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A proven leader and change agent for over 30 years with a solid reputation for creating and retaining highly motivated, high performing teams. A strong record of strategy and cost-effective execution in all aspects of Information technology including Applications (manufacturing, engineering and business), Infrastructure, and Information Security & Compliance. Open to the right opportunity.

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Mar 2016 - Present



Responsible for all aspects of Corporate IT including: HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, PCI and IT SoX compliance. Infrastructure, Cloud Operations (AWS), High Performance Computing, User Services. Information Security, Physical Security, eForensics, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery. Financial & Business Systems: Great Plains ERP, Arena PLM, Adaptive Insights , UltiPro HRIS, Salesforce.Com SalesCloud, ServiceCloud, Marketing Cloud, Google Busiens App Suite, Snowflake Data Warehouse, Qlik Business Intelligence, and several other associated supporting applications. Business Systems Automation: Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Service Desk. Document Control, LMS. Production Systems: LabVantage LIMS. Notable achievements:  100%+ headcount growth in department with highest employee satisfaction rating for Natera.  Drove Cloud-First and Virtualization to create 4X compute growth with marginal cost increase.  Transformed Supply Chain business processes while deploying new Arena PLM/QMS.  Drove major components of divestitures and function outsourcing (I.e. revenue capture).  Deployed VDI/VAI for offshore developers and partners to minimize risk in high-risk regions.  Consistently met budget and goals.  Developed strong compliance programs with high 3rd party assessor ratings. OCR desk audit.  Established and maintain strong business relationships with executive team, introduced IT QBRs.  Introduced several business practices & cycles: project life-cycle, department financial management, project portfolio reconciliation and management, IT service metrics & SLA

Mar 2015 - Mar 2016


VP IT, Head of IT

Ground-up design, deployment and integration of entire IT landscape: All aspects of Information Security and Compliance  Financial Systems including: NetSuite ERP, Arena PLM, Celigo API, Sererra RMA, Adaptive Planning, Salesforce.Com, Spree eCommerce V3, Wombat API, , Kount, CyberSource, Stripe, Avalara. AWS IaaS based platforms for all in-house applications. Notable achievements: In lieu of a COO and Operations group, I teamed with the Corporate Controller and VP of Customer Services to reinvent and launch company-wide commerce and operational policies & processes. Stabilized mission critical systems and implemented PMO and SDLC needed practices.  Established and stabilized key integrations (MFM, XML, EDI) with critical supply chain partners. Established Executive IT steering committee, key business unit reviews, and governance practices. Established technology architectures while implementing various SaaS and in-house applications.

Sep 2012 - Mar 2015



Managed a $32.5M Budget with a global staff of 118. Managed and drove value across 98 global sites for all aspects of: Information Security, Governance/Compliance, IT aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions. Authoritative Systems. Infrastructure, Datacenters, Networks & Telecommunications, Users Services Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and supporting factory and fulfillment applications. Engineering systems and internal R&D cloud services. Notable achievements while at JDSU  Rebuilt, retained and motivated a highly engaged team with top-5% employee satisfaction.  Spend reduction of 21% through re-contracting, Cloud, SaaS, IaaS, consolidation and virtualization.  Complete enterprise application platform retrofit. Stability improved from <92% to 99.98%.  Complete process reengineering, including change, financials, lifecycle, governance, support and more. .

Dec 2007 - Nov 2012

Atmel Semiconductor

Senior IT Director, Global Networks and Infrastructure

Managerd a $24M budget with a global staff of 65. Managed and drove value across 85 global sites for all aspects of:  Information Security, Governance/Compliance, M&A and Authoritative Systems.  Infrastructure, Datacenters, Networks & Telecommunications, User Systems and Service  Engineering grid, code management and support systems. Notable achievements:  Rearchitected Atmel’s new product development lifecycle systems in 3 global centers with new unified design processes, systems, repositories and infrastructure.  Relocated Atmel’s corporate headquarters in 2012.  Core management team for a large division divestiture/spinoff of a 1,200 employees.  Develop and implemented strategic business and engineering DR practices and processes.  Relocation of Atmel’s primary data center from Switzerland to Denver with minimal impact.  Successful strategic out-sourcing/off-shoring of several non-core IT functions and resources.  Complete redesign and replacement of Atmel’s global Wide Area Network (WAN).  Personally redesigned and deployed Atmel’s global Internet complex.  Reduction of operational expense by $3.2M with minimal IT service impact.  Recontracted all major vendors for improved pricing, accountability and contract strength.  Deployment of global Voice-over-IP and collaboration systems retrofit.  Implementation of Atmel’s eDiscovery and legal retention applications.  Global organizational reset / cleanup to create a renewed global high-performance team.  Uplift and consolidate to global Exchange2010 and EV Archive to 3 regional datacenters.  Designed and implemented Atmel’s global IT Change Management process.


Dec 2006 - Dec 2007


Senior IT Manager - Infrastructure and Engineering Apps

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