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Psychologist who studies cognition and instruction, mostly in technology-supported learning environments. Uses design-based refinements of innovative learning environments to obtain and document improvements in collective discourse, individual understanding, and (where appropriate) aggregated achievement. Previously worked worked with leading curricular innovations including Vanderbilt's Jasper Woodbury, GA Tech's Learning by Design, Concord Consortium's GenScope, and NASA's Exploring the Environment, MIT's Project New Media Literacy and Indiana University's Quest Atlantis. Recently very engaged with e-credential and digital badges, and has been very involved in efforts to develop new open endorsement practices for digital credentials. Currently very engaged with training and learning cybersecurity, asynchronous online instruction, and culturally sustaining approaches to formative and summative assessment Specialties: Assessment, Motivation, Evaluation, Incentives, Feedback, Discourse, Measurement, Open Badges, Lifelong Learning, Alternative Credentials

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Personalized learning
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Work experience

Sep 2018 - Present

Indiana University Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research

Senior Fellow and Cybersecurity Learning Expert

Assisting with the implementation and refinement of the Principles-Based Assessment Cybersecurity Toolkit funded by a $2M grant funded by the Department of Defense.

Aug 2016 - Present

K12 High Speed Networks

Cybersecurity and Networking Education Consultant

Developing interactive online courses for K12 network analysts. Led the design of interactive online courses in Cybersecurity , Wireless Networking, Wired Networking, and Procurement. Led the development of the Cybersecurity Course, assisted in the development of the Wireless Networking and Wired Networking courses. Consulting engagement runs through July 1, 2019.

Sep 2015 - Present

Indiana University Bloomington


I teach graduate courses in the program and support and mentor doctoral advisees. I also hire and supervise Graduate Assistant Instructors and Adjunct Instructors for 5-7 sections of three undergraduate Educational Psychology course

Sep 2005 - Present

Indiana University Center for Research on Learning and Technolog

Research Scientist

I direct projects funded by the MacArthur Foundation, the National Science Foundation, the Department of Education, and Indiana University. Currently working as a Co-PI on an NSF project integrating expansive framing and playable case studies with BYU and the University of Maryland. It is called Careers in Play and is teaching undergrads about cybersecurity and disaster preparedness


Aug 2005 - Present

Indiana University


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