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Arthur is a successful entrepreneur, technology professional, and mentor. He is a full-time family man, part-time consultant and spare-time musician. He graduated from Loyola University Chicago and currently lives in greater Chicago-land. ----- As a cybersecurity executive and software engineer with nearly 20 years of experience, I am obsessively focused on solving customer problems. Technical challenges certainly excite me, but providing value to the end user has always proved to be the best path towards success. As a team leader, I am driven to develop high-performing teams and am relentless in helping people do their best technical work. I am passionate about fostering a culture in which all team members can contribute and grow -- because when you create an incredible team, you'll create incredible things. Are you looking for a technical leader, mentor, or consultant? I'd love to talk about how I could help!

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Aug 2020 - Present

Secure Web Solutions LLC

Freelance Software Engineer and Web App Pentester

Secure Web Solutions LLC is a freelance consultancy focused on delivering innovative, secure, high-quality software solutions for affordable prices. My specialty is providing web application penetration tests.


Mar 2020 - Present

Cox Automotive Inc.

Principal Software Engineer

I work across the engineering teams as a technical expert in frontend development, moving our UI/UX portfolio towards modern tools and architectures (focusing heavily on AWS and micro-frontends). I provide mentorship to our engineers on best practices and new web tech (i.e. Stencil, React, etc), and I work closely with our Architecture and UX groups to ensure alignment on new features or requirements. I am also the founding member and leader of Cox Automotive's internal Security Guild -- a group of engineers across the organization whose mission is to "create a culture of security". We promote training opportunities and act as SMEs within our own teams to prioritize and address vulnerabilities in our software applications.


Jan 2008 - Present

aKa Web Design

Sole Proprietor, Consultant and Entrepreneur (Freelance)

I love startups, and I engage with a few startups in various part-time roles. There’s nothing quite like the energy behind building an idea from the ground up, and startups often need a seasoned technical leader to help guide their success — I enjoy filling this role and do it with several companies. As a technical consultant, I also specialize in the following areas for building web applications: * JavaScript (Node.js, React, etc) * TypeScript, ES2015 * Electron / nwjs * Python, PHP, and other server-side languages * Docker / Kubernetes * AWS / Heroku * Wordpress


Dec 2018 - Mar 2020

IronNet Cybersecurity

Director Of Software Quality and Security

I am primarily responsible for enforcing quality and security standards across IronNet's 60-person engineering group. I work very closely with our team leads, our product managers and our C-suite (CISO, COO, and CPO) to design and enforce engineering processes and security policies that enable IronNet to deliver world-class cybersecurity software. I'm a hands-on leader in this role, implementing our CI/CD and DevOps infrastructure with technologies including: AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, various programming languages (JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, Go) and security tooling (Nessus, Burp, OWASP ZAP, SonarQube, Snyk). Some accomplishments include: * Scaled a team of 5 to a team of 15 in under six months * Increased automated testing across our organization, reducing manual QA by more than 90% * Implemented a robust vulnerability management program, creating a culture of "security first" across our engineering organization and minimizing our OSS risk exposure by 50% * Developed a formal training program (via OKRs) requiring all team members to pursue industry certifications and deepen individual technical skills ----- In 2019 I established IronNet's remote employee ambassador program "Remote Desktop People". Our mission was to ensure that remote employees feel connected and cared for at IronNet. Our goals were to actively build the tools, understanding, and relationships so that employees can do their best work at the office, at client sites, at home, and everywhere in between. I served as our group's "CEO" where my responsibilities included acting as the primary figurehead for the group, defining the agenda of biweekly meetings and recording meeting minutes.


May 2017 - Dec 2018

IronNet Cybersecurity

Engineering Lead - Web

My team owns all web applications developed by IronNet's product engineering organization, in addition to our corporate website. I direct a team of developers, designers and QA engineers to build IronNet's flagship products (IronDefense and IronDome) in addition to acting as the technical liaison for our Engineering group in all cross-team planning and discussion (CyOC, Customer Success, Training, Marketing and Sales). I also assist our Red Team in performing regular vulnerability assessments. My team is actively involved in all areas of product development and the SDLC. Though our primary objective is to implement the customer-facing features, we frequently engage with customers and our internal cyber analysts to brainstorm new ideas and improve the overall user experience. We work very closely with our Cyber Research teams, Data Scientists and Cyber Analysts to ensure that usability and efficiency remain top priorities.


Sep 2016 - Nov 2018


JavaScript Mentor

I mentor students in the Web Development Bootcamp, React, and Node.js curriculums. We work 1-on-1 in weekly sessions using pair programming and mock interviews, culminating in a full portfolio that my students will use to land a job.


Jul 2016 - Jul 2018


Director Of Engineering

SwayBrand platform creates authentic Influencer micro-marketing moments over social media for Brands, Startups and Non-profits everywhere. As the Director of Engineering, I manage a small team of developers and am primarily responsible for defining the product requirements of our MVP. I work very closely with our CEO to create the technical vision for our platform as we continue to pursue venture capital investment.


