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May 2016 - Present


Software Engineer

~ 2020: Tech Lead, Guest • Led the design and execution of a single Platform for all Guest-facing pages. The solution was so powerful that the Host side of our business is now adopting it. The Platform will be a single server-driven UI system for Web, iOS, and Android, based on GraphQL and leveraging tooling and techniques that drive engineering productivity and enable horizontal optimizations so that one engineer can improve page load time, pre-fetching, animation primitives, or other features…for all of Airbnb…in one shot. • Used the Platform and its tooling to deliver a 3 month project in less than a week ~ 2019: Tech Lead, Moweb • Built a case to rebuild our mobile web experience from the ground up, then assembled a team of 8 engineers from around the organization to execute on the strategy • Drove an increase in Mobile Web bookings by over 40% year over year (!) and reduced page load times by over 70% ~ 2018: Tech Lead, Homes • Led the development and execution of our strategy for Web Development for the largest of four businesses at Airbnb • Drove initiatives to dramatically improve productivity, including toolchains for GraphQL and Thrift. See my GraphQL Summit Keynote for more details: ~ 2017: Tech Lead, Luxury • Helped launch the Luxury vertical for Airbnb, including integration of an acquisition and tech stack from the acquired company • Drove explorations into GraphQL, Service Workers, and React Native, Service Workers that later shaped ~ 2016: Senior Engineer, Search • Led the re-architecture of Airbnb's guest-facing frontend experience to a Lazy Loaded Single Page App, cutting page loads times by 5-6x (!) and paving the way for rich, native-like animations between pages • Unwound years of legacy frontend code defined in several languages and frameworks to a consistent, isomorphic React solution


May 2015 - May 2016


Web Team Lead

• Led the Web team for 2 React applications with a global user base • Designed and built our analytics infrastructure: Real time data flow (web/mobile/backend), feature flipping, logging, alerts, exploratory analytics, and company-wide metrics/reporting • Structured the business case for React (Web) and later for React Native (iOS/Android)

Mar 2012 - Nov 2014


Chief Technology Officer

Platform: Backbone, D3, MongoDB, Node, Rails • Led engineering of a SaaS platform, managing a global team of 22 engineers (js, rails, designers) • Built “small data” js libraries: interactive charts and grids using d3, reactive programming for cached client-side time series analysis, local storage/sync/loading to interface with backbone.js • Designed a flexible, canonical startup/SMB financial model for the product, delivering historical financial performance, cash flow forecasting, and key operational metrics (e.g. CAC, LTV, Churn)


Jan 2010 - Mar 2012

Profitably, Inc.

Chief Executive Officer

• Rolled out our small business analytics application to over 3,500 small businesses • Raised ~$2M in venture capital and angel funding • Featured in the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Inc, Fortune, Forbes, and Business Insider • Rebuilt from scratch and rebranded as Activecell (see above)

Jan 2009 - Jan 2010


Vice President

• Led data discovery and modeling for one of the largest fraud cases in history • Relied upon for providing detailed analysis to the SEC, Wall Street Journal, and trustees • Given responsibility for “one source of truth” data models supporting numerous high profile cases

Jan 2008 - Dec 2008

Concentra Consulting

Director of Business Intelligence

• Created 1 of 4 revenue-generating business units (full P&L responsibility) • Provided internal consulting during burst of growth from 14 consultants and £1.9M annual run rate revenue to 64 consultants and £5.8M annual run rate revenue (incl. Sales & Operational Planning, Invoice-to-Cash, Performance Management, Recruiting processes) while generating £450k in sales against a target of £100k • Data modeling: Smart grid predictive model, cancer research aggregation framework, inventory optimization and logistics planning, activity-based-costing and pricing optimization, market research automation

Jan 2006 - Dec 2007

A.T. Kearney

Manager, Data Analytics

• Helped drive global growth of Data Analytics practice from 7 to 54 consultants while generating $1.6M in sales • Led and delivered projects spanning financial services, distribution, pharmaceutical, public sector, consumer products, and retail sectors • Data modeling: Supply chain network optimization, activity-based costing, price optimization, spend and organizational visibility, financial reporting, and categorization/normalization of dirty datasets • Built internal software application for spend modeling (still in use today)

Jan 2004 - Dec 2006

A.T. Kearney

Data Analyst

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