Collin Owen

Head of Quality Engineering / Machinist at Forrer Woodworks

Sparks, NV

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Professional problem solver seeking an opportunity to actualize my skills and experiences. I have a technical foundation in solar, wind and electric cars and an educational foundation in geology and mechanical engineering. Some exposure to project management, and a strong interest in building renewable energy infrastructure.

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Apr 2021 - Present

Forrer Woodworks

Lead Quality Engineer / Machinist

- Introduced and created all factory quality controls - Created control plans and PFMEA's for all assembly lines - Operating 3-axis CNC's for machining of cedar and mahogany - Created drawing specifications for entire product line

Oct 2020 - Apr 2021

Hamilton Company

CNC/CMM Operator

Operate 7 - 9 Axes CNC Swiss Lathes and CMM's to produce and evaluate medical parts used for COVID-19 relief.

May 2020 - Oct 2020

Hamilton Company

Robotics Technician

As part of the coronavirus relief effort, I am calibrating, troubleshooting, testing, and assembling automated pipetting equipment used for mass-detection of coronavirus with a team of technicians. Beyond the creation of the equipment, my contributions include driving a successful effort to improve calibration equipment used to create these lab machines.

Jan 2020 - Apr 2020

E.M. Group

Project Controls Specialist

As a project controls specialist, I monitored and adjusted multi-million-dollar budget models for a private equity company that managed and developed various properties in Nevada and Arizona. I resided in the project management department in a small office and worked directly with environmental scientists, lawyers and the project management team. I was exposed to the intersection of utilities, small and large environmental and construction contractors, and governmental regulations.


Mar 2018 - Dec 2019


High Voltage Battery Technician

Supported Model 3's ramp-up, by providing a critical and watchful eye on the detection methods used during the production of the Model 3 Battery Pack, and pack subcomponents. I wrote visual inspection instructions, trained a team, and cleansed data for a sort of incoming products which was allocated $1 million in labor. I drove the refinement of lithium-ion cell quality assessment techniques for a high-volume production floor as the go-to technician for reliable high-volume assessment of cell quality defects. The reliability of my inspection methodology was respected because it was backed by my own geometric modeling and was confirmed by the cell quality team via material science lab testing. I contributed near-daily submissions to engineering departments which aimed to improve quality by modifying processes, quality controls, and manufacturing equipment. I successfully determined a pattern stemming from a low-detectability defect, determined the root cause of a critical defect, and presented findings during an 8D meeting with engineering team. The result of my presentation spurred the overhaul of tens of thousands of dollars in manufacturing equipment. I utilized my geology skillset to contribute indirect observational evidence to further support the root cause of a stack-up issue causing significant downstream impact. I worked with a team of technicians, deemed the Technician Task Force to greatly increase the first-pass-yield of the Model 3 Module processes. I helped improve the reliability of the quality controls on the battery fuse production line by undertaking a month-long study which proved that eliminating a risky piece of manufacturing equipment would not decrease production yield.


Sep 2017 - Feb 2018


Composite Blade Technician

Built $100,000-$150,000 fiber-reinforced-composite wind turbine blades for the wind turbine world leader. Cooperated in a team of technicians to complete up to 180-foot laminations using hand layup and vacuum bagging methods. Sculpted entire blade surfaces using industrial power tools, epoxy resins and putties to optimize aerodynamic shape of the blade. Identified and selected for solo work in a special team to install the lightning protection system (LPS) for tens of 180-foot blades over the course of two months. Communicated with engineers, supervisors and operators to help identify process bottlenecks and reoccurring quality issues in LPS installation. Created and presented multiple methods to improve manufacturing quality and speed. Assisted in the engineering of custom manufacturing tooling. Completed Vestas’ new finish technician training program.

Jun 2016 - Sep 2016

Southern Vermont Renewable Energy (SOVEREN)

Resident Engineer

Resident engineer for SOVEREN Solar. Designed mounting interface used throughout a 500kW solar power plant with CAD (plant pictured below). Utilized FEA software to model and test theoretical wind loads up to 90mph. Completed field testing of mounting interface on site. Communicated with manufacturing supplier to identify material properties of mounting interface material. Contributed geomorphologic observations for site planning and assessment. Assisted in assembly of solar farm to understand manufacturing process through hands on experience and heavy machinery operation. Completed cold calls to sell solar panel reservations in completed community solar lots.

May 2016 - Aug 2016


Quality Intern

Contributed to a company-wide quality initiative by using and calibrating metrology equipment in a fully developed quality lab. I worked under a metallurgical engineer and alongside quality control technicians. I learned the complexities involved in using precision measuring equipment and the problems that arise for quality control technicians. I used "Innovator" computer software throughout the process to record findings. I prepared samples, used hardness testers, optical CMM's, surface profilometers, dial indicators, etc. I also assisted in the Research and Development transmission test lab where I helped with the final construction of the new Research and Development building. I organized the entire Sonnax inventory of used and new transmissions, and worked closely with the lab technicians throughout the process. Additionally, I worked with design engineers and technicians to prepare samples for hydraulic testing. Finally, I spent some time with design engineers to develop skills with FEA software.

Jun 2007 - 2015

Maple Apparel


• Started business from scratch and eventually grew to sell merchandise in stores around New England • Responsible for all assets of business including manufacturing, graphic design, quality control, sales, business development, communications and public relations, product testing. • Recognized for design abilities and award winning artist

Jun 2014 - Aug 2014


Process Engineer

• proactively assessed and improved high volume manufacturing processes qualities and speeds • submitted numerous design proposals while working with manufacturing and design engineers • assembled high performance transmission, driveline, and torque converter parts This company valued my contributions during my summer internship; I have since returned *on occasion* to continue working with Sonnax Industries.

Jun 2011 - Aug 2011

West Hill Shop

Bicycle Mechanic

• Responsible for assembling high-end bicycles from shipping boxes • Completing light repairs including changing flat tires, replacing brakes and grips.


2012 - 2016

Lafayette College

Bachelor of Arts - BA, Engineering Studies

2012 - 2016

Lafayette College

Bachelor of Science - BS, Geology

2008 - 2012

Brattleboro Union High School

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