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Co-Founder & CPO @ Konvrs

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Aug 2020 - Present


Co-Founder & CPO

Leading the Product, Design and Engineering teams at Konvrs. We are on a mission to change the narrative of life by enabling quality of life for a century of life. Konvrs is an online gathering place for the older, wiser and curious-er. We’re a community of people who are striding into their ahem, mature years, but aren’t done growing. Who desire to learn new things and keep expanding their horizons. Who want to meet interesting people and have thought-provoking conversations. Who haven’t lost their passion - they’re just looking for new ways to channel it. A community who refuses to age no matter how old we get. So we gather. We stay curious. We stay youthful: We've built an exceptional team and have raised money from top-notch investors in Toronto, NYC and SF to make our vision a reality. We are inspired every day by the opportunity to pioneer a new movement to enable quality of life for a century of life.


Oct 2019 - Aug 2020


Vice President, Product

5,000,000 registered members ✅ $140,000,000 in processed payments ✅ And we're just getting started 🚀 I currently lead our product, design, and customer success teams. We're always looking for more talented, caring individuals to join our team. Join us and make it easier for families to find care for their loved ones through a portfolio of specialized marketplaces, including,,,, and 22 other marketplaces. For each of these marketplaces, we champion great independent caregivers, introduce them to great families, and support them as they build long-lasting relationships directly with their clients. Every minute, we make a difference in someone's life. Join us if you want to build the future of personalized care matching.


Oct 2019 - Jul 2020

Product School

Principal Lecturer & Curriculum Designer, Product Management

Lead, teach and mentor product professionals all around the world. In my past cohorts, I trained product professionals from Dubai (UAE), Vienna (Austria), Copenhagen (Denmark), Fortaleza (Brazil), San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, New York City, etc. and I've learned more about global product management from each one of them. I also develop the curriculum for this global leader in Product Management training (with a community of over one million product professionals). We're designing learning experiences that are relevant, meaningful and support Product School students to acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to prepare them for their futures. Our certificates are the most industry-recognized credentials by employers hiring product managers. We are committed to pushing the product management industry forward. With this aim in mind, we published the Amazon bestseller, The Product Book, host over 1,000 free events per year, The Proddy Awards, and ProductCon, the largest multi-city product management conference in the world.


May 2019 - Oct 2019

Product School

Senior Lecturer, Product Management


Apr 2019 - Oct 2019


Director, Product & Design

CareGuide is building the future of care where we provide each individual a personalized care matching platform. We currently have a portfolio of online marketplaces and our mission is to pair families and individuals with great care providers. Our portfolio consists of,,,,,, and 🚀 With thousands of listings in every city in North America, you'll be able to find the best care provider for you, in your area, in just about any industry. At CareGuide, we give our caregivers the support and tools needed to be successful. Because we believe happier caregivers provide better care. We champion great independent caregivers, introduce them to great families, and support them as they build long-lasting relationships directly with their clients. Every minute, we make a difference in someone's life — and with great power comes great responsibility. Join me to seamlessly connect care providers to families and build long-lasting relationships:

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