Bhuvnesh Sharma Sharma

Experienced technology and management leader with in-depth expertise in Digital Technology and process expert in functions like Engineering, Quality, Service, Manufacturing and Sourcing. − Energized IT Leader managing and driving change in global, complex and large matrix organization. − Experienced in various SW development and project management methodologies like Agile, Lean Six Sigma, and Fastworks. − Enthusiastic IT Leader with 17+ years of experience in various facets of Information technology including IT strategy, program planning, architecture, operations, development, testing & project management. − Thought leader and technical expert in different product lifecycle management processes, Industrial internet IIOT, SW configurations and architecture. − Experienced IIOT leader, developed product solutions around GE's IIOT predix platform. − Experienced technology leader with expertise in cloud computing (AWS and IBM bluemix), advanced data science. − Expertise in computer aided engineering and simulation based design tools (Ansys, Simulia). − Expertise in leading Model based system's engineering transformations. − Managed multiple SW development programs focusing on resource planning, budget, scope & risk mgmt. − Experienced on managing change and implementation of ALM packages from HP ALM 11, IBM Jazz Suite Doors, Doors next gen ,Clearquest, and RTC. − Experienced in managing SW vendors, system integrators & partners for the vendor management office. − Experienced with Discrete manufacturing industries healthcare: medical devices, consumer appliances automotive & energy. − Experienced working in compliance including: • Healthcare - computer system validation, GxP, FDA CSV, 21 CFR Part 11, unique device identifiers • Environment & material compliance, packaging.

Pewaukee, WI

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Jan 2017 - Apr 2021


Global Director Product Development Adv Mfg Analytics

Business facing role to partner with Global Product Organization as an technology leader to develop and execute the strategies around digital transformation that enable transforming product development processes with adoption of new processes and tools. Lead a global organization (across US, Europe and Asia) of around 100, including 60 Whirlpool employees with an annual budget of around 30 M USD. Responsible to new technology evaluation, incubation, pilot, implementation and adoption for driving productivity across product development and advanced manufacturing (including factory automation and augmented reality). Accountable of Off appliance software including Cloud Software, Mobile apps for different internet enabled product lines across whirlpool. Responsible to manage relationship with the business leaders by partnering on technology solutions to deliver on goals around process simplification, architecture reduction, complexity reduction and delivering product leadership. Responsible to develop and manage PLM (product lifecycle management) processes, tools architecture and implementation roadmap across the product development organization. Responsible for implementing principles and tools for Concurrent and systems engineering to effectively integrate engineering, manufacturing and services to reduce cycle times and waste. Responsible for enterprise strategy development and execution around all engineering (PLM, CAD, Simulation based tools, Model based system engineering platforms, SW management tools) and manufacturing tools (MES etc). Leading the development of Analytics group which can support product development organization with effective data driven insights. Responsible for managing large global team including systems and solution providers, also responsible to manage relationship with technology partners. Key accomplishments: − Worked with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to build a roadmap for Industry 4.0 for whirlpool corporation including developing an investment, organization and deployment plan. − Implemented of google cloud search platform for search based analytics and discovery. − Led cloud transition of all High performance computing environment for simulation to GCP platform in process driving savings of around 10 M USD annually. − Lead the creation of Data Science center of excellence within the product development organization which effectively lead to improvement of quality (SIR reduction by 10 %) and reduced time to market by 20 %. − Implemented Agile SW processes for all Off Appliance and Cloud SW which are used in a brands of appliances (Whirlpool, Jenair etc). − Set up of Dev Ops processes for all SW product development process. − Implemented PPM (Portfolio and Project Management) platform for managing RD projects, portfolio, capital budget, resources and risks. Common platform where all projects can managed to give an enterprise wide view of RD capacity. − Partner in developing IOT based cloud solutions on IBM bluemix for different consumer appliance platforms. − Deployed MBOM solution within PLM system across 19 plants within the US which enabled allowing "design anywhere, manufacture anywhere" − Delivered Model based system's engineering platform which effectively integrate system models with requirements and parts to drive traceability − Drove organizational change management for adoption of PLM processes and capabilities.


