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Serial Entrepreneur (2 exits) | Advisor & Angel Investor to Multiple Startups

Highland Park, NJ


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Not able to predict optimal inventory levels to meet demand with a high degree of accuracy? Tired of having stock outs, excess inventory, variable lead times, and unhappy customers? Are inventory issues causing bottlenecks in others parts of the supply chain and impacting efficiency and costs? Do you feel like you could be making smarter purchasing decisions with higher margins if only you could reliably and proactively ‘fix’ your inventory management issues? Looking for a way better way to accurately forecast optimal inventory levels to meet demand without replacing your existing ERP solution? If so, I help manufacturer’s, retailers, e-commerce brands, and wholesalers easily and accurately predict optimal inventory levels to meet demand. How? Via our PredictiveDemand90 System that leverages the power of predictive analytics and machine learning. When you harness our PredictiveDemand90 System, you will: ✅ Never have to worry about stock outs or excess inventory → Exceed Sales Targets & Reduce Holding Costs ✅ Shorten Lead Times --> More Satisfied Customers ✅ Reduce Bottlenecks In the Supply Chain Process --> More Efficiency + Lower Costs ✅ Be able to make the smartest purchasing decisions --> Achieve Maximum Margins ✅ Be alerted way in advance of potential inventory issues so you can proactively ‘tackle’ them → Save Money, Time, & Resources Curious to learn more? If you're ready to take action, book a complimentary call and we’ll get crystal clear on how you can solve your inventory issues in the next 90 days:

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Apr 2021 - Present


VP, Growth (Sr. Strategist)

Nogood is a growth marketing agency founded and run by proven growth hackers, creatives and data specialists. Our team comes from successful brands and VC backed startups. In those companies, we focused on producing clear results and marketing ROI. Now that we’re nogood, we’ll do the same for you.


Sep 2020 - Present


Growth Advisor

Easiest way to invest in bitcoin.

Oct 2018 - Present

Lovers of Data


Most manufacturers, retailers, e-commerce brands, and wholesalers struggle with predicting the optimal inventory levels to meet demand consistently while having excess inventory and stock-outs. It's not because they're not good at what they do nor because of the complexity behind the supply chain process. But because they haven't taken the time to leverage predictive analytics & machine learning with their existing data (ERP, inventory management solution, internal spreadsheets, etc.). Unfortunately, many existing ERP solutions lack the sophistication and know-how to harness the power of predictive analytics and machine learning. The proof of this? I guarantee you have competitors who are not as talented as you, but have more clients and earn more revenue than you do. Why? Because they’ve leveraged predictive analytics and machine learning. And that sums up the "raison d'etre" for Lovers of Data. I wanted to build a company that helped manufacturer’s, retailers, and e-commerce brands win against the big boys & girls. Not by playing the same game. But by playing a better game. And we're just getting started. Curious to learn more? Book a complimentary call and we’ll get crystal clear on how you can solve your inventory issues in the next 90 days:


Sep 2019 - Sep 2020


Head of Growth

Lolli lets you shop with over 1000+ top merchants and get bitcoin back on every purchase


Nov 2018 - Jun 2020

Prime Discoveries


Investor in the leading microbiome discovery company


May 2014 - Jun 2020

Quran Academy Inc.

Founder & CEO (Magic Accelerator & Startup Chile Portfolio Company)

We leverage the power of technology and human relationships to help you build a daily relationship with the Quran. You can learn more here:

2019 - 2020

Starta Ventures



May 2017 - Jun 2019

Master The Crypto

Founder & CEO (Acquired)

We are a knowledge hub and resource center for all things blockchain & cryptocurrency related. You can learn more here: Join our community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts:

Feb 2016 - Feb 2017



We connect big brands with the hottest social media celebrities

Nov 2015 - Nov 2015

The Centennial Fund

1st Place Prize for Prince Abdul Aziz Award for Entrepreneurship


2013 - 2014

Digital First Media

Incubation Team Member @Digital First Ventures

Incubating startups at DFV Labs


Jun 2013 - Sep 2013



TechStars is a mentorship-driven seed stage accelerator program with the mission of helping entrepreneurs build the next generation of great technology companies. The Kaplan EdTech Accelerator, powered by TechStars, focuses on startups using technology to create products and services across the broad spectrum of education including K-12, higher education, professional education, lifelong learning, and other areas. TechStars invests $20,000 in each company accepted into the program.

Jan 2013 - May 2013

Lean Startup Machine (TechStars Portfolio Company)

Global Workshop Coordinator * Organize and launch Lean Startup Machine Workshop in Bangalore, India * Recruit local and global mentors and speakers to deliver inspiring and compelling messages * Market and promote LSM workshop in local startup community to attract founders who want to disrupt and change the world * Build and enhance partnerships with local corporate and technology leaders to help elevate the LSM brand

Nov 2011 - Dec 2012

Founder & CEO (Acquired)

Exited in 2015 A content sharing platform for South Asian people to share interesting blogs/articles, pictures, videos, etc. Check us out at:

Mar 2011 - Sep 2011



Institutional Advisory & Sales Analyst


Jun 2010 - Aug 2010

Nomura Securities


Investment Banking


Apr 2009 - Nov 2009

Goldman Sachs


Asset Management


2007 - 2011

New York University - Leonard N. Stern School of Business

Bachelor of Science, Finance & International Business

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