Bryan McGrane

Lead Cloud Architect at Sensory, Inc.

Denver, CO

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Full-stack Software / Hardware Engineer with 8 years of experience building medical and security products. Expert in all things AWS, Golang, Typescript (Angular, Node, Express), and Python (Django and Flask).. Skilled in Java (Spring) and Hardware (PCB design, sensors, and manufacturing) Proficient in C# (.NET) and C++ My passion is in building and designing products, both software and hardware. With a background in Electrical Engineering, I bring a unique skillset where I am comfortable both in the cloud as well as on the metal.

Work experience

Feb 2021 - Present

Sensory, Inc.

Lead Cloud Architect


Mar 2020 - Present

TakkaCor Technologies, Inc.

Head of Software

TakkaCor's mission is to enable anyone to achieve environmental sustainability. By combining state of the art environmental sensors with intelligent data analytics, TakkaCor's end-to-end system aims to drive a revolutionary change in the environmental footprint of both individuals and large enterprises alike. At TakkaCor, I am the architect, engineer, and driver of all things cloud including: cloud deployment in AWS, an auto-scaleable data injection pipeline, a highly performant and self-documenting backend API, a clean and crisp frontend used for data visualization and customer self-service.


Apr 2020 - Feb 2021

TruU, Inc.

Platform Architect

At TruU I am the technical expert across our stack. As the Platform Architect, I am responsible for taking challenging customer requirements and translating them into scaleable solutions for our engineering team to implement. Having a highly technical full-stack+ background, I am often implementing large parts of these solutions from backend (Java, Python, Node, .Net) to front end (Angular8+). Additionally, my role requires me to be an expert in AWS. I have fully designed and implemented TruU's highly available, multi-AZ, multi-region cloud complete with auto-scaling via ECS, latency-driven Geo-DNS using Amazon's Global Accelerator, and failover support across the entire stack. This HA stack is replicated across 4 separate environments to facilitate quality testing and hardening. I am also responsible for TruU's continuous integration / continuous deployment (CICD) pipeline, which utilizes TeamCity to automatically test and deploy code to our HA cloud across every environment. About TruU: TruU enables enterprises to eliminate passwords and badges to truly revolutionize the way workforces experience their workplace. Using specialized AI and machine learning technology, our solution identifies individuals implicitly by who they are continuously and in real-time, leading to more secure and fluid workforce authentication and access. TruU offers unique passwordless identity through adaptive MFA built on biometrics and behavioral identity that unifies access to physical and digital resources across the workplace. I work at the core of the TruU Identity Platform. On a typical day I‘ll write code in a variety of languages and architectures (Spring, Django, Angular, .NET, etc)


Feb 2018 - Apr 2020

TruU, Inc.

Staff Software Engineer

- Lead and create integrations with old and new Physical Access Control software using modern technologies and tools - Own and manage core AWS infrastructure across all environments as well as automated-deployments - “Infrastructure as code” - Skilled in AWS EC2, ECS, RDS, CDK, Cloudformation, Cloudfront, S3, SNS, SQS - Interact with customers and assist with installation / troubleshooting Frameworks / Languages - Django2 (Python 3.6) - Angular7 (Typescript, HTML, SCSS, Material) - Spring (Java) - .Net (C#) - Firmware (C++)

Apr 2017 - Feb 2018


Lead Engineer

- Selected engineering talent to build the core technical team - Lead a team of engineers to create SV Enterprise – an e-commerce, point of sale, and scheduling platform that greatly improved the day-to-day operation of ski resorts - Planned and executed a total rewrite of the existing application from NodeJS and MongoDB to Flask (Python) and MySQL, which yielded a more scalable and performant backend - Wrote a database migration to translate tens of thousands of customer records from MongoDB to MySQL - Met daily with the business and marketing teams to convert customer needs into new features and product requirements - Was a key member in the acquisition and retention of customers through onsite meetings and support discussions - Managed engineers via an Agile methodology in Jira, and oversaw all external contracting work.


