Brian Leonard

CEO at Grouparoo

Menlo Park, CA

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Leader and technologist who enjoys hanging out with his family, traveling, learning new things, and building software that makes people's lives easier.

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Jan 2020 - Present


CEO & Co-founder

I am the CEO and co-founder of Grouparoo, building an open source customer data framework that helps synchronize data from their warehouse to the business tools they use for marketing, sales, and operations.


Jan 2017 - Dec 2019


Chief Technology Officer

I led the engineering, product, design, and data science teams in building TaskRabbit’s applications and infrastructure. During this time, I defined the company vision and product roadmap as we created a task management network helping everyday people in their everyday lives. We were acquired by IKEA, who helped us bring this to several more countries and grow the team by 4x.

Apr 2014 - Mar 2018

Software Engineer

Cakewalk gave parents (and other caregivers) ideas for easy-to-implement games, projects and activities for young children — because even supermoms and dads need an assist sometimes. I built the iPhone app for parents to look through the ideas as well as the backend that the team used to curate the content.

Aug 2009 - Jul 2017

Software Engineer

I created a few iPhone applications that help people navigate transit (subway, bus, rail) systems in Boston, Austin, Houston, and Dallas. The first one was "to a T" which helps the good people of Boston stay out of the cold for a few minutes longer because they know the closest stop.


Nov 2012 - Dec 2016


Chief Architect

TaskRabbit significantly updated how the service worked. As part of this, I defined the new architecture and led the team to develop completely new APIs, website, and mobile applications. We launched this first in London and then rolled it out everywhere. Overall, we saw a much-improved user experience resulting in large gains in NPS, volume, and revenue.


Dec 2009 - Nov 2012


Technical Co-founder

I launched the TaskRabbit site, building it from the ground up with Ruby on Rails. As the team grew, I built and managed it as the VP of Engineering. Over this time period, we grew TaskRabbit from an idea running in Boston to creating a new category across most major cities in the United States.


Aug 2004 - Nov 2009


Software Engineer

The Lotus Notes client is used by 100 million + people. While at IBM, I was part of the large team that made a leap forward in the user experience and competitiveness of the product, as we transitioned the client into an Eclipse-based platform. I was responsible for design and leadership in large functional areas including search, application development, text analysis, and simple things that turn out to be hard like opening up mail documents. The most rewarding accomplishments were those where I worked with others. I led the team that created APIs to enable business partners to extend the product. I bridged the gap between advanced research and the market by creating the Live Text framework. I worked with Google to build the plugin that allows Google Desktop Enterprise to search Notes content.


Jan 2004 - Apr 2004


Extreme Blue Program

At Extreme Blue, I worked with a small team to develop management and job-scheduling techniques for the emerging grid ecosystem. We developed patent-pending techniques for organizations to add workloads to their latent and transient computing resources and still maintain some semblance of control and predictability.


Jan 2002 - May 2002


Information Architect

The team wanted to move the applications created by the Corporate Quality Networks group within Intel to a consolidated data warehouse for increased stability and reduced redundancy. I designed and implemented a metadata management system to assist the application developers in this normalization. I also formulated the data standards, cleansing techniques and business processes to ensure data integrity before and after the transition.

Jan 2001 - May 2001

Siemens ICN

Response Support Team

The ICN team supports telephone switch installers in the field. At Siemens, I created and managed intranet tools used daily in that role. Notably, I made a searchable documentation application for quickly responding to needs and a task logging system necessary for ISO 9001 compliance.


2006 - 2008

MBA, High Tech Program

1999 - 2003

BS, Computer Engineering

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