Amit Kahana

MD of Tide Capital and VP of Credit at Tide Business Banking


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An experienced professional with over 10 years of experience of team management within SME Finance and online lending. Specializes in Risk and Product Management, mostly providing financial solutions as adjacent services I believe in continuous improvement of my company, my team, the product and mostly myself.

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Nov 2019 - Present

Habankaim הבנקאים


Feb 2019 - Present

Tide Business Banking

MD of Tide Capital and VP of Credit


Jan 2015 - Present

Fintech Partners

Advisor - Product Development and Risk Management

Oct 2017 - Apr 2020

Finiata - Working capital for SMEs and Freelancers


Acting as CRO, while advising on Product Management and Development. Assisted the company with the completion of series A, turning its product to Risk Margin positive within 6 months and enhancing the product offering in order to maximize Unit Economics. Focusing on Credit, Operational and Fraud risks

Oct 2018 - Feb 2019

Tide Business Banking


Advisor to the executive team focusing on Credit Strategy, assisted with the Credit Section of the BCR application

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