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Retired Mechanical Engineer


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Experience spans 28 years of mechanical engineering design. Worked on sonar, satellite, airborne, shipboard and ground-based equipment. In addition, served for 15 years as Air Resources Engineer for the California Air Resources Board.

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Feb 2016 - Present

Self Employed

Retired Mechanical Engineer

Engaged in intellectual pursuits as an amateur physicist -- quantum theory, special relativity, electromagnetic propagation and gravitation. Developed a helical spiral motion template as a model for photon propagation. Derived the mass/energy equivalence, Planck’s law and and the uncertainty principle from the model. Extended the model to include de Broglie matter waves. Proposed an alternate viewpoint of gravity. Proponent for the advancement of fusion energy.


Jan 2001 - Feb 2016

California Air Resources Board

Air Resources Engineer

Air quality analysis. Worked on the Carl Moyer Program -- a voluntary grant program that reduces air pollution from vehicles and equipment by providing incentive funds to private companies and public agencies to purchase cleaner-than-required engines, equipment, and emission reduction technologies. Acted as district liaison to implement reduced emission measures at the local level. Supplied documentation for updates to the program guidelines. Coordinated spreadsheet inputs to the status reports.

Mar 1991 - Dec 2000

Energy Consultant

Energy Engineer

Involved in energy conservation measures. Performed analysis of energy savings for commercial and industrial buildings. Calculated payback periods for the installations. Clients included Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas and Electric, and Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

Nov 1981 - Feb 1991

Raytheon Electromagnetic Systems Division

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical design of airborne, shipboard and ground-based systems. Ongoing support of equipment manufacturing -- spearheaded solutions for production problems.


Jan 1985 - Dec 1988

Goleta Water District


Director of the Goleta Water Board (elected position -- four-year term). Pioneered in water conservation measures. Author of Measure T that gave lot owners water hookups for single family homes -- overwhelmingly passed by voters. Provided engineering expertise for ongoing district water projects.

Sep 1975 - Nov 1981

Motorola Government Electronics Division

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical design and structural dynamic analysis of satellite equipment exposed to harsh liftoff conditions of rocket propulsion engine vibrations. Designed hardware to ensure the survivability of electronic components. Inventor of four patents: three in solar energy and one micro-electronic miniaturized accelerometer. Extensive patent work.

Jan 1973 - Jun 1975

Naval Undersea Center

Student Assistant

Mechanical design of underwater sonar equipment. Produced drawings for an ultra-low frequency electromechanical transducer. Interfaced with machine shop to get it successfully built. Preformed testing of the unit.


1968 - 1975

San Diego State University

MSME, Mechanical Engineering

Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering

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