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I'm a hands-on engineering leader passionate about building high-performing teams, disruptive products and massively scaleable data systems. I run engineering for Fairmarkit in Boston where we're building a ML-powered platform that is transforming B2B commerce. Over the year I've been fortunate to work on some fantastic teams at extremely high-growth companies in Boston such as Klaviyo and Acquia. I've led teams and coded sytems that have handled crazy load for massive events such as Black Friday, the State of the Union Address & the Olympics. I believe in a DevOps culture for engineering with cross-functional teams wherein engineers owns the code they ship and directly interface with customers.

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Oct 2019 - Present


VP Engineering

I run the Boston engineering team for Fairmarkit, a fintech startup helping organizations such as the MBTA and Snowflake transform how they source goods. Our platform uses machine learning to deliver a more efficient many-sided B2B marketplace by recommending the best vendors for a sourcing request. We've built a platform from scratch using Python, Django and PostgreSQL which connects to upstream ERP systems such as SAP, Ariba, Coupa and Peoplesoft to sync billions of dollars worth of spend data and deliver a seamless and delightful experience for procurement users to free them up for more strategic work. We're growing fast and always hiring engineers driven to grow with us and build disruptive tech.


Jul 2016 - Aug 2019


VP Engineering

I ran engineering at Klaviyo, building a scalable platform leveraging data science to help ecommerce brands grow faster. Over my tenure I helped scaled the team 6x as Klaviyo itself operated profitably and grew to having tens of thousands of happy paying customers. Klaviyo emerged as one of Boston’s pre-eminent tech companies as evidenced by a 2019 $150m+ fundraising round. Klaviyo processed billions of events a day in real-time and over Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 sent nearly a billion emails. That's a lot of scale! I’m exceptionally proud of what my team built while I was at Klaviyo, the caliber of the people I helped to hire and grow, the true DevOps culture I instilled, and the hands-on engineering leadership style I embodied.


Aug 2012 - Jul 2016


VP Engineering

As VP Engineering for Acquia Cloud I led the global engineering teams building Acquia’s Platform as a Service product. Acquia Cloud runs many of the most demanding websites in the world on top of one of the largest AWS deployments in the world with 18,000+ EC2 instances when I left. I personally helped clients ranging from and the Olympics to some of the highest profile US Government agencies achieve success and scale on their most critical days using Drupal and Acquia’s powerful developer productivity tools. During my tenure at Acquia we achieved HIPAA, PCI and FedRAMP compliance attestations and launched a number of compelling security and reliability features to protect our customers. I grew the PaaS engineering teams grew to 50+ engineers, acted as both scrum master and product owner for some teams, and helped ship major overhauls of Acquia Cloud’s UI, developer productivity tools (incl. CI/CD) and AWS architecture. Although Acquia Cloud offers a highly-optimized LAMP platform for customers at its core it runs a large, distributed Ruby application to coordinate the state across tens of thousands of EC2 instances. Acquia leverages technologies ranging from PHP and Ruby to Varnish and Apache to MySQL, Memcache and Puppet at incredibly large scale.


Apr 2005 - Apr 2012

ONEsite, Inc.


As the first engineer and ultimately CTO I led ONEsite’s teams from its inception through multiple major architecture enhancements and hyper growth periods into a dominant market position as a SaaS provider of social networking and single sign on software for media and entertainment companies. ONEsite ran the websites for brands ranging from American Idol to NASCAR to Capcom, Clear Channel and Fox Sports offering industry-leaning social features including message boards, live chat, newsfeeds, comment widgets, blogs, wikis and more. At its peak the platform ingested hundreds of millions of pieces of user generated content and delivered billions of monthly API and page views. We were one of Oklahoma’s top tech companies and worked with pre-eminent global brands. The underlying ONEsite system is a proprietary PHP platform with key subsystems written in Python and leveraging technology ranging from Cassandra to Hive/Hadoop and large scale MySQL, Memcache and Varnish deployments. We operated our own datacenters but leveraged Akamai extensively to handle large scale traffic events such as American Idol finale night. I’m exceptionally proud of building such an amazing team and product in the heart of Oklahoma and what we accomplished under sometimes incredibly stressful conditions.


Apr 2005 - May 2008

Lead Developer

Led the development teams for and, building hosting, data-center and CMS tools to help 100,000+ small businesses get online.

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