Ben Carter

Technology Leader, Vice President of Enterprise Architecture at Red Ventures

Charlotte, NC


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I am a technology leader, who challenges the status quo of how technology can be used to create revenue opportunities. I leveled up my technical prowess in many functions: as a programmer, solutions architect, product designer, and team lead. These valuable experiences have allowed me to create high powered software engineering teams in my current role as Vice President of Engineering at Red Ventures. Creating a robust technical culture turns product development teams into highly efficient, motivated, powerhouse teams that deliver quality applications. To do this, I am a firm believer in being an open-minded partner for the teams I lead and engaging in cooperative problem-solving sessions. I strive to create an atmosphere that promotes freedom and accountability to experiment and design top-notch solutions, with measurable results. My favorite days involve active engagement with the engineering design process for our next feature release. Currently, I am focused on evolving products to utilize AWS cloud services and adopting continuous integration and delivery for rapid release cycles. I am also spearheading the promotion of reliability engineering practices across our product teams, using the New Relic platform. I recently enjoyed these books: - DevOps Handbook - Accelerate - Building Microservices - Inspired Next on my list: - Powerful

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Work experience

Aug 2015 - Present

Red Ventures

Vice President Of Software Engineering

Drive the continued design, development, and optimization of our propitiatory software, evolving enterprise sales and marketing software. Shape and craft our technology strategic vision for the company – recruit and scale the team to meet that vision. Lead multiple key projects and collaborate with product owners and lead engineers to deliver high quality software, with aggressive deadlines. Architect scale-able applications utilizing internal and cloud hosted solutions, to solve meaningful business problems that provide incremental revenue gains and efficiency optimizations. Mature our software ecosystem, through automation, testing, and code evolution.


Jul 2014 - Aug 2015

Red Ventures

Director of Application Engineering

New product development and refinement of existing internal applications. Manage and develop senior engineers to lead application business teams. Interface with executive leadership to promote new application solutions and long term goals for the engineering team. Focus on finding talented engineers in the open source community. Improve existing real time analytics platform


Aug 2010 - Jul 2014

Red Ventures

Senior Software Engineer

I design and led the development effort to migrate our existing B2B transaction system from MVC to a core platform of REST API's. I designed the standard interface for how our diverse set of partners integrations would exchange information for our internal web applications. This led to the evolution of our ability to move from only telephony-based sales to digital sales online. In addition, I launched our telecom core technology platform that drove over 150M in sales annually. I led and worked side by side with a small team of engineers focused on the enablement of our customer acquisition through designing and launching many of the core products used for our sales professional.


Mar 2007 - Aug 2010

Senior Software Engineer

I was the lead software engineer on the SaaS ad management platform serving over 1,000 digital media outlets nationwide. My responsibility was full-stack from ExtJS javascript module development to building our REST API layer in the LAMP stack. The platform form itself served over 100M impressions a day. The market tech features included: Behavior targeting, day/time targeting, multi-medium, pre-roll/post-roll video, and a rich drag and drop interface for publishers to assign ad placement. My team was also responsible for processing digital classified ads for the auto industry with over 300 dealerships. This consumer product was similar to Auto Trader, and leveraged AWS for data processing compute.


Feb 2005 - Mar 2007

Software Engineer

I develop features for our LAMP-based CMS including watermarking image automation, article performance enhancements, display ad reporting, and analytics. My role was working within an MVC LAMP environment and address bugs raised by our customer support team.

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