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Engineering at Optimizely, fmr CTO @ Credible

San Francisco, CA


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Technical leader, advisor, and investor. 4 exits (2 from companies I helped start). Taking greenfield projects and teams, building, iterating, and scaling them is something I enjoy and find rewarding. I am an LP in multiple healthcare, fintech, and real estate funds, and angel investor. I typically invest around $300-500k per year in early stage companies and start-ups. Exits Personal @ Credible: CTO (IPO: 2017, acq by Fox 2019 for A$585M) @ Hoopla: CTO (acq 2010 by PYDA) @ Optimizely: Senior Staff (acq 2020 by Episerver) @ Sling: Lead Architect, Manager (acq by Dish for $380M) Four patents. Open source software contributor and early proponent of cloud-computing.

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Dec 2018 - Present

The Metropolitan Assocation

Board Member


Apr 2018 - Present

Fusion Network



Jul 2017 - Present




2016 - Present


Senior Staff Engineer

Driving change through data at Optimizely, the world’s leading experimentation platform. Led large company-wide projects in product development, product delivery, and billing. Occasionally, I get to speak at conferences large and small about these projects. Focus on initiatives driving high-performing engineering organizations (eg DORA Accelerate), such as: - Higher velocity through more frequent deploys and smaller changesets - Driving engineering experimentation with feature flags/gating - Building infrastructure (tooling) to decrease operational burden. - “Shifting left” on QA, experimentation, security, etc to increase overall developer velocity Much of my day-to-day at Optimizely is spent driving large projects across the company. In general terms, these are tough problems that are difficult to solve and require 9 - 12 months at a time across multiple teams and departments.


Oct 2014 - Jan 2016


Technical Advisor

IPO in 2017 (ASX: CRD). Acquired for A$585M in 2019 by FOX corporation (FOXA). Transitioned from Chief Technical Officer to technical advisor at Credible, a leading financial services marketplace. Credible (credible.com) is a lender marketplace, providing the most competitive rates for students and personal borrowers.


Feb 2013 - Sep 2014


Chief Technical Officer, technical founder

As founding member and CTO, I built Credible's platform from scratch into a fully-functional, venture-funded financial services marketplace. Led the entirety of technical strategy, platform development, and recruiting efforts.


Aug 2012 - Jan 2013


Vice President Of Engineering

streamnation.com: Headed up engineering operations for multiple offices (14 engineers in Paris and 6 for SF team). Built engineering team in San Francisco including mobile, front-end, back-end and big data developers. Led backend / API developer (Ruby on Rails / Sinatra) including architect, testing, integration responsibilities. Architect of infinite-storage video platform that included extensive backend and async service- bus development as well as authoring whitepapers and participation in due diligence team.


Jun 2010 - Jul 2012

Sling Media

Senior Engineering Manager, Web and Internet Technology

Acquired by Echostar/Dish (SATS) in early 2008. Built out the San Francisco Internet platform and technology team. Led and managed diverse Internet team comprised of backend service developers (J2EE, PHP), data warehouse developers (Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Oracle BI, NoSQL/MongoDB), front-end engineers (Backbone, jQuery), and cloud/infrastructure architecture engineers (AWS, EC2, Rightscale, Akamai).


Nov 2007 - Jun 2010

Sling Media

Lead Architect, Web and Internet Technology

Sling Media created the Slingbox and the technology behind the present-day Sling TV offering. Lead architect responsibilities included building globally-distributed platform that handles approximately 30% of all Sling streaming video traffic. Extensive cloud-computing development with globally distributed platforms and rapid prototyping, scaling, deployment, failover. Architected cloud-computing platform currently used by encoding bus, Internet portal (sling.com), EPG metadata ingestion, and many other applications currently in use today.


Jun 2004 - Oct 2007


Founder, Chief Technical Officer

Acquired by gaming firm PYDA in 2010. Created a distributed natural language processing platform that scanned millions of news and multimedia stories using stacks built on Java, Ruby/Rails, and PHP. Built entire stack including front-end, backend with parallel processing platform that could scale to handle millions of data points and disparate media types. Extensively developed on early days of EC2 and Amazon web services. Heavy usage of SQS, S3, and other services.


2001 - 2004

Sun Microsystems

Software Engineer Intern

Worked on Java-based app servicing $10 billion annual bookings in services, software, and hardware. Also designed a notification system for proactive detection and alerts (SunAlert).

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