management was an important part of the role.


Sep 1989 - Sep 1993

Dow AgroSciences

Field R&D Manpower Planning

Dow AgroSciences was on the verge of launching the field characterization of 5 new herbicides coming out of our discovery organization and the resource model in the field was insufficient to support the effort. I lead the assessment, development and reorganization of field R&D priorties that is still used today in Dow AgroSciences


Jul 1984 - Sep 1989

Dow AgroSciences

Field R&D Scientist

Joined the company as a Field R&D Scientist covering Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio where I conducted research on nitrogen managment with nitrapyrin (N-Serve), insecticides in corn, and herbicides in corn, soybeans, and pastures.

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