Dr. Alexander Lai

Associate Professor, Kentucky State University

Frankfort, KY

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Forward looking, innovative Scientist/Educator/Public Health Professional with outstanding credentials in academia and in public health. Always looking for new challenges. Team player, with leadership committed to excellence. Apply holistic approach and flexibility to achieve the best result. Integrity, honesty, loyalty, and service to humanity are my core values. Major Accomplishments As Scientist: • Major contributor to over 35 articles on molecular virology and immunology • Reviewer for funding agencies, journal articles, books, and animal/clinical trials • Secured over US$1.2 M funding in the past • Sole inventor of a US patent on DNA vaccine (US 7,244,435 B2); developed a second generation microarray for detection and identification of influenza virus (cited > 100 times) As Educator: • Over 22 years in teaching at university setting • Excellent teaching evaluation (>3.2 over 4.0) • Guided over 30 postdoctoral/graduate/undergraduate students in their research, with co-authored research articles • Served at various university committees, including Academic Appeals Board, Institutional Committee on the Use and Care of Animals in research, University Strategic Planning Committee As Public Health Professional: • Introduced various new diagnostic tests for viral infections • Achieved laboratory accreditation and boosted service quality • Training and evaluation of laboratory personnel • Interaction/liaison with other stake holders at local, national, and international levels Specialties: Viral pathogenesis, vaccine development, emerging infectious diseases, develop diagnostics

Work experience

Aug 2013 - Present

Kentucky State University

Associate Professor

Teaching courses for Biology majors as well as courses such as Microbiology, Anatomy & Physiology for Nursing students.

Jan 2007 - Present

University of Hong Kong Faculty of Medicine/Microbiology

Hon. Asst. Prof.

Research, advising, review student thesis and manuscripts

Jul 2011 - Aug 2013

EnzaVac Biotech Ltd.

Chief Scientific Officer

Develop new technologies, new vaccines and other biologics; liaison with industrial partners and researchers at universities; strategic planning and identify unmet needs; management of in-house R&D, process validation, quality control and regulatory compliance.

Mar 2009 - Jul 2012

University of Hong Kong S.P.A.C.E./ Napier University

P/T Lecturer

Teach various modules for M.Sc. in Med. Tech.

Jan 2008 - Aug 2009

Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong

Scientific Officer

Research on influenza and avian influenza. Strategic planning, research and management of a specific research group

Dec 2004 - Nov 2007

Centre for Health Protection


Manage a busy public health diagnostic laboratory Review and revise SOP, quality assurance; Supervise and train technical and research staff; Conduct strategic planning; Liaison with local, regional and international public health authorities; Investigate outbreaks; Research and development on diagnostics, epidemiology, and vaccines


Jan 1998 - Nov 2004

Oklahoma State University

Asst. Prof.

Teach (student evaluation >3.2 out of 4.0) Research: influenza and *vaccine (publications and a US patent granted [US 7,244,435 B2]) ; Service (served at various university and departmental committees) *Conducted vaccine trial (equine influenza) funded by Hong Kong Jockey Club and by Fort Dodge Animal Health


Oct 1992 - Dec 1997

University of Kentucky

Research Specialist

Research: equine influenza (*antigenicity, evolution, and epidemiology); Clinical: (veterinary) diagnostics; **Liaison with industrial partners *Conducted vaccine trial (equine influenza) funded by Hong Kong Jockey Club and by Fort Dodge Animal Health ** Participated in the investigation of the equine influenza epizootic in Shatin, 1992


1984 - 1989

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences / Virology

Molecular characterization of deletion mutants of vaccinia

1979 - 1982

University of Queensland, Australia

B.S., Microbiology

Honor Project: Murray Valley Encephalitis Virus

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