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►Software Engineering Executive Skilled in Strategy, Team Leadership, Project Management, Software Life Cycle Management, and IT◄ I believe that a product is only as good as the mindset of the team behind it, so I do everything in my power to cultivate a positive mentality in these ways: ==I’ve been there, and I empathize. My life as a software engineer isn’t too far in the rear view mirror, which my teams appreciate. I am extremely willing to do the dirty work to help resolve complex technical issues. ==I persist. When road blocked, I personally do not give up, and I think that is infectious among my employees. Too many times in the software world, problems remain unsolved because no one is willing to take a second look or step back into the bigger picture. ==I listen. The best consistent feedback I have ever received from my employees is that I listen. My teams trust me because they know I take the time to understand their perspective and build win-win relationships. From that launch point, I can pave a pathway for their professional growth and development, benefiting both the business and the team member. ==I am transparent. It is important that there is a reason for a priority, so I can get behind the goal and justify it with my employees. That way everyone has buy-in and a clear purpose. ==I look ahead. Rather than being mired in the day-to-day, I continuously encourage looking forward into the future of the product to drive our decisions. People who respect and like their leader produce the best results, so I strive to live and promote these principles with accountability and ownership to achieve beyond expectation. SPECIALTIES ==10 years of Software Leadership ==14 years of Software Development ==9 years of Platform and Infrastructure Development, Network Development, and Computer Engineering ==5 years of reminding people that DevOps is not a thing, it's methodology.

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Work experience

Oct 2020 - Present


Senior Member Of Technical Staff, Director


Nov 2018 - Oct 2020


Senior Manager, Developer Platforms

I lead The Continuous Delivery Platform, a 55-member systems engineering organization focused on empowering 12,000 T-Mobile developers. I oversee throughput and KPI Management for 450 app teams. By transforming our value streams, living by SRE manifesto, mitigating bottlenecks, small batches, and measuring our results we promote a matured path to production which allows T-Mobile to remain agile in its development capacity. I’ve evolved the software engineering organization ideology and productivity through transformational strategies and initiatives including: ==Instituting and formalizing postmortem SRE culture, by treating incidents as unplanned investments. ==Improving the Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment landscape by establishing Product Automation as a first-class citizen product. ==Integral member of task forces including: Developer Productivity, Developer Value Streams, Working Model and Ways of Working, OPEX Efficiency, Software Organization Architecture, Release Architectures, and Operations. Guiding Principles: - Throughput Management (focus on flow) - Software Engineering Transformation (principles and foundation) - Incidents as unplanned investments (learn from our mistakes) - CI/CD Landscape (continuous, self-service feedback) - Source Control Management (trunk based development) - Artifact Management (semantic versioning, container scanning) - Code Quality Management (SAST, DAST, Dependency scanning) - Internal and external tool integrations (architecture for flow) - Topologies (Makers and Managers with autonomy)


May 2017 - Nov 2018

Jaguar Land Rover

Head of Systems Engineering, Infotainment & Connected Car Group

Due to my in-depth knowledge of developer plaforms and devops, I was promoted to Jaguar’s global headquarters to provide technical leadership for 2500+ infotainment engineers to the evolution of DevOps in the delivery for 12 production vehicles lines. This included front-end, back-end, architects, and Linux developers focused on in-vehicle software and Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA) capabilities. Maintained Linux software distribution and a software stack with automotive challenges. Guiding Principles: - Infrastructure as code abstraction: maintaining ephemeral instances and promoting self-service developer led infrastructure change. - Abstraction service discovery: Creating load balanced, auto-scaling services, critical business services vital to growth and bottom-line. - Continous integration, small batches and gitflow: Incorporating a product development strategy which includes ensure the developer workflow is flexible, robust, and efficient. - Monolith busting: morph current legacy and complex applications to micro services architecture and cloud infrastructure in a controlled and sustainable manner. - Automated provisioning/continous deployment/release: ensuring a satisfactory criteria from idea to release. - Software development life cycle hygiene: where are your bottlenecks and non-bottlenecks? Selected Accomplishments: ==Introduced to 1.5M customers the first on-vehicle device, Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA), saving $300M annually. ==Skyrocketed developer productivity by 75x by instituting the first global continuous integration / continuous deployment for all software.


Mar 2016 - May 2017

Jaguar Land Rover

Software Development Manager, Infotainment

I worked in JLR’s R & D projects center with almost 100 employees, which includes a software organization to support its global luxury vehicle operation. I led 18+ world-class engineers in DevOps, front-end, back-end, architects, and Linux developers focused on in-vehicle infotainment software. We maintain Linux software distribution and a software stack with automotive challenges. Key Achievements: ============== ==Achieved higher quality software by pivoting and marketing the global software development end-to-end strategy. ==Speed software release times and validate builds from all collaborators through continuous integration and virtualization of software components pre-hardware or vehicle availability.

