Andryan Gouw

Internet, Payment, & Gaming Industry Professional in Indonesia

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Andryan is a consistent, high integrity-proven, and well-versed business and product development as well as a hands-on IT professional. Considered by his peers to be one of a kind person who never hesitates to speak out his mind at almost every workplace he has been at. He has gone through the world of small to medium corporations to Internet startups to lecturing at universities to Internet/telco giants. Experienced and proven in building effective and efficient solution -- minimal budget with optimum results. Past IT exposure has given him the ability to quickly develop small tools to process data or automate tasks by himself (usually written in shell script, AWK, or PHP). Possess sound analytical skills, ability to think end-to-end, quick learner, outspoken, realistic, and fastidious. Previously Andryan has consulted various Internet businesses for Indonesian market entry. Interested in academic work and consulting work in regards to business, product, and IT matters. Held RHCE, CCNA, and MTCP. Specialties: business startup, business operations, analysis and strategy, operations management, business development, product management, product development, market research, system and network architecture, software development.

Work experience

Sep 2018 - Present

Wawa Games

Co-founder & Managing Director

Fresh from the mobile live streaming industry in Indonesia, former top execs at M17 Indonesia co-founded Wawa. Wawa is the world's first mobile live arcade games app. Wawa enable players to play on REAL arcade machines 24/7 on their mobile phone and enjoy the same level of excitement as they would at arcade games centers. Players can win REAL PRIZES and earn TICKETS at Wawa. Responsibilities include: - idea/concept PoC realization - sourcing & importing-related processes - product development & project management - recruitment of key employees - partnerships with telcos, e-commerce, OTA, and ride-hailing partners - oversee TKDN certification for Wawa (the first ever gaming app to be certified as TKDN-qualified app with preload partners such as Huawei, OPPO, Realme, Blackshark, Sharp, Alcatel, etc. with TKDN score of 90+) - ensure the participation of Wawa at GamesCom 2019 from BEKRAF-sponsored 10 Indonesian games companies - achieve 1M video views endorsement post on Instagram by Indonesia's top KOL, lambe_turah - oversee the creation of various SOPs to maintain low error-rate in operations - establish the sorting and logistics team and review the delivery performance of logistics partners - creation and research of new types of arcade games machines - develop and evaluate marketing strategy - manage cash flow to ensure sustainable business operations

Oct 2016 - Sep 2018

M17 Entertainment Group

Country Manager

Employee #1 in Indonesia. Having been the most senior Indonesian in the new mobile livestreaming industry with recent success of reaching Top 2, Andryan was tasked to assist the market entry of 17, Taiwan's no 1 livestreaming app, in Indonesia. Responsibilities include, but not limited to: - incorporation & compliance to the local laws and regulations - technical development of operational support tools (salary slip generator, Talent Manager daily report, event daily report, revenue report, etc.) - recruitment of senior and junior team members - full P/L responsibility - develop partnership with talent management agencies - product development for localization and other local requirements - partnership with ASUS, Boyaa, LINE Games, etc. - coordinate and oversee TVC production and airing on 4 national TV stations in Indonesia - PG partnership with Xendit, UniPin, and Metranet - actively involved in contract formation and dealing with legal issues - establishment of VIP services SOP, acquisition, and retention - formation of local monitoring team, which is the best in the industry - develop payroll strategy for employees, livestreamers, and agencies to ensure timely delivery of payouts - develop local market strategy including bonus policies, payout scheme, etc. - develop market intelligence - manage local marketing budget and strategy, including production of 3 2-million-plus-views Instagram videos on @lambe_turah for 17Q campaign - manage fraud cases handling and mitigation strategy with TW office - assist 17 HK market entry - prepare, set up, oversee production of 17Q, the first and fastest growing live trivia show in Indonesia (similar to Trivia HQ) - content development strategy which resulted in regular content partnership with Jawapos and production house companies (live event coverage at movie premieres) - hands-on operations with stable dedicated team and low turnover rate - plan, prepare, execute the hugely successful #HujanDuit campaign for 17Q


Mar 2016 - Oct 2016


Co-founder & General Manager

First employee of Nonolive in Indonesia. Nonolive is the one of the first mobile live streaming social media platform in Indonesia. Nonolive revolutionize the way people interact over the Internet. In the past, people resort to text, images, and recorded videos for social media. Today, with much improved smartphone hardware as well as 4G readily available, live streaming is the latest family of social media. The best part of Nonolive, you can monetize your skills and talents on Nonolive. Nonolive, the future of true reality TV is here today. - Recruitment and partnership (core team members, talent hunting, talent management agency, monitoring team, etc.) - Partnership with PG (Mimopay, UniPin, MOL) - Develop strategic plans for operations in Indonesia - Create payment scheme, bonus plans, and KPI programs for talents - Product development planning - Explore partnership with digital agencies to engage KOLs and national celebrities to broadcast on Nonolive - Local Indonesian network and server deployment (APNIC, NAP, OpenIXP) - Market research and competition analysis - Create web-based content monitoring tools and operational support tools (salary slip generator, airing time checking) for internal use - Handle some legal work for contract formation - Ensure content compliance with Indonesian regulations, culture, and norms - Beta-testing, provide feedback to R&D team in Guangzhou, China - Develop SOP and training materials for talents and talent operations - Exclusive Popular partnership for annual Miss Popular contest

