David Shubin RN BSN CTH

COO at SphereMD. Maritime, shipyard, and occupational health management services and consulting.


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SphereMD began back in 1997, with roots in the Pacific Northwest at the Port of Portland. In those days, we were called Pacific International Maritime Medical Services, and that’s what we did: worked with the owners of merchants ships and their agents and crews to help facilitate affordable, top-quality shipboard, in-port and emergency evacuation medical care. Each need, each client request and each solution provided led to another, and as our sphere of services and experience grew, we evolved into a fast-growing organization that today helps a wide range of companies manage and streamline anything from medical services to workforce deployments, maritime medical needs to OSHA compliance, health care program development to travel immunizations and more. Specialties: Maritime, Deployment (FSR), Occupational, and Travel Health.

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Jan 2003 - Present

Travel & Immunization Clinic of Portland


Apr 1997 - Present



Jan 1995 - Dec 2000



Staff Nurse in the NICU both full and part time positions.

Jan 1996 - Dec 1998

Old Town Clinic

Program Manager

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