Ed Cortis

Chief Technology Officer at Unifimoney

San Francisco, CA


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Sep 2019 - Present


Chief Technology Officer

Unifimoney delivers high performance banking - a credit card, high yield checking account and investing in one mobile account. There are over 60 neo-banks in the US none of which cater for the needs of those earning >$100K. We have 5 sources of revenue - credit and debit interchange, deposit interest, investment fees, VAS and white label. We have a uniquely low cost model. We don’t have any of the costs of traditional banks (people, buildings, old tech and marketing) and acquire customers in atypical ways at low cost. An experienced team bringing together deep industry knowledge and contacts in addition to cutting edge growth marketing skills.

Feb 2019 - Apr 2020

Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer

Secret to great comedy? Timing! Related -> Building software to optimize in-person appointments for senior living facilities and coworking spaces in the middle of a covid19 pandemic didn't end well. Seeable are an experienced team of industry experts dedicated to making it easy to understand then act on tactical and strategic insights necessary to run a successful coworking space. We are building the best coworking platform to ensure the people who own and run coworking spaces can maximise member satisfaction and profit.


Sep 2016 - Feb 2019

RocketSpace Inc.

Chief Technology Officer

RocketSpace is a technology focused coworking company with locations in London and the heart of San Francisco. At RocketSpace, we connect tech startups, global brands, accelerator programs, and entrepreneurs to bring the future to market. We believe that you’re a product of your environment. RocketSpace surrounds its members with a perfect ecosystem of resources that they need to accelerate their growth including unique access to corporate brands, venture capital, partnerships, speakers, mentoring, and talent. Notable alumni include Uber, Spotify, Leap Motion, SuperCell, Snip.it and Podio. Corporate innovation partners include companies such as Royal Bank of Scotland, Converse, Tata Communications, Accenture, SingTel, Volkswagon, Pfizer, Samsung, British Airways, Microsoft, Pearson and General Motors...and many more.


May 2015 - Aug 2016


General Manager of Product Solutions

One of Australia's largest e-commerce businesses and Australia's largest online sportsbetting company, with ~ $4 billion online turnover, 2m customers and > 700 Employees. I lead our product delivery organisation, a team of ~150 colleagues specializing in design, research, user experience, business analysis, software engineering and quality assurance. I have primary responsibility for the development of all the customer facing products, features and platforms offered by Sportsbet. The online sports betting market in Australia is incredibly competitive, fast paced and high pressured, my teams ability to rapidly respond to the demands of the business with new features and products is a key competitive advantage. My role manages the delivery of the products that provide new revenue opportunities for the business and that improve customer experience. My role helps drive the innovation agenda of the business as richer content and new distribution platforms become increasingly important.


Aug 2012 - Nov 2014


Head of Solution Delivery (VP of Application Development)

I led a team of over 300 colleagues, consisting of business analysts, software developers, testers and an agile practice, reporting directly to the Head of Enterprise Services (CIO). My role has been to lead a transformation of our delivery capability, creating a culture and processes that ensure the organization thrives in the rapidly evolving digital context. ⇨ Transformational Leadership I reorganized my teams to deliver in a more efficient, collaborative, and customer-aligned way. I accelerated our agile transformation going from 3 to 20 teams in 12 months. I have championed faster delivery to our customers using methodologies such as continuous integration, continuous delivery and DevOps. Our independent Kenexa 2014 People and Culture score rates my leadership effectiveness as significantly above finance best in class and the overall score for my organization is above finance best in class after consistent annual increases. I am a member of the 7 person Diversity and Inclusion Council, chaired by the CEO. ⇨ Cultural change I drove a cultural change within Bankwest, creating an engaged, inquisitive culture whilst remaining focused on delivery. I am responsible for bringing a stream of world-class ‘disruptive’ speakers such as Mary Poppendieck to Bankwest as part of my strategy to bring change agents into the bank that colleagues embrace and learn from. I have sponsored the creation of a number a well-attended meetups Agile, DevOps, Business Analysis. ⇨ Innovation I have brought hackdays into Bankwest, primarily as a way to drive cultural transformation, encouraging a minimum viable product approach and cross-functional collaboration. Recognised by our CIO as “Fast becoming one of the most iconic representations of the customer focused culture we aspire to” whilst delivering a minimum x3 ROI by implementing continuous improvements.


Nov 2010 - Aug 2012

Lonely Planet

Chief Information Officer

Implemented structural organisational changes bringing clarity and direction to the team, accelerating DevOps transformation, increasing developer satisfaction and most importantly delivering better value to the business. Instrumental in developing plan for the strategic move of Lonely Planet’s Digital organisation to the UK saving millions a year, analysed location options making final recommendation to board that was adopted. Lead on hiring policy, team structure and integration with BBCW, relocated to UK for 3 months to guarantee success of move.

