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Large Scale Operations Technology Director | Tech & Media Strategist | Event Production | Executive Consultant | Experience Creator

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→ Currently working on: Simulation Technology studies for application in Large Scale Event Operations. I am a talented visionary with strong skills in multiple areas like business, technology, media, entertainment, design, large scale event operations and management; acquired through training and involvement in multiple industries over the past years. As a free thinker with a creative personality I enjoy strategic challenges and innovation, and can easily relate with dedicated people who are passionate about what they do, especially those who work to bring their industries and disciplines forward. I have many interests but the convergence of technology, arts and world culture are areas that particularly fascinate me. In my career I have had the opportunity to work internationally in multiple industries, where I have gained valuable insight and skills. As a result, I have been given opportunities to manage/direct/produce/cover several high profile events, such as CES in Las Vegas, MTV Video Music Awards, People's Choice Awards, Rock al Parque in Colombia, Rock in Rio in Brazil and several large scale music festivals in multiple countries, among others. As a personal goal, I always make sure I am learning new skills, developing ideas and studying new subjects every year.

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Feb 2020 - Present

OnTrack Tech Group

Senior Director, Operations Technology

With years of experience in live events and a strong technological and business foundation, my goal is to help shape the future of complex events and large scale operations. After spending more than a decade working in some of the largest events internationally, I have experienced first hand the need for sophisticated and adaptable technology built specifically for the event industry in sporting, entertainment and gaming. My current role allows me to translate years of applied experience and develop systems that help production and operations teams when planning, executing and analyzing complex events. Beyond music festivals, our technology applies to tier 1 sporting events, relief operations, government and private operations nationally and internationally. Some of my current responsibilities and projects are: • Defining and implementing operational strategies for client projects and existing company systems. • Directing the requirements, design and functionality of operational software for in-house systems and client projects. • Leading the architecture of new operational technologies, event dot mapping technologies, emergency response systems, operational access systems, employee confidence systems and contact tracing tools to assist during the 2020 pandemic. • Working with the executive team on potential revenue streams, market expansion and new areas of opportunity. • Working with the executive and sales teams on pricing models and revenue streams from current and future systems. • Collaborating with executive team on rebranding and business restructuring. I'm also currently studying and evaluating Simulation Technologies to be applied in large scale operations.


Jan 2019 - Dec 2019

Insomniac Events

Sr. Operations Manager | Headliner Experience & Insomniac Passport Production Director

Festival Operations meets Customer Experience and Strategic Guest Services. — Engaging industry-leading event operations, technology solutions and guest services best practices, I work to create exceptional experiences at all of our festivals and concerts, bridging the experience gap between online and on-site interactions for all Insomniac guests, with the goal of creating an all-encompassing atmosphere. Using powerful technology systems, crowd behavior data, and event expertise, I focus on improving Headliner interactions from the moment an event is announced, to the moment guests offer feedback after each show. My team covers multiple areas of every show, including in-person Headliner interactions, and nearly a 24-hour online presence – even during the show. Besides this, I strategize and help implement sophisticated solutions to improve festival operations, maximize engagement and improve internal workflows and integrations between internal teams. Events include: Electric Daisy Carnival — Las Vegas, Mexico City, Japan, New York, Orlando Beyond Wonderland — San Bernardino, Monterrey (Mexico), Bay Area Nocturnal Wonderland Escape Psycho Circus HARD — HARD Summer, HARD Day of the Dead Middlelands Dreamstate Crush Audio on the Bay Audiotistic White Wonderland +30 other concerts and branded shows like Bassrush, Basscon, Dada Life, Rolling Loud, etc.


Jul 2018 - Jan 2019

Insomniac Events

Operations Manager | Headliner Experience

Promoted to Senior Operations Manager.


Jul 2018 - Sep 2018

Insomniac Events

Interim Operations Manager & Digital Marketing Analyst (Loan)


Oct 2016 - Jul 2018

Insomniac Events

Customer Experience Specialist | Operations

Promoted to Operations Manager. Insomniac’s Customer Experience encompasses industry leading Experience Operations and Customer Service, bridging the gap between online and on-site experience for Insomniac guests. Customer Experience teams include: CX Event Operations, Info Support, Email Support, Live Chat, Lost & Found, Ingress/Egress Operations and Ticket Scanners.


Oct 2016 - Mar 2017

Insomniac Events

Customer Experience Coordinator | Operations

Promoted to Customer Experience Specialist position within 6 months

Sep 2015 - Oct 2016

Fantasy Sports Company

Marketing & Creative Director

Apr 2012 - Apr 2015

DynamiteBrain, Inc.

Co-Founder, CEO

[DynamiteBrain, Inc. Imagination Ignited™] DynamiteBrain is a creative company founded in 2012 by Camilo Barrero and Robert Good with the goal of creating innovative technology solutions to solve everyday problems. breVve™ is the first product released by the creative team at DynamiteBrain and was created from a desire to create an environmentally friendly, yet efficient way to exchange business cards and manage relationships in a smarter way, without dealing with lost or outdated contact information. Some of the responsibilities included: • Worked with Co-founder on the business formation and structure • Developed business and marketing plans to seek venture capital • Led the development of the company’s first product from concept to market in iOS and Web. Tasks included idea development, wire-framing for multiple platforms, graphic design, business logic, marketing, media development and promotion • UX/UI Architecture for Web and iOS (User Experience/User Interface) • Managed performance of in-house and remote development teams as well as contractors • Managed budgets and negotiation for projects like promotional media and paid advertising • Researched and decided on technologies and services to be used by our team and services, such as API’s, project management systems and analytics tools with efficiency and economy in mind • Worked with internal and remote teams in software QA and testing

Mar 2012 - May 2013

Good & Roberts, Inc.

eMarketing/ Public Relations Specialist

Created, managed and developed the social media presence for the company to support the Business Development and Marketing departments Developed and organized the company’s digital project database with FileMaker Pro Shot architectural photography for completed projects. Images were used in the company's website, social networks and in some cases they were made available to clients per their request Worked with the IT department on the redesign of the company’s website Designed marketing campaigns and materials for various media events. Worked closely with different teams, including printers to ensure quality of work and objective satisfaction Designed marketing and team materials for print such as hand out packages and event banners.

Aug 2011 - Mar 2012

WDM Group (White Digital Media)

Staff Writer & Project Manager

In charge of writing and developing content for the daily, weekly and monthly editions of the publication Managed the publication’s social networks and successfully increased engagement and traffic Responsible for interviews with international C-level executives to develop company stories and reports. Interviews were done in both English and Spanish and then translated to expand reach of articles. Covered media events such as CES in Las Vegas and contributed in feature articles with the American, Canadian and Latin American teams Other tasks included document control, project management and SEO

Sep 2008 - Jun 2011

Farfalla Group

Creative Director & Consultant

Worked with the business founder to develop the brand culture and style. Responsible for creative design and media campaigns for the company and its clientele. Served as an adviser to founder on brand strategy and business development. Served as a regional anchor in the U.S for international events. Worked in coordination and logistics of company sponsored events.

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