2015 - 2016


Senior Software Engineering Manager

Wirestorm is a software engineering consulting firm delivering customized solutions to Fortune 30 companies. I was recruited as the technical product and visionary senior manager for 18 software engineers on 8 enterprise projects for a leading global retailer, which included a store inventory management mobile app and a customer scheduling/messaging app. Projects spanned the full Agile development life cycle including web, local services, infrastructure changes, and cloud migration techniques. Key Achievements: ============== ==Pioneered mandatory Continuous Integration DevOps on all platforms to include an automated build, test, and deployment infrastructure, spurring rapid releases and closing developer/QA feedback loops. ==Orchestrated legacy architecture refinements and seamless parallel integrations with modern front-end and back-end technologies.

2011 - Oct 2015

Shorepower Technologies

Director of Information Technology and Software

Shorepower Technologies creates transportation electrification solutions via web/mobile phone/kiosk for long-haul trucks, electronic vehicles, and RVs, and is currently installed in 50+ US locations with ~10 FTE. I evolved from lead contract developer to in-house director of technology and board member, where I led all software engineers for architecture, design, and upgrades of power-on-demand systems to reduce carbon emissions. (This position was concurrent with my role at Intel) Key Achievements: ============== ==Progressed technology fraught with issues to a fully functional state by identifying customer pain points, upgrading technology issues, and devising a plan of action for repairing. ==Developed a feature-rich monitoring and administration experience for users and internal staff through extensive research and systematic improvements.


2011 - Sep 2015

Intel Corporation

Senior Software Engineer

Intel originally recruited me to join its Automation Operations team. Then my focus switched to building supply chain solutions and mitigating issues to maintain maximum functionality and productivity in all Intel Fabs. I worked with 45 New Production Planners on a team of 14 engineers. (This role was concurrent with my position at Shorepower Technologies) Key Achievements as Technical Lead / Application Owner: ========================================== ==Coached 150 engineers in building an improved automation for lights out factory, known as the most sophisticated system of its kind. ==Pioneered RealTimeMetrics volume and performance monitoring system to better pinpoint trending behaviors among 8 factories worldwide, now a company standard. ==Mitigated FFD escalations, resolving in <5 minutes a potential hour-long downtime, saving $1M. ==Created Supply Chain Prediction and Planning Software Infrastructure to reduce waste and maximize capacity for demand predictions. ==Architected 20+ new software integration designs with UML Models, Visio DataFlow Charts, and Wireframe mockups for incoming production software. ==Maintained all necessary white paper release change control standards for all production applications.

2008 - 2010

C-Hill Consulting LLC

Software Engineering Manager / Owner

I started a software consulting business during college with a client base of companies I had worked with in summer sales programs. I led a team of 6 offshore developers to build CRM and CMS systems using .NET/C# and SQL Server, facilitating customer requirements, database design, and usability. My clients included Clearwire Inc. (wireless internet), Pinnacle Security (home security systems), Atlas Marketing Group (satellite TV), and Shorepower Technologies (transportation electrification). Key Achievements: ============== ==Used Agile across multiple time zones to promote 95%+ velocity, satisfying or exceeding all client expectations. ==Built for Pinnacle Security the first CRM for its solar pilot program, which led to operations automation. ==Launched Shorepower Technologies’ first real-time, on-demand, monitored connection point station, setting the stage for rapid growth.

2006 - 2009

Summer Sales Programs

Regional Sales Manager / Sales Trainer

I participated in summer sales programs nationwide to earn as much as possible in a condensed amount of time to pay for college. I hired, trained, mentored, and managed direct sales teams of up to 150 in multiple markets (Atlanta, GA, Pittsburgh, PA, and Kalamazoo, MI) for Clearwire Inc., Pinnacle Security, and Atlas Marketing Group (where I also supervised 5 installation technicians). Key Achievements: ============== ==Achieved status as top-producing office in first 3 months of CLEAR WiMax product launch (Clearwire Inc.). ==Ranked #1 out of 45 sales representatives (Pinnacle Security). ==Grew Michigan region sales from zero to $2M in 3 months (Atlas Marketing Group).


2005 - 2006

Oregon State University

Software Development Engineer In Test

I was a student network test and design engineer for OSU's College of Business. Our main focus was quality assurance testing on HP industrial network switches and routers.


2006 - 2010

Oregon State University

Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science

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