Alexander Khoruts

Medical Director Microbiota Therapeutics Program at University of Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN

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Jan 2016 - Present

University of Minnesota



Jan 2010 - Present

University of Minnesota

Medical Director Microbiota Therapeutics Program

The University of Minnesota Microbiota Therapeutics Program brings together clinical and basic science expertise has been one of the world leaders in the field of microbiota-based therapeutics development. Some of the accomplishments include a number of firsts, including demonstration that fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) results into engraftment of donor distal gut microbial communities into recipients suffering from multiply recurrent C. difficile infection, publication of a standardized protocol of fecal microbiota preparation and cryopreservation, securing the first IND from the FDA for a clinical trial with FMT in the US, development of encapsulated, freeze-dried preparation of microbiota for oral administration. The Microbiota Therapeutics program is continuing to deliver care for patients suffering with C. difficile infections. Some of the major current research directions include development of next generation microbiota therapeutics, understanding the pharmacology of this class of drugs, and support of clinical trials for non-C. difficile indications.


1985 - 1989

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