Aug 2015 - Apr 2016

PT. XL Axiata Tbk

Manager (DOB)

Awarded best employee in the Digital Entertainment business unit in only 10 months into the job with no prior VAS work experience. DOB is the miniaturized version of Digital Entertainment (AKA Digital Services VAS team), managing Huawei Digital Merchant business, music/video, games and social networks, carrier billing, as well as OTT partnerships. - manage Huawei Digital Merchant team and operations. - responsible for defining the new scope and commercial target for VAS Managed Services project. - revamp past VAS practices and policies. - identify potential fraud indications by partners. - formulate new elements in the partnership agreement for VAS partners to define healthy index, integrity clause, and enhance the overall agreement's penalties and termination clauses. - initiate and develop new value added services. - explore integration with Samsung GALAXY Apps store. - oversee the API backend migration for carrier billing services. - closely work with regulatory, revenue assurance, and tax team to ensure XL VAS compliance towards any government regulations. - explore and define new Digital Entertainment direction through a bottom-up approach. - identify and refine the technical VAS policy with XL Solution Development team and Huawei DMO technical team. - analyse customer complaints on VAS services and develop methods to improve UX, reduce complain and decelerate churn. - define PG VAT treatment and impact analysis for carrier billing services. - reformulate business model for VAS partners in Digital Merchant.

Mar 2015 - Aug 2015

PT. XL Axiata Tbk

Manager (Social Network & Gaming)

I lead a team of 3 Product Managers at the Social Network & Gaming unit of Digital Entertainment (VAS) team at XL Digital Services directorate. Digital Entertainment is the largest business unit (by revenue) in Digital Services and Social Network & Gaming is the largest unit in Digital Entertainment. - explore OTT initiatives on mobile online games publishing and smartphone app with 3rd party partners (VTC, VNG, mFace, AMI, etc.) - assess spin-off opportunity for XKoin with Axiata. - analyze the impact and provide counterattack strategy for WhatsApp Calling. - integrate VoWiFi (a client-based WiFi calling solution) POC arrangement. - enable Google Play carrier billing services for XL through partnership with Bango. - manage carrier billing/payment gateway services at XL (BlackBerry World, BBM Shop, Windows Phone Store, etc.) - manage conventional VAS services on games and social network. - primary point of contact of OTT players: Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Path, Opera, etc. - develop and incubate new VAS services to be "exported" to the core marketing team. - task force member of the 3R transformation strategy for OTT initiatives. - ensure compliance requirements are met internally and externally. - part of the Axiata MIFE project task force for DOB services.


2014 - Feb 2015

UCWeb Inc.

Senior Business Development Manager

- responsible for alliances and strategic partnerships with Internet companies and telcos (KapanLagi Network, Liputan6/KMK Online/SCTV, Kompas, Detik, XL, etc.) - analyze target market and partners and opportunity mapping for new business avenues - analyze mobile Internet users and provide product optimization feedback to product development team in Guangzhou - maintain up-to-date market information - track market and competitor and propose competition strategy - initiate pitch discussions, be the front face for new business development - liaise with internal teams (product, operations, tech, design) for taking new business initiatives/pitches forward and closure - lead the pitches from a business perspective - work and deliver against new business targets - acquire new mobile web publishers for UCWeb's UC Union, one of Indonesia's largest mobile ad network - develop partnership with local ad networks (Eluon, Metranet, BBM, etc.) - sign the company's first paying customer in Indonesia (Elevenia) - share digital marketing experience and know-how to marketing team at HQ - handle PR crisis with media (detik and kompas)

Oct 2013 - Mar 2014

PT. Progressivmedia Indonesia [Mimopay]

Business Development Manager

Mimopay is a pioneer in revolutionizing payments industry in Indonesia. Mimopay began with offering Smartfren prepaid cards to be used by the local and international online games companies in early 2012. Mimopay launched Sevelin Game Cards in partnership with 7-Eleven Indonesia and introduced payment via ATM BCA for merchants in late 2013. ATM Bersama and other banks/telcos are planned for early 2014. - acquire new (local and international) key account merchants as well as new PSP/cash-in channels. - provide technical and business inputs on various matters including defining short-, medium-, long-term business strategy, platform and backend architecture, user experience, API SDK development. - provide complimentary advisory/consulting services to merchants in the field of Indonesian online games industry as well as business and technical set-up in Indonesia. - develop plans for Mimopay to further enhance the platform ecosystem to extend beyond payments. - define the business approach of Mimopay to become a transparent/behind-the-scene whitelabel turnkey solution provider. - coordinate the business development and IT department.

