Christopher Brossman

Director of Data Science and Engineering

San Francisco, CA


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Nov 2018 - Present

The RealReal

Director of Data Engineering

Jun 2017 - Nov 2018

Leesa Sleep

Director Of Data Science

Creating the roadmap for the analytics team including data capture, ETL, BI, visualizations, data modeling, forecasting and data science Leading data warehousing project planning and implementation Evaluation of data vendors in terms methodology and fit

Jul 2017 - Oct 2018

Quanti Consulting


Built production grade analytical and machine learning microservices for medium sized businesses.


May 2016 - Jun 2017

Boats Group

Data Scientist Manager

Developed inventory forecasting, pricing analytics, customer segmentation and various other very impactful data science projects: Forecasting of inventory banners impacts nearly 1/3 of total revenue and is used by the entire sales team via an easy to use web application interface. Responsible for all phases of the data science project including requirements gathering, developing predictive models and implementation into systems and presentation of results. Often collaborate with systems and dev for implementation. Developed and managed inventory tools by using various regression and time series based modeling techniques to forecast banner capacity across multiple platforms and complex targets. Participated in revamping the sales approach to selling banners based on data driven recommendations. This included development of a dynamic pricing model based on demand and sellout, a re-prioritization of banners based on price, and various other recommendations which significantly impacted banner revenue. Developed automated data ETL process to extract data from various API’s using various tools (python, R, CRON etc.) and pipe them to various outputs such as s3, FTP, Redshift storage, etc. These then populated BI dashboards in Tableau and Good-Data to communicate information across the entire business. Partner with Advertising Operations and Site Development to ensure site tagging strategy for yield optimization


Apr 2011 - Apr 2016

Ferguson Enterprises

Data Scientist

Tasked with heading up the initiative to employ Data Science \ Statistical Modeling techniques within the eBusiness Analytics team. Consulted with business leaders on crafting data driven solutions to fuzzy business issues. Crafted unique solutions using combination of Industry\ Ferguson \ Business intuition, computer programming, data mining, and mathematics \ statistical modeling using tools such as (Python, R, & Java) Highlights: Created product recommendation system for each of the 200,000+ SKUs on the website using a market basket analysis program written in java. Developed customer churn model using SVM, random forest and logistic regression ensembles. Implemented through internal reporting to all sales team Developed customer targeting strategy from insights of survival analysis. This project ranked customers based on CLTV calculation and various business rules. Consulted on the project and saw through implementation. This project helps drive business strategy for the sales team. Developed monthly and yearly forecasts for eBusiness using a dynamic lag time series model to aid business in capital and labor requirements. Developed text analytics program wit a team of developers for market research. Various econometric research projects to determine causal and counterfactual effects of interest for business prioritization using LDVM, Fixed Effects, Survival Analysis and other panel models and time series models.

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