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Skilled Agronomy Research Consultant with extensive experience in the seed industry -- behind numerous unique plant breeding solutions and management and patents to the industry. I have worked for 40 years in commercial plant breeding in the USA and around the world. I began in soybean breeding with FS Services, then joined Northrup King as a corn breeder after getting a PhD in Plant Breeding and Genetics at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. My job evolved over the years, and includes many accomplishments outlined here in LinkedIn.

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Syngenta China
Plant Breeding Strategy
Breeding Program Review, Infrastructure analysis & Prioritization
Germplasm Access and Utilization
High Throughput Phenotyping
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Experience in Corn & Soybeans plus knowledge in many other species
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Jan 2017 - Present

Charoen Pokphand (CP) Seeds

Senior Consultant

Provide professional advice, direction and implementation of germplasm acquisition, breeding processes and protocols, infrastructure recommendations, and strategic actions. Ongoing accomplishments and relevant activities: After on-site review of existing programs in India, various US-originated inbreds were identified as relevant and strategic for importation into India. I planned, coordinated, and oversaw a visit by CP staff to the US, to provide CP with first-hand view of potential germplasm acquisitions. Discussions are ongoing to support CP and to help them achieve their goals.

Dec 2013 - Present

David Mies - Global Plant Breeding Consultant


Since retiring from Syngenta Seeds in 2013, I have been providing consulting services -- both domestically and internationally -- for a number of organizations with a specific focus on plant breeding, agronomy, and the seed industry. In 2015 for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, I led a team and implemented a comprehensive survey and assessment of breeding programs in Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2014 for the Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture, I reviewed the CIMMYT breeding program for Corn Lethal Necrosis in Kenya. For more than 45 years of working in the seed industry, I have been a plant breeder of soybeans and maize, a coordinator of international and domestic breeding programs and seed commercialization, and a leader of breeding corn for specialty traits. I hold 11 patents related to plant breeding.

Sep 2016 - Dec 2016

Pioneer Plant Sciences Symposium


Global Challenges in Plant Breeding for the 21st Century


Jan 2015 - Dec 2015

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Served as lead project consultant to survey and assess seven CGIAR, ICRISAT, and CIAT plant breeding programs in Mali, Niger, Kenya, Uganda, and Malawi in Sub-Saharan Africa. The breeding programs being assessed were for sorghum, pearl millet, groundnuts, and dry beans. Significant accomplishments: Over the course of several months, I along with a hand-selected colleague, traveled to Africa to conduct the project. The successful outcome of the seven-month project was to provide the Gates Foundation with a robust and comprehensive collection of data using a supplied custom-designed digital tool. The results of the survey and assessment ultimately provide the Gates Foundation sound scientific intelligence of funded programs to guide the Foundation on future strategies and investments.

Jan 2012 - Nov 2013

Syngenta Seeds

Leader of Global Maize Germplasm Leverage Program

As Leader of the then newly-created Global Maize Germplasm Leverage program, I was responsible for leveraging Syngenta corn germplasm globally to capture the value of inbreds and hybrids in regions outside of their origin. Accomplishments: Based on the success of the program in China, Syngenta R&D developed a new program to increase leverage of corn germplasm among all of its breeding programs globally. Materials have been delivered to China, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, India, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, South Africa, Zambia, Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, Canada, and the US. I implemented a global program to insure Business, Legal, Intellectual Property, GMO and Adventitious Presence compliance. This program not only tracks the distribution of materials, but also utilizes data mining to evaluate effectiveness and efficiency to enhance future activities and investments.

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