April Frazier

Serial Entrepreneur, Technologist

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I am a lane changer. I was a female technologist, who wrote code and lead software development teams for 18 years before realizing that my true passion is in serving others through coaching. It was a complete lane change for me – a scary one – and it was a journey that changed my life forever because it gave me perspective on who I really am and what my true strengths and abilities are. ⁣ Now, I help others reinvent themselves, translating their skills from one discipline to another, and learning to turn their weaknesses into strengths so that they can powerfully engage and lead the world on their own terms. My secret sauce is helping emerging entrepreneurs turn their side hustle into a full-time cash cow that brings them pleasure and creates time and financial freedom.

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Oct 2018 - Present

FRWD Confidence Coaching


Delivered fully booked group coaching program through organic, social media, lead generation in which engaged clients paid in full and up front. ● Grew email list by more than 300%. ● Nourish and grow an email list with above 30% open rates. ● Produce weekly newsletter that consistently aligns to target audience. ● Design, develop and execute marketing campaigns to create and deploy lead magnets based on target audience and implement the entire process of lead capture using Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads. ● Broaden professional network of referral partners and potential clients through organic connections and investing in strategic communities. ● Develop live events and presentations from creation to execution, monitoring and evaluating the success of client engagement to determine areas of improvement. ● Repurpose live event replays for evergreen delivery in lead generation funnels. ● Design and develop sustainable, evergreen sales funnels that convert new leads into email list subscribers and potentially new clients. ● Maintain existing relationships and past clients, listening deeply to their concerns and looking for opportunities to serve them and incorporate their feedback into future offerings. ● Nurture private community by defining and delivering magnetic content curated specifically for the benefit of the audience and encouraging peer-to-peer relationships within the group.

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