Jan 2016 - May 2017

IronNet Cybersecurity

Senior Software Engineer

Responsibilities: - Lead UI developer for all internal and customer-facing web applications - Mentor junior team members Development Focus: - JavaScript - Node.js - ReactJS / webpack - HTML / CSS (LESS) - D3, WebGL and various 3rd party visualization libraries - Typescript - Go / Python - Docker / Kubernetes


Apr 2015 - Jan 2016


Senior Software Engineer

I work on Sencha's engineering team, focusing on full-stack software development involving various technologies. I am a core member of the Sencha Tools team, responsible for delivering our IDE plugins, debugging and testing tools. Responsibilities: - Lead product development for Sencha Inspector - Manage a small team of developers and QA engineers - Design and implement software architecture across tools - Setup and direct IT infrastructure required for product development and automated build processes Development Focus: - JavaScript - Node.js - Electron / nw.js - HTML5 - C++ - Typescript


Mar 2014 - Apr 2015


Developer Relations Manager

As the technical subject matter expert for Sencha's Marketing department, I was responsible (directly or indirectly) for all corporate messaging related to content and community. My goal was to strategically promote Sencha’s technology directly to developers and IT managers. Responsibilities: - Identifying strategic partnerships - Facilitating co-marketing opportunities that grow the Sencha ecosystem - Managing content creation across the company - Providing the Sales team with tactical developer outreach - Organizing community events and meetups Achievements: - increased the number of monthly blog posts by 50% in first 6 months - increased Sencha blog readership by 21% in first 6 months (88k unique page views) - delivered more than 10 webinars, resulting in more than 4000 new sales leads - published 2 technical white papers - led several engineering projects targeting specific business platforms I also managed the development of several very popular projects: - App Inspector for Sencha (Chrome Extension, 11,000+ users) - Sencha Extensions for Microsoft Azure ("sencha-azure" package) - Sencha "ext-win8" package


Sep 2013 - Mar 2014


Solutions Architect

I lead customer-facing projects for Sencha's Professional Services team, helping my clients design and implement software solutions from the ground up. I educate customers about Sencha's products, draft detailed application architecture and project plans, and mentor development teams. I promote adoption of Sencha's products and general web technologies through a variety of evangelism efforts. I organize the Chicago Sencha User group and frequently speak at industry events. I also work closely with Sencha's executive and management teams to deliver special projects for public-facing product releases and marketing campaigns.


Feb 2011 - Sep 2013


Solutions Engineer

As part of the Sencha Professional Services team, I provide software development expertise and deep knowledge of best practices in the use of Sencha products. I work directly with our customers as a team member on projects involving development of new web and mobile applications, creating more than $500,000 of annual revenue. My clients vary across industries, and include some well known Fortune 500 companies: - Google - Microsoft - Bank of America - AIG - TJX - Lincoln Financial - Accenture I also represent Sencha in the local software community: - Organized the local Chicago Sencha User Group - Sponsor / participate in local hackathons - Speak at various industry events and conferences Development Focus: - JavaScript - Sencha Touch, Ext JS - Node.js - HTML5


Aug 2008 - Feb 2011

GFX International

Web Developer

Developed cloud-based SaaS applications focusing on product ordering, data processing, logistics and asset tracking. Software languages: - C# and ASP.NET - PHP - JavaScript - XHTML / CSS


Jun 2007 - Aug 2008

Imaginary Landscape

Web Developer

Developed a variety of cloud-based SaaS applications (CMS, email marketing and eCommerce) to create an all-in-one online business platform for our customers. Involved in all stages of client website development, from initial planning and design to development and delivery. Introduced new service offering for Google Analytics consulting and managed our SEO campaigns. Software languages: - Python - PHP - JavaScript - XHTML / CSS

Jan 2006 - Jun 2007

Fathom SEO

Project Manager

I managed the email marketing campaigns of more than 90 clients, increasing department revenues by more than 200% (to $170,000 monthly) in under two years. I created employee training and internal procedures to improve client relationships, and also provided training and support for self-service clients. I developed several SaaS applications to streamline reporting and manage client requests.


May 2005 - Oct 2005

GSI Commerce

Online Business Coordinator

- Managed over thirty thousand dollars daily in online sales for B2B sporting goods divisions of Buy, Kmart, QVC, SEARS, and Toys R Us. - Assisted project leaders in creating product collections and marketing promotions. - Corresponded with and Toys R’ Us during weekly conference calls to resolve customer service issues.


2015 - 2015

Quinlan School of Business, Loyola University Chicago

Certificate, Business Edge Management

2001 - 2005

B.A., Music, Computer Science

1997 - 2001

St. Joseph's Preparatory School

High School

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