Anna Weisheimer

Team Lead - Enterprise Account Expansion at Heap

New York, NY


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Anna is Team Lead of Enterprise Account Expansion at Heap and has closed the most expansion across all reps in the organization this year and last. Anna has been awarded president's club, two promotions, and the opportunity to mentor four colleagues. Anna fosters an inclusive culture on her team and encourages reps to be the best they can be.

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Oct 2020 - Present


Team Lead - Enterprise Account Management - Revenue Growth

After success in Q3, Anna was promoted to Account Management Team Lead and added 4 Account Managers to her team. As Team Lead, Anna coaches reps, conducts development sessions, advises on transactions, and enables her team to be the best they can be. Reporting directly to Heap's CRO, Anna also conducts financial planning, HQ planning, account assignments, churn forecasting, and expansion forecasting. In her first quarter as Team Lead (Q4), Anna closed the most total revenue across all reps at Heap, reached 577% attainment, and enabled each member of her team to successfully onboard and exceed their quota. 2021 Update: Heap hired a new director and now reports directly to her instead of Heap's CRO. Anna has had a very successful year so far as team lead, and as an IC has as closed ~1.2M in expansion.


Aug 2020 - Oct 2020


Enterprise Account Manager - Revenue Growth

After 2 years as a top performer, Anna was selected as Heap's first Enterprise Account Manager to focus on expansion and revenue growth. At some companies, this role is called Growth Account Executive or Account Executive Existing Business. Anna pioneered a new operating model for her team, had tremendous financial success, and was soon promoted to team lead. As an individual contributor, Anna closed the most expansion dollars across all reps at Heap in 2020. $880K ARR Expansion, $5.5M ARR BoB.


Oct 2018 - Aug 2020


Enterprise Account Manager

As an Enterprise Account Manager, Anna delivered business value to customers and retrained, upsold, and expanded her book of business as a result. During her time in this role, Anna had the highest rep renewal and expansion rate at Heap - Q1 2019: 122%, Q2 2019: 125%, Q3 2019: 124%, Q4 2019: 118%, Q1 2020: 116%. Q2 2020: 104%, BoB $3M. Anna grew revenue by leading complex negotiations, strategically expanding to new business units, rightsizing legacy contracts, and upselling new products and packages. BoB $3M.


Nov 2016 - Oct 2018


Enterprise Customer Success Manager

As one of the first CSM's at Amplitude, Anna fully managed a diverse portfolio of $3M ARR and helped the company grow to its early success. Anna consistently exceeded net retention goals and churned extremely few logos during her time at Amplitude. Anna led several of the company's highest expansions at the time, including a more than 10x expansion from $24K ARR to $392K ARR, which was the company's largest % increase to that date. Anna built growth strategies for accounts, maintained positive relationships with key stakeholders, made sure that clients were bought into Amplitude, and led onboarding, activation, renewals, and expansions across her book of business.


May 2015 - Nov 2016


Director of Customer Success

As SysCloud's first Director of Customer Success, Anna built Customer Success from the ground up using entrepreneurship, creativity, critical thinking, and a "get things done" attitude. Anna's created and executed successful processes for onboarding, activation, renewals, upsells, and churn saves which are still used today.


Jun 2013 - May 2015


Technology Advisory Consultant

In Ernst & Young's Technology Advisory Services Group, Anna delivered systems strategy & results to the world's leading Financial Services institutions. Anna rotated between projects in IT Strategy, IT Risk, and Performance Improvement to help banks, asset managers, and capital market clients enhance their businesses and achieve tactical and strategical objectives. IT Strategy - Anna executed technology strategy and alignment services for a large retail and investment bank. Anna met with stakeholders, gathered requirements, and examined business strategy, risks, and considerations moving forward with a large-scale systems implementation. IT Risk – Anna analyzed risk drivers, inherent risks, and residual risks across a large retail and investment bank. Based on the results of the risk assessment, Anna executed various advisory projects to mitigate such risk. Anti Money Laundering Performance Improvement - Anna worked with multidisciplinary teams in the US and Latin America to detect and remediate suspicious activity, money laundering, and fraud. Anna's AML work included a remediation of high-risk customers (including senior political figures, politically exposed persons, and million dollar plus accounts) and a large scale look-back and transaction analysis. Anna detected various laundering techniques including masking, shelling, and rapid movement of funds and worked with Due Diligence, Know Your Customer (KYC), written Requests for Information (RFI’s), and Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR’s). Alongside an international team, Anna created, refined, and implemented policies and procedures for current and future AML investigations.


2009 - 2013

Ohio University

Bachelor of Science, Management Information Systems and Services

2010 - 2011

Universidad Veritas

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