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President at MIDI2 Marketing LLC

Aliso Viejo, CA


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Career Highlights • Product Planning manager in Tokyo, Japan for the largest selling synthesizer of all time - the Korg M1. • Licensed IVL Virtual Vocals to 9 of 11 companies in the Japanese network karaoke market including Daichi Kosho/Yamaha, GigaNetworks, Ricoh, Sega, Taito and Xing/Brother. • Marketing and Sound Design Manager for the Yamaha Motif synthesizers in the US. • As Director of Marketing for the Pro Audio and Combo Division planned and implemented the Trainer/Merchandiser program at Yamaha Corporation of America (YCA). • Lead the Steinberg software team in the US for the first three years after Yamaha acquired Steinberg in 2005. • In 2014, implemented the Qualtrics Voice of Customer program at YCA. • In 2018, selected and implemented a best in class digital marketing stack that creates individualized profiles for every YCA customer and then delivers personalized messaging across multiple touchpoints to guide customers through their unique customer journey.  Specialties: Product Planning for digital musical instruments and software. Digital marketing. Fluency in Japanese and working with Japanese companies, expertise in licensing contracts and third party relations

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Nov 2020 - Present

MIDI2 Marketing LLC


MIDI2Marketing (like MIDI 2.0 itself) is about two-way communication and dialog. MIDI2Marketing will be consulting for the MIDI Association, the non-profit 501(c)6 trade organization that serves both MIDI companies that make MIDI products and individuals that create music and art with MIDI. Athan is the Chief Operating Officer and will also be consulting for Yamaha as the designated representative to the MIDI Association, serving on the association's Executive Board in a volunteer capacity and providing guidance to a small, select group of innovative MIDI companies.


Apr 2019 - Nov 2020

Yamaha Corporation of America

Digital Marketing Strategy Manager

Oversee marketing and technology planning and strategy, marketing workflows, business process design and review, behavioral marketing, and data mining and analysis.


Oct 2013 - Mar 2019


Director of Strategic Product Planning

Drive a Voice of Customer program to connect and engage with customers at key points in the customer journey. Use best in class market research tools to gain insights about customer's needs and then strategize on products to meet those needs. Select and implement best class digital marketing stack tools (CDP, ESP, CIAM) to build individualized profiles for each and every customer and then deliver personalized messages across multiple touchpoints based on the customer's preferences. Investigate and help develop new technologies for digital music production connectivity.


2006 - Oct 2013

Yamaha Corporation of America

Director of Marketing

Responsible for cross departmental and cross divisional marketing initiatives for the Pro Audio and Combo Division at Yamaha Corporation of America


Jul 1998 - Oct 2013


Marketing Manager Music Production

Music Production includes Synthesizers, Studio Monitors, Digital Mixers, Groove Boxes and anything you would find in a home or project studio. Responsible for marketing, product definition, inventory management , expense control and profit/loss for the music production department.


Apr 2009 - Jul 2013


Marketing Manager DTX Electronic Drums

Responsible for marketing, product definition, inventory management , expense control and profit/loss for the electronic drum department.

1995 - 1998

IVL Technologies

VP of Marketing

Licensed harmony technology to Daiichi Kosho, Taito, Xing, Brother and other Japanese ISDN network Karaoke companies. Made IVL Virtual Vocals a defacto standard in the karaoke systems in Japan.


Jan 1986 - Sep 1994


Product Planning Manager

Product planning manager for all Korg products from 1986-1994 including the M1 Music Workstation which is still the largest selling synthesizer of all time

1978 - 1982

EU Wurlitzer's

Sales Manager

Sales Manager for 15 stores music instrument retail chain. Responsible for training, hiring and managing store staff. Also responsible for product selection and buying for technology products.

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