Casey Allen

Founder at Enterprise Rising

Minneapolis, MN

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Grew up with a deadbeat dad, raised by a single mom borderline welfare. Became an entrepreneur not because it sounded sexy but because I had to figure out how to make more money to live. Ran my first company when I was 18. Started four more after that. All very profitable but no exits, largely because I was too boneheaded and immature to find real mentors to help get over the $1m in rev hump. I hope to change that now for others founders now. Every morning I wake up focused on moving the needle for fast growing tech startups in the Midwest. 14x startup investor. 100x startup mentor Am co-founding the 1st Talent Network exclusively for fast growing startups. Launched the first MN startup job fair. Launched the largest startup conference that is focused on B2B in the Midwest. Helped to launch each of the four programming bootcamps that are in MN. Co-founded MN's first seed fund. Co-founded MN's first accelerator program which was turned into the seed fund. You can learn more here -->

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2014 - Present

Enterprise Rising Conference


If you look at the ten most exciting tech startups in the upper Midwest, particularly MN, you would notice that at least 95% are in enterprise SaaS. Surprised? Don't be. Disappointed? I hope not. Amazed and excited? Right on. Optimistic for more to come? I am too. Full throttle ahead. To celebrate, highlight, and shift the conversation, I'm working hard to build the enterprise tribe. The conference will be the nucleus with many other ways for enterprise entrepreneurs to interact and execute. Join me. Enterprise is a big part of MN's future. Help me shape it. Reach out to me. Your input is welcome.


Jun 2013 - Present

Skyway Fund

Co-founder & Partner

Skyway Fund is Minnesota's first true tech seed fund. We fund exciting early stage software companies doing cool things in B2B. Cem Erdem and I founded it after running an accelerator program and learning that we could make 10X the difference by giving startups what they truly need most: funding. Head over to for more color if you're the studious type.

2015 - 2016

Health Rising Conference


I started a conference focused just on MN healthtech startups. It was great and had amazing speakers who have built amazing B2B healthtech startups. I discontinued running it because I wanted to focus on my other conference, Enterprise Rising Conference, and didn't want to be mediocre at both.


Oct 2010 - Jun 2013

Project Skyway


Silicon Valley had Y Combinator. Boulder had TechStars. So Cem Erdem and I built, launched, and ran Project Skyway, Minnesota's first early stage accelerator program. Seed funding + rock star mentors + coworking + education + dedicated developers = GAME ON for MN tech startups. We held two classes of 10 startups total before deciding we really should have been a fund. Thus, we evolved into a seed fund, Skyway Fund, in June 2013.

Aug 2009 - Sep 2010

Founder, Chief Opener

Once in a while there's a sales process in a particular industry that is downright terrible. Inefficient. Uncomfortable. Ugly. Time to disrupt that. We're a dating service for merchants and credit card processors. We bring the two together much better than ever before. This company was live with revenue but I chose to put it on pause to give back to the community and grow Project Skyway.

Mar 2009 - May 2009

CashValue Group

Managing Partner

We were the only firm in the world bringing the CashValue Loyalty programs to market. I helped my team train carefully selected B2B groups that would like to do so, and started laying the groundwork for building the internal sales force as well.


Sep 2008 - Mar 2009

Alliance Card Inc.

Director of Marketing

Alliance Card developed the CashValue Card, the coolest loyalty program and fundraising program to date. Like a free debit card, it earns consumers rebates and kicks money to their favorite charity. The beauty is in the platform, which much more talented people than I built. I was a brand manager, a sales trainer, and a marketing strategist all in one. I laid new groundwork at least three times per day for the expansion of the most revolutionary loyalty program the world has ever seen. My team and I brought the concept of "cause marketing" to the little guy, and the little guy made more money more often from more people as a result.


2000 - 2008

Multiple startups


Starting at 18, started and ran five startups that were all bootstrapped, all wildly profitable, and all taught me a ton. Mostly that I needed great mentors because whenever the going got tough at about 200k-600k in revenue ad 3-6 employees, I always found a silly excuse to start a new startup.


1998 - 2003

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