Adrian Elorza

Chief Strategy Officer at Inception Fertility

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Work experience

Jun 2018 - Present

Inception Fertility Ventures

Chief Strategy Officer

Adrian Elorza has been in the fertility space for over 20 years successfully growing pharmacies and clinics. Adrian’s experience includes Chief Operating Officer of Metro Drugs a specialty pharmacy, growing and expanding multiple fertility clinics as Chief Operating Officer of RMA of Texas and Founder/CEO of Imagine Fertility, a fertility software company that aimed at reducing the complexity of managing patient pipelines. Adrian’s focus on process improvement and the patient experience are guided by a deep understanding of the fertility journey. His varied experience leading clinical teams, specialty pharmacies, and financial operations allows him to quickly identify better ways to serve our patients.


Nov 2014 - Present

Imagine Fertility

Chief Executive Officer

Imagine fertility is a platform meant to help clinics , pharmacies and other healthcare entities manage financial counseling & workflow of your teams. We run fertility clinics and pharmacy so we understand the challeneges of canned systems that don't work in the sub-specialty space.Our hope & mission is to be a resource to companies looking for proven solutions that work for providers & admistrative teams. ......


Aug 2012 - Jun 2018

RMA of Texas

Chief Operating Officer

May 2003 - Aug 2012

Metro Drugs Inc


Managed day to day operations, worked on all aspects of the business plan. Marketing and sales, website,social media construction. Had department heads report to me, Director of Pharmacy , Director of Sales, Patient Services etc.......Managed with our CEO, contracts and all business relationships.

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