Feb 2012 - Jul 2012



SuperAwesomeMicroProject is: A car made of Lego, that drives, has an engine made from Lego which runs on air. It is the brainchild of Melbourne entrepreneur and marketing guy Steve Sammartino (@sammartino) and Raul Oaida (@rauloaida), a 20-year-old self-taught technology genius from Romania who Steve met on the internet. He crowd funded the project via a single tweet. Forty Australian patrons, including me, stumped up the cash and backed Steve’s idea after reading equally quirky pretend prospectus. Learn more here -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ObE4_nMCjE Super Awesome Micro Project Factoids: * More than 500,000 LEGO pieces were used. * The car engine is made from standard Lego pieces and runs on air! * The engine has four orbital engines and a total of 256 pistons. * Top speed is not very fast, around 20-30km (We were scared of a lego explosion so we drove it slowly) * It was built in Romania and shipped to a secret location in suburban Melbourne. * It’s a Hot Rod design, mainly because hot rods are cool.


Nov 2009 - Nov 2010

Lonely Planet

Director IT Operations

Initiated business-cased and delivered successful strategic in-source of critical SAP ERP system delivering very large productivity gains and cost saving benefits for Lonely Planet, removing under-performing supplier and saving 16% annually. Initiated regular internal company-wide customer satisfaction surveys using Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology. The customer feedback provided is used to continuously improve IT services benefiting the business, and has seen user satisfaction rise consistently over the last 2 years across all services. Reduced overall annual IT budget by 33% in 3 years, consistently meeting committed savings target, while increasing number of projects delivered and customer satisfaction. Led team to relocate ~400 servers that make up Lonelyplanet.com to a new datacenter. Efforts included analysis of location, hosting and network vendors, oversight of project management effort and stakeholder management. Project was delivered on time and under budget and the hugely complex technical relocation occurred flawlessly such that our customers didn’t really notice it had happened. Implemented a Business Continuity Plan with appropriate business owner participation with a novel and light-touch approach achieving all of the desired objectives in a minimum of effort and without reams of unnecessary paperwork. Successfully ‘war-gamed’ the plan with the CEO and other members of the board and parent company.


May 2007 - Nov 2009

Lonely Planet

IT Operations Manager

Led and managed a diverse department of >40 staff / 8 direct reports. I drove IT-wide cultural maturity ‘step change’, fostering an open, service-focused approach by implementing SLA's and ITIL processes including Incident, Problem and Change Management reducing downtime by 87%. Grew and retained an ultra-high performing team, affirmed with addition to my department of our SAP team in 2008, Publishing Services in April 2009 and Cartography Operations in Dec 2009. Increased staff retention to 100% through career planning and employee development. Oversaw total refurbishment of Lonely Planet’s computer room, using an innovative design to create probably Australia’s greenest enterprise-class computer room, reducing cooling costs and enabling transition additional services away from expensive 3rd party providers. Fostered closer ties and alignment with developers including taking such steps as using agile methodology to manage Operational prioritisation and backlog. Selected and implemented new applications and products to significantly improve client services and productivity of IT, such as a best in class SAAS Service Desk solution. Developed, implemented and successfully tested DRP and BCP solutions for LonelyPlanet.com and key back-office systems.

Jul 2005 - May 2007

General Motors Acceptance Corp.

AsiaPacific Infrastructure & Computer Manager

Provided strategic technical input at a regional level to GMAC projects and monitored conformance to technical standards. Acted as trusted advisor to country managers and regional VP for IT-related matters. Contributed to the development of GM technical standards. Involved in day-to-day management of largest outsourced IT relationship in world. Developed and maintained Asia Pacific strategic refresh programs. Worked closely with strategic regional markets such as China and India.


Nov 2003 - Jun 2005


Offshore Centre of Excellence Service Manager

Bringing International experience and other skills to bear in role to radically improve internal delivery times and processes for strategic offshore vendors. To be successful in this role requires excellent communication skills, the ability to influence change at all levels, alongside a broad technical background to understand the many issues and work with technical teams to produce solutions.


May 2002 - Oct 2003


Network & Operations Manager - Australia

The successful candidate for the combined Network and Operations Manager position, upon taking the role took the initiative and implemented a number best in class solutions and creating sweeping process improvements within a very short timescale.


Mar 2000 - May 2002


Network Manager - Australia

Charged with project managing a complete re-installation of both networking hardware and cabling at the Boronia site during the challenging merger period. Implementing the project to use GSK’s new iQMS (international Quality Management System) for the first time in Australia presented many challenges to preconceived working methods.


Mar 1997 - Mar 2000


Microsoft Exchange Team Leader

Oversaw a team that rolled outMS Exchange to various Glaxo sites across the world, personally implemented MSX in Mexico, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, France and Switzerland.


Mar 1996 - Feb 1997

Tech Connect

Microsoft Consultant

Instructed pupils in MCSE 3.51 whilst also spending time consulting out to SMB's in South-West London


Sep 1994 - Mar 1996

Ernst & Young


Working Office Automation - assisted in the deployment of Windows 95 - replacing Mac's


1991 - 1994

Imperial College, University of London

Bsc Hons, Paleaontology

1981 - 1990

Norwich School (King Edward the VI's)

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