Ansgar Strother

Co-Founder & CEO of Movatic


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Jan 2017 - Present


Co-Founder & CEO


Jun 2012 - Dec 2016

A2B Bikeshare

Founder & CEO

A2B Bikeshare is a transportation startup that is passionate about developing communities to be connected, healthy, and green. In order to achieve this mission, our team has developed and launched effective technology to enable automated bicycle rental, also known as bikesharing. Our rental system provides convenient mid-range transportation to both local community members and visitors. This is accomplished through our integrated hardware and software systems that seamlessly connect people to transportation. For more information go to


Jan 2013 - Dec 2013


Program Manager Intern

Microsoft Dynamics - Worked with stake holders and the different technical teams within Dynamics to identify the requirements of the products Organization Model viewer. - Based on these requirements, created a solution through an iterative design process. - With stake holder buy in, created a prototype using Angular, HTML and CSS, which was used to demonstrate the solution at several demos. - Wrote out a spec for the solution to allow for implantation into the product.


May 2012 - Aug 2012


Software Intern

QCT QMI NAS Team - Worked on the development of a test suite that automatically tests the QMI NAS source code upon modification. Thus lowering the number of on target builds and testing required, resulting in large time savings for the QMI NAS team. - 2nd place Idea Quest team member. Idea Quest is an intern competition to develop and pitch to 500+ Qualcomm employees innovative new business opportunities.

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