Jan 2013 - Dec 2017

GE Healthcare

Senior Director Digital Thread

Center of excellence digital technology leader responsible for PLM Process architecture, SW design and architecture, program planning, business case preparation, financial planning, organization planning and define business needs & requirements. Business facing role to partner with business leaders to identify digitization opportunities by mapping current and future processes. Responsible to align digitization program goals as imperatives to drive business outcomes. Collaborated with industry thought/technology leaders to develop blueprints and roadmaps around GE Healthcare Engineering tools and technologies. Responsible to influence senior executive management and cross functional business leadership to champion, support & fund the blueprints. Responsible for technology selection to meet the needs of roadmap for major enterprise applications like PLM platforms, SW development tools and other enterprise applications. Responsible for designing and execution strategy for the projects approved from the roadmap, perform budget planning, organization and resource planning, and salary planning for the team. Drive organization change management to drive adoption of digitization efforts to deliver around business objectives. Led the continuous improvement board with the cross functional business stakeholder teams across engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and services to prioritize improvement initiatives. Responsible to integrate IOT (Internet of things) initiatives with product development initiatives by defining modern micro-service architecture, devOps standards and driving Agile based culture. Key accomplishments: − Led a team to plan, design and deliver the flagship program called "Skynet - High Level Assembly". The program was in partnership with McKinsey consulting and multiple global functions and was designed to change how product sourcing of engineered assemblies was done. The savings were designed by effectively understanding the "Should Cost" of components and sourced assemblies. Critical SCM (supply chain Management) program estimated to save around 90 M USD (indirect & direct). − Designed and planned the transformative initiative called "Digital Thread" and "Engineer of the Future", major digital transformation initiatives focused on improving productivity, major reduction in NPI times by seamless cross discipline collaboration and eliminating non value added work. Initiative aimed to prepare the organization for the next generation of digital employees. Led the team to generate the business case and secured cross functional funding for the program. This program is designed to execute for 4 years with projected cost of around 50 M USD. − Instrumental in transforming the organization towards Model Based Design (MBD), transforming from paper based to digital PLM processes by using Models (3D CAD models, Simulation behavioral models). − Implemented a system where PLM Product design data is integrated with machine data from services to improve the reliability and predict failure of critical parts. − Implemented processes and tools for digital manufacturing and transform using digital strategies around "Model Based Enterprise & Virtual Manufacturing", this initiative is to effectively drive manufacturing from 3D CAD design output from Engineering. Digital simulation of manufacturing using 3D models led to reduction of lot of waste between the manufacturing, sourcing and suppliers. − Implemented Electronics and Mechanical parts library to standardize parts within Cadence and Creo platforms respectively. − Designed and implemented various cyber security and IP protection strategies working with cross functional teams like Service, Engineering, IT, and Legal. − Risk Leader for GEHC applications - implemented Critical systems controls initiative. Led to more effective classification of applications and risk management around data. − Major IP theft was averted and led to federal prosecution and protected IP valued around 150 M USD. − Implemented for Windchill 11 / CREO 3 upgrades and Enovia 2014x upgrade with Search based applications built on Exalead and Solr. − Led 46-member strong team focused on developing Brilliant Factory, Digital Thread solutions and serve as incubator of ideas for product development. − Life care solutions (LCS) MS Alarm analytics product strategy (incl. Market research, pricing, feature analysis). 20% adoption projected $14.96M revenue impact over 2 yrs. − LOS (Lean Optimization Suite): eAndon mfg floor alerting app. Factory360 manufacturing floor reporting app and Takt line operation tracking app. Impact: $682k in savings, deployed ~50 plants across GE businesses. − Ultrasound Lung consolidation app: Deep learning based computer aided diagnostic product to help physicians/radiologists in emergency care unit with ground breaking insights for patient treatment. Technologies: AWS S3, UAA, Predix Cloud foundry.