Aug 2015 - Apr 2017

MC10 Inc.

Senior Electrical Engineer

- As part of a small team, I helped bring MC10's BioStampRC from concept and prototype to verification and launch. My specific contributions included: - Leading the system architecture, electrical design, and manufacturing of the next-generation BioStamp devices. - Interviewing KOLs, potential customers, and suppliers to determine the future of the BioStamp platform, including new sensor integration and new use cases. - Developing algorithms and supporting software packages to find features buried in multiple biopotential signals. - Designing ultra-thin, wearable systems for the measurement and acquisition of Electrocardiography, Surface Electromyography, Photoplethysmography, and Motion (Accel/Gyro). - Producing the electrical and mechanical FPCB design for BioStampRC in Altium, as well as the manufacturing plan. - Aiding with FCC part 15 and part 18 certifications for the BioStampRC patch and wireless charger. - Designing and implementing an electrical verification plan based on design input requirements (DIR). - Developing hardware and algorithms, which facilitated communication between BioStampRC and its wireless charger via a custom antenna back-scattering protocol. Additionally, I: - Architected highly efficient, low noise power subsystems for ultra-low power Bluetooth low energy wearable devices. - Was the main point of contact between MC10 and the FPCB contract manufacturer for BioStampRC. - Co-Authored 8 patents (shown below)


May 2014 - Aug 2015

MC10 Inc.

Electrical Engineer

- Used Python, MATLAB, and LabVIEW to automate test procedures and write signal-processing algorithms. - Proficient in flexible and stretchable FPCB layout including DFM for product manufacturability. - Designed and ran failure analysis tests on BioStampRC units and improved designs based on results. - Architected a closed-loop feedback, multi-channel battery diagnostic tool used for the analysis of new battery technologies. - Designed inductive charging coils and supporting circuitry for small-scale wireless power transfer systems. - Produced MSP430 C code to communicate with peripherals over I2C, SPI, and UART simultaneously.


Jul 2013 - Apr 2014


Algorithm Design and Electrical Engineering Co-op

- Designed analog circuits and antennas for small-scale wireless power transfer systems - Developed algorithms for the digital quantization and filtration of EMG and EKG signals in MATLAB - Developed algorithm to detect tremors using frequency-analysis techniques on accelerometer data - Designed PCB layouts and schematics for a range of flexible circuitry in Altium - Created and optimized Labview program to simulate Bluetooth current draw across battery cells - Designed and carried out an experiment to determine EMG patches with the highest SNR and lowest impedance - Soldered surface-mounted electrical components for prototyping and testing purposes - Responsible for the development, design, and testing of top-priority, conformable electronic-sensor patches


Jul 2012 - Jan 2013

QinetiQ North America

Electrical Engineering Co-op

- Assembled robotic systems electrically and mechanically and established handshaking using Labview - Created CANOpen interface program and GUI for communication with robotic subsystems - Designed, assembled, and operated microcontroller circuits and schematics for robotic-systems testing - Discovered and corrected a manufacturer wiring defect in many electric motors driving primary robotic appendages - Soldered small surface-mounted electrical components for prototyping and customer purposes - Produced code for applications such as: database gap-analysis, control-board configuration, and PWM conversion


Sep 2011 - Mar 2012

Northeastern University

Undergraduate Researcher

–Trained for Scanning Electron Microscope use –Using Scanning Electron Microscope to analyze irregularities in Micro Electro-Mechanical devices


May 2011 - Aug 2011

United Technologies

Engineering Intern

–Developed and presented a Least Cost Routing algorithm proposal to UTC affiliates –Designed flight profiles to simulate and optimize aircraft parameter data transfer –First ever UTC intern to attain ACE Associate –Granted an Eagle Award for the creation of a website and new employee training package for UTRC EH&S; both of which are still in use


2010 - 2014

Northeastern University

Bachelor of Science (BS), Electrical Engineering

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