Jun 2011 - Sep 2013

PT. Integrasi Nusa Gamindo [inGAME]


inGAME, formerly known as GOGAME, launched the first online karaoke in Indonesia (Nov 2011). inGAME had 2 games, ShowTime Indonesia and King of Kings Indonesia. - pitch idea to potential investors to buy GOGAME and launch new products for inGAME by keeping GOGAME's philosophy of being different from the rest. - prepare budget forecast, market research, and business and marketing strategy. - pick ShowTime (online karaoke game) to become the iconic launch product of inGAME. - connect to almost every major payment channels available in Indonesia to optimize monetization from casual (many of them, first time) players. - liaise with developers and provide ideas and feedback to development of the games (product development). - conduct weekly meeting with investors (of telco background) to explain and elaborate on strategy for the online games industry in Indonesia. - partner with music industry, labels and publishers by taking care of publishing, mechanical, and performing rights with major Indonesian music labels and WAMI. - procure cover version of popular songs, including minus one version, from various sources (Blank Productions, Tency Music, etc.) to get around the expensive mechanical licensing costs. - perform market research for new games titles from overseas. - head the in-house development team that established inGAME as the first self-sufficient publisher-developer after the game developer of ShowTime went out of business, maintaining the game's regular updates/patch and revenue after 1 year since the day the developer stopped providing updates. - review and provide feedback to agreements. - oversee the IT operations of the company and maintain excellent uptime and high availability records.

Jul 2008 - May 2011

PT. Jaring Interactive Indonesia [GOGAME]

VP (Business Development & IT)

Co-founded the company with Patrick Setiawan in 2008. I do: market analysis, budget forecast, revenue/income simulation, liaise with developers and publishers, review contracts, create and review business strategies, explore business opportunities, create development plans, decide on IT matters, provide distinct perspectives/views towards ideas, communicate with investors and partners, staff recruitment and interviews, training, supervise localization/translation, and many more.

Aug 2008 - Dec 2008

INTI College Indonesia

IT Lecturer (part time)

Lecture 2 IT courses (networking and computing ethics). Lecturing materials provided by INTI College Malaysia and University of Wollongong.

Jul 2006 - Dec 2008

PT. Hasindo Net


- oversee the entire IT aspect of the company (a wireless Internet Services Provider) as well as its subsidiary, IndonesianGamer (gilagame.com), one of the largest Indonesian gaming communities. - develop the whole data communication and network infrastructure (access, distribution, and core network). - renumbering the entire network from non-portable IP block (/24) from NAP to own ASN and portable IP block (/21). - deal directly with APNIC for ASN, portable IP block, and reverse DNS delegation (MyAPNIC). - deploy dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 LAN with HE.net's tunnelbroker.net as a testbed for future dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 implementation on the network infrastructure. - oversee the development of an automated web-based billing and provisioning system built in-house. - deployment of public hotspot at a prominent mall in North Jakarta. - liaise with upstream providers. - provide advice to Managing Director on business and sales strategies, development plans, etc. From Feb 2008 to Dec 2008, this role became a part time role.

Feb 2008 - Jun 2008

PT. Telemedia Mitra Erajaya

System Support Supervisor

System team supervisor (of Anritsu's Indonesian local partner) handling Anritsu MasterClaw OSS at the 3 largest mobile phone operators in Indonesia.

Feb 2005 - Dec 2006

Bina Nusantara International University

Teaching Assistant (part time)

During my study at Binus International University, I was recruited to be a teaching assistant for Operating System, Networking, and Programming courses. Part time job period: February 2005 - May 2005 September 2006 - December 2006

Apr 2006 - Jun 2006

technoCo Pty Ltd

Network Manager and Operations Engineer (part time)

- oversee the whole IT operation of the company. - manage the company's network and a farm of Linux servers. - reinstall and reconfigure the Linux servers farm. - deploy new webhosting and email hosting server. - provide advice to the Managing Director (Rick Spielrein, founder of Australia's 1st ISP OzEmail). This job is a part time role (20hr/week) during my study in Melbourne, Australia.

Jan 2002 - Jun 2005

Alternative Web Services Pty. Ltd.

System Administrator (part time - remote)

Maintenance of multiple Linux and Windows Server 2003 hosting servers (email/web/DNS using cPanel, Plesk, and Helm platform), including: software installation/updates, security updates/patches, firewall, automated shell scripts, user accounts management, and handle support emails.

Jun 2000 - Jan 2003

Pojok Internet (POINT) Cybercafe

System & Network Administrator (part time)

Install, configure, operate, and maintain the Linux routers and game servers of the cybercafe at 2 sites (UnTar Grogol/Trisakti Cempaka Putih). Replace Windows 2000 servers with Linux servers and achieve better stability and performance as a NAT router. Part time job (during school weekends)

Jun 2002 - Jul 2002

Simple Computer

Computer Technician

- assemble new PCs for customer (Jubilee school). - identify and troubleshoot customers' PC issues. - provide advice to customers on their requirements. Part time job during school holidays (Simple Computer @ Mangga Dua).


2005 - 2006

RMIT University

Bachelor, Information Technology

Graduated with distinction.

2003 - 2006

Bina Nusantara International University

Bachelor's, Computer Science

Transferred to RMIT

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