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An experienced executive looking to make an impact at the intersection of healthcare and software with extensive experience in behavioral healthcare, marketplaces and SaaS business models.


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An Executive With Entrepreneurial Initiative ✔ Over 9 years of strategic experience identifying and executing expansion plans ✔ Launched 8 strategic initiatives from idea to market success ✔ Developed and executed 17 new products to include go-to-market efforts ✔ Thought through and built the structure for new product, marketing and sales initiatives ✔ Led cross-functional teams to grow multiple products from zero on up to $5M+ in revenue ✔ Built sales, hiring and product processes from the ground up at multiple companies ✔ Successfully sold an emerging product with no brand recognition or reference customers PROFILE ▪ 12+ years in leadership positions ▪ 11+ years operations experience ▪ 7+ years of product experience ▪ 4+ years of inside and channel sales ▪ Led teams ranging in size from 5 to 125 ▪ Product Owner and Scrum Master Experience ▪ Successfully managed remote teams ▪ Owned top-line revenue of over $15 million

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Sep 2018 - Jun 2020



Humanly: Mental health and wellness startup offering real estate as a service Took the company from missing payroll and insolvency - to 50% year-over-year revenue growth and near profitability. Grew the team from just 2 people to 10 in 18 months. Led the company's rebranding from SonderCenters to Humanly. Grew our open locations by 50% and the number of open and sold locations by 400%. Also, made and learned from a lot of mistakes along the way as a first-time CEO.


May 2016 - Oct 2018


Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

Early stage marketplace startup connecting therapists and consumers. I worked directly with the CEO and CTO to build the initial software product. Built the customer support and medical billing teams from scratch to successfully support 280 therapists. Prototyped new product based on market research and customer feedback that reduced time to first contact from 24 hours down to under 5 minutes.


Jun 2014 - Dec 2017

Uvize, Inc

Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer

Techstars company backed by Foundry Group Angel Syndicate. Responsible for sales and marketing strategy, planning and execution for a cloud based SaaS company. Built the sales process from the ground up. Directed target market, product roadmap and pricing changes based on customer feedback and built new market entry plans that increased year over year revenue by 300% for an emerging product with no brand recognition, no existing customers and no anchor accounts.

Nov 2013 - Dec 2016

Northwood Investment Partners LLC

Regional Associate

Regional sales representative for a registered investment advisor managing accounts with a value oriented strategy. We use our financial and operational expertise to identify undervalued companies and special situations to invest in utilizing equities, options and above average cash balances in a concentrated portfolio that offers an asymmetric risk/reward profile. I developed marketing strategy, sales operations and branding/messaging.


Jun 2012 - Jun 2014


Director Of Business Operations

Foundry Group (Series A) backed mobile software and hardware company building products at the leading edge of computer vision. Led business development and ultimately negotiations for a multi-million dollar deal with a Fortune 500 company. Conducted research for and developed the initial plan for 1.3MM raise on Kickstarter – 5th highest funded raise at the time. Spearheaded corporate development initiatives that resulted in acquihire of a small international company. Intimately involved in all operational, leadership and cultural decisions involved in scaling the company from 6 employees to over 20.


Nov 2011 - Jun 2012

Director Of Marketing And Product Management

In charge of the marketing, ecommerce and product teams. Developed and executed a plan to increase revenue 87%. Relaunched existing lead gen products and increased free trial signups by 250%. Reduced product launch times from 7 to 3 weeks using Lean Startup principles.


Nov 2010 - Nov 2011

Product Manager

Led product process from resource planning through specification development and sprint estimation as Scrum Master. Integrated minimum viable product concept and user stories into the process. Reduced product launch times from 6 months down to 7 weeks via agile processes.

Nov 2009 - Oct 2010

Bo Bergstrom LLC

Independent Consultant / Program Manager

Built business plans and conducted market research, allowing founders to focus on technology evolution. Identified critical path for biotech startup from funding to clinical batches at GMP facility. Developed plan for FDA new drug application. Conducted strategic review of largest solar installer in the state, developed financial models and go to market strategy for new PPA product.


Sep 2009 - Sep 2010

United States Marine Corps

Strategic Growth Director

Led cross-functional teams to identify key drivers of output and forecast resource requirements for 200% output growth in first five-year plan. Authored $34 million annual plan to deploy over 1,000 personnel in 83 teams to 18 countries. Part of two-man team selected to present forecasts in D.C.


Sep 2008 - Sep 2009

United States Marine Corps

Global Operations Manager

Developed operational plans and budgets for worldwide investigation and recovery missions. Led team to develop and execute $12 million annual plan to deploy 200 personnel in 12 countries. Presented over 30 decision briefs to business unit leaders with a 94% mission approval rate.


May 2007 - Sep 2008

United States Marine Corps

Team Leader

Government organization conducting global recovery operations to return missing Americans from past conflicts. Negotiated and closed land compensation contracts with national level government officials while against hard departure deadlines. Led the training, logistics, and daily work of specialized teams recovering remains in remote areas of Vietnam, India, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and Palau. Selected over 17 other officers to lead the command cell for the first mission in India.


Nov 2005 - Nov 2006

United States Marine Corps

Contracting Officer and Supply Chain Trainer

Small team deployed in Iraq to train, equip, reinforce and support local security forces. Drafted, negotiated, bid and supervised the execution of $4.5 million in construction contracts. Concurrently planned and conducted 210 combat missions and tactical operations.


May 2003 - Nov 2005

United States Marine Corps

Project Manager/ Platoon Leader

Marine Corps support organization responsible for logistics and transportation operations. Led 125 Marines to move 1,200 vehicles and 8,200 passengers via airport, rail, and port facilities.

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