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Self-starter with a proven record of building Brands via clear strategic choices, breakthrough innovation, consumer-led insights, and top/bottom line growth. Top-rated results over a 14 year career spanning Marketing, Finance, and Sales across 16 different categories in diverse roles spanning design, delivery, sales, and global responsibilities. Significant people management experience and committed to building culture and people via servant leadership.

Work experience

Feb 2015 - Present

18/8 Fine Men's Salons

Franchise Owner

Building the 18|8 Brand in the Cincinnati market and beyond as a owner and operator of 2 salon locations. Responsibilities include: - hiring the best team, enabling them to be their best, and creating a positive culture where employees love to work - ensuring the salon experience, atmosphere, and culture is unlike any other to drive 100% client satisfaction - leading the digital, social media, PR, event, and grass roots marketing strategy and tactics to drive awareness and trial - overseeing salon operations and complete P&L ownership - General Management responsibilities

Jan 2018 - Jul 2019

18/8 Fine Men's Salons

VP Corporate Marketing and Brand Development

- Lead an organization in developing the marketing strategies, tactics and plan development for the entire franchise system at the corporate level to drive awareness and trial - Negotiate deals and alliances with vendors and strategic partners to drive additional growth of the overall 18|8 brand and for the franchisees - Identify new prospective franchisees and present brand proposition to continue to grow the brand footprint with new locations and franchisee partners - Budgeting and ROI analysis

Apr 2018 - Jun 2019

18|8 Fine Men's Salon- Powell


Jan 2017 - Aug 2017

Union Springs Healthcare


- Led Sales, Marketing, Commercial Operations and New Product launches for a OTC medicine / nutraceutical company specializing in Brain Health, Sleep, and ADHD product lines that led to the company being acquired by another major pharmaceutical company

Jul 2014 - Aug 2015


Brand Director

Mar 2012 - Jul 2014

Procter & Gamble

Senior Brand Manager, Global Olay Facial Skin Care

• Lead a global multifunctional team and direct reports to design the future new product launches, holistic marketing campaigns, equity, strategy, and business models across 3 Olay subbrands (Regenerist, Total Effects, and Pro-X) accounting for ~$1.1 billion in sales and $0.5 billion marketing support globally across 100+ countries. • Overhauled strategies and initiative master plans of each boutique to deliver more robust and regionally aligned plans that push Olay into new places, new faces, and new benefit spaces over the next 3 years. Plans deliver 3.0 million new users per year and double digit topline growth ($300 milllion incremental sales and $100 million NPV). • Deliver insights, product design, qualified big ideas, and holistic marketing elements (TV, Print, packaging, in-store, digital, social, ER/PR, claims /demos) across 8 initiatives to deliver new strategy and brand architecture across the globe. • Led new process in Skin Care to qualify ideas (‘Storecepts’) that led to substantial improvement in the strength of our ideas and the success rate in qualifying ideas. Other Beauty Care brands are reapplying the methodology. • Effectively lead and coach 4 direct reports to achieve outstanding business results and 1 to promotion.

Mar 2010 - Mar 2012

Procter & Gamble

Brand Manager, NA Bounty Paper Towels

• Lead End-to-End design, delivery, marketing planning, and P/L for Bounty sub-brands accounting for $500 million sales and $70 million marketing support. Grew Napkins to #1 branded napkin from #3. Grew Extra Soft share faster than any other in category. Held Basic share & distribution despite unprecedented competitive activity. • Member of Core Leadership Team responsible for delivering leading results (top / bottom line and share growth) in spite of historic marketing spending cuts (94 IYA vs. P3YR 117) and competition not following our LPI. • Reinvented the go-to-market strategies that 1) turned on TV and marketing for first time ever on Basic (mid-tier brand), which raised purchase intent and awareness for Basic and Bounty Parent; 2) launched the first ever holistic marketing plan on Napkins that grew trial 0.5 pts; and 3) restaged Extra Soft to a new Big Idea of “Cleans better than a dishcloth” behind product / name / packaging upgrade, hard hitting “germs” claims and demos, and integrated marketing plan. • Step-changed Bounty digital marketing capabilities leading to Best in Class, high ROI digital strategy / tactics. Partnered directly with Business Unit President and Global eCommerce VP in leading the organization through the first ever Paper Category eCommerce strategy and action plan that drove a 149 IYA. • Effectively led and coached 5 direct reports to achieve outstanding business results.

Oct 2007 - Feb 2010

Procter & Gamble

Assistant Brand Manager, NA Bounty Towels and Family Care

• Led commercial team for the biggest Bounty product initiative ($60 million NPV, $117 million increm. sales) that brought a new “Cleaner” strategy and insight to life (highest scoring concept in 15 years) and developed holistic marketing elements such as: qualified TV copy, winning key visual & packaging, couponing, Digital, a step-change in our ER / PR, and sku line-up & pricing to deliver solid customer fundamentals. • “Led charge” in activating Brand Purpose internally & externally, delivering ~1 Billion media impression, by leading the 1st experiential marketing initiative, Make a Messterpiece, from concept to launch. Led creating the “Bounty Experience” that rallied organizational passion to bring our brand, demos, and science to life with the local community. • Led development of in-store marketing strategies & tools for 3 initiatives (over $150 million increm. sales) including winning key visuals and new, innovative tools to stop, hold and close the shopper (patent holder on new display vehicle).

Aug 2005 - Sep 2007

Procter & Gamble

Finance Group Manager, Global Family Care

• Led senior leadership team through development of a comprehensive strategic growth model and portfolio planning process that enabled visibility to implications of strategic choices and long-term sufficiency needs/gaps. • Head of Finance for Puffs Facial Tissues brand ($0.5 Billion Sales, $80 Million marketing budget) leading the development of strategies, goals, and portfolio to deliver sustainable growth. Brand grew share versus market leader Kleenex (2x Puffs size) during tenure for first time in 4 years. • Led 2 direct reports in developing the overall strategies, sku-line up, pricing, and business model for Puffs new product launches like Puffs with Vicks and the first brand restage in 6 years.

Jul 2003 - Jul 2005

Procter & Gamble

Finance & Sales Account Executive, Target Customer Team

• “Broadening assignment” as the Sales Account Executive selling in all merchandising, distribution gains, shelving breakthrough, and pricing proposals for Pringles, Iams, and Coffee driving share growth. • Finance leader in developing customer joint business plans for 12 categories across Beauty, Healthcare, Snacks, Coffee, and Pet. Key leader in selling in and executing business plans that led to Target award of Vendor of the Year. • Led development of profit improvement action plans where customer profitability was a barrier to growth driving an 18% increase in sales and 250 bp increase in customer profit. • Leveraged cross finance/ sales expertise to sell price increases across 4 categories while protecting competitive advantage.

Jul 2000 - Jun 2003

Procter & Gamble

Senior Financial Analyst, Personal Health Care

• Co-lead a multi-functional team in aligning CFO & President to supply chain optimization for PuR brand acquisition, leading to 20% cost savings and $75MM NPV by transitioning the plant to Mexico and contract manufactures. • Key leader in launching Thermacare, a new-to-the world brand and category. • Co-lead team in identifying and implementing cost savings portfolio worth $4 million in yearly savings. • Led financial analysis on decisions (i.e. initiative launches, profit forecast, cost savings, budgeting) for the PuR brand.

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