Carl Schattke

Lead PCB Design Engineer at Tesla Motors

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Completed many designs with Cadence Allegro, Mentor Pads PowerPCB, Zuken C5000 and CAD Design Software tools.
Work experience

Jan 2020 - Present

PCB Product Development, LLC

CEO and Founder

PCB Contract design services to accelerate time to market and time to profitability for electronic products. Past projects have included motor controllers, computer systems, embedded systems, RF Audio devices, High speed data acquisition systems, Medical electronics, communication devices, consumer devices, industrial controls, games, portable computers, 3D Printers, power supplies. All board type technology, ridged, flex, ridged-flex, multi-layer, HDI, controlled impedance's, high current/voltage, RF systems, antennas, high density packaging, high volume manufacturing, DFM, DFT, DFA, DFR, DFC and design for thermal constraints.

Jul 2010 - Present

Tesla Motors

PCB Design Engineer

PCB Design Engineering in support of the Power Electronics R&D, Battery Charging, Battery, Test Engineering, 12V systems and the Infotainment group. Every design has been a success for the engineering team, allowing Tesla to gather Car of the Year awards from Motor Trends, Automobile Magazine, JD Powers and Yahoo.

Dec 2000 - Dec 2019

Carl Schattke 1st Class Design


PCB Design consulting on B2B or B2C projects. Actively seeking moonlighting projects to work on. My goal is to create a PCB Design experience you will be extremely satisfied with. I create the highest quality work, in a timely manner while being easy to work with.


Feb 2001 - Dec 2009


Sr. Design Engineer

PCB Design process improvement projects to increase quality and productivity.

Jul 2000 - Dec 2009

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

Independent Associate / Director

My organization has helped over 3800 people prepare for unexpected legal events, with a Pre-Paid Legal plan. Plans are available for a family, small business, identity theft, and a legal shield for 24/7 access to an attorney.

May 1992 - Nov 2000

ASIC Designs/Tezzaron

Sr. PCB Designer

Lead designer for this contract engineering company.

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