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Loss mitigation Fullfilment manager VP at Suntrust Now Truist .


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Personnel & Operations Manager A Recognized Expert in Team Leadership, Experience in all Aspects of Program Management Visionary, versatile, and driven leader credited with combining extensive operations management experience and natural leadership ability to guide companies toward increased productivity, efficiency, collaboration, and ultimately revenue growth. Proven track record of developing and implementing new training programs that improve operations. Demonstrated ability to foster strong working relationships with clients that lead to return and referral business. Strong communicator, analytical thinker, and efficient problem-solver. CORE COMPETENCIES Team Leadership ⧫ Operations Management ⧫ Staff Training & Development Hiring & Recruiting ⧫ Change Management ⧫ Budget Management ⧫ Deadline Adherence Client Relationship Management ⧫ Loss Mitigation ⧫ Mortgage Operations ⧫ Finance Regulatory Compliance ⧫ Interpersonal Skills ⧫ Verbal & Written Communication Problem-Solving ⧫ Resource Allocation ⧫ Billing & Invoices ⧫ Account Management

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May 2019 - Present

Suntrust mortgage

Loss mitigation Fullfilment manager VP

Jul 2018 - Present

Sci Incorporated

Family Services Manager

Jul 2014 - Present

The Citizen News

VP assistant manager mortgage

Sep 2010 - Jul 2014

SunTrust Mortgage

officer mortgage default

I have over ten years of supervisory experience in the mortgage business; my experience varies from working directly with a small group of people to well over 25 people. I would say that I have great management experience based on the outcome of the work I do. I effectively and efficiently am able to manage and resolve my team issues, motivate my teammates to perform a task well. As an officer here in the Home Preservation department I was solely responsible with writing the policy and procedures for the Home Preservation Client Representative welcome call procedures and well as being on a team to formulate the new Borrow Response Packages to be in compliance with the new CFPB rules. These two processes I was responsible for the following duties: • Oversee and monitor the implementation of the CFPB compliance changes for all related to the Home Preservation department • Develop and communicate the objectives of CFPB • Report to management on a regular basis to review progress on program implementation and assist with establishing improvement plans • Review employee present processes and periodically revise and update their job process in PPM • Develop and conducted a compliance training to discuss the changes made with the Home Preservation Client Representatives

Sep 2010 - Jul 2014

Suntrust Mortgage

Manager AVP

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