Jan 2010 - Dec 2013

GE Healthcare

Director Digital Thread Platforms Program Management AND Architecture

Overall responsible for architecture design, programs & operations for all PLM platforms. Managed PLM architectures, development & operations for various PLM implementations, managed 30+ team with multi - million budgets, support overall digitization efforts within the business approx. 15-20 million / year. Performed budget planning, organization and resource planning, and salary planning. Managed, coached, mentored and developed GE associates on technical leadership path. Key accomplishments: − Led a global team of around 30+ team members to deliver programs across multiple PLM technologies (Dassault Enovia, Oracle Agile, PTC wind-chill) & ALM technologies (HP ALM 11 & IBM suite of products). − Deliver scalable Information Management PLM solutions for various departments including Engineering, QA & RA, Supply chain and Service. − Drove the design & implementation of unique device identification (UDI) program (Product Controllership - one of large initiatives to meet FDA regulations around Medical Device UDI). − Implemented supplier quality management platform on Oracle Agile platform to manage supplier quality, supplier change notice & approved supplier list. − Developed supplier collaboration gateway to securely exchange specifications/drawings and other design outputs securely with suppliers. − Drove agile development methodologies by implementing integrated SW development tool set (ALM - application lifecycle management platform) for software engineering. − Evaluated emerging technologies (new technology introduction) for GEHC and developed business case for their adoption. − Managed teams (approx. 30 +) responsible for PLM & ALM architecture, operations (SW configuration, infrastructure, development, performance management) & SW development. − Retired the EMARS (legacy material compliance system) and implement Dassault Systeme's Material Compliance Central (MCC) to meet industry regulation RoHS, REACH, WEEE solution included creating a portal for suppliers to submit IPC-1752A forms.


Jan 2009 - Dec 2010

GE Healthcare

Senior Manager Architecture and PLM Operations

Led center of excellence (COE) architecture and shared services team (Operations) within Information technology for PLM applications. Leader for team (approx. 10) responsible for providing infrastructure, software environments, release and change management of various scalable and global tools used by Engineering (~~ Approx. 18). Overall responsibility of hardware/software designs and production uptime of the applications. Key accomplishments: − Managed engineering systems operations across various PLM implementations across Dassault Enovia, Oracle Agile & PTC Windchill platforms, approx. 100 servers across 13 applications over 200 + application instance with 99.5 % uptime. − PLM & ALM systems are used by complete enterprise approx. 45000 users across the organization. − Supported sourcing analysis of critical engineering data resulting in $11M direct saving over 3 year period. − Delivered PLM upgrades to maintain platform vitality for future growth. − Design leader for new product complaint management and corrective action & preventive action (CAPA) platforms, caused 60 % improved tracking, led to overall improved products. This program was key in meeting FDA compliance in post market complaint management. − Designed & delivered major CAD (MCAD + ECAD) vaulting platform on PTC Windchill platform. − Designed & delivered material compliance (WEEE / ROHS / REACH) solution compliant with IPC-1752 and with EMARS by Synapsis system.


Jan 2005 - Dec 2009

GE Healthcare

Principal Architect PLM and Enterprise Apps

Design leader on key engineering digital tools, provided design inputs and configuration software tools to assist engineering department within GE Healthcare in product development. Key accomplishments: − Designed solution for major PLM (Enovia, Agile) systems upgrade including ERP and PLM platforms. − Delivered document management platform integrated with critical PLM platform which was key for GEHC to meet FDA compliance in design and management controls. Implemented search engine across the document management and Engineering PLM platforms. − Presented whitepaper on PLM application design and MES integrations at Matrixone PLM conference. − Integrated Enovia PLM platform with Oracle EBS, effectively providing an effective digital gateway for engineering to connect with Manufacturing and Services. − Designed & delivered engineering defect management platform on IBM clearquest. − Integrated Engineering and Services (Global Parts Repair Services) module to effectively manage repair and replacements parts across various distribution.


Jan 2003 - Dec 2005

Tata Consultancy Services

Information Technology Analyst

Senior developer and administrator on Matrixone PLM platform for Eaton Automotive, GE Energy and GE Medical Systems. Provided software consultancy to clients especially in Engineering PLM domain on Matrixone technology. Key accomplishments: − Team member on major PLM implementation (approx. $20 M) in Eaton Automotive, GE Energy and GE Medical systems across Engineering, supplier collaboration, program tracking & document management − Established automated process to analyze unstructured engineering data and migrate it to secure database available globally, key IT enabler for global design center vision for the organization.

Jan 2000 - Dec 2003

GE Energy

Assistant Systems Engineer

Developed software programs for GE Energy on key platforms like Unigraphics and Matrixone PLM. Transitioned the design spec into working digital system.



University of California - Berkeley

MSc, Data Science


Punjab Technical University GZS College of Engineering and Technology

bachelors, Mechanical Engineering

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