Edmund Shi

Health Economics and Market Access Head at JOHNSON & JOHNSON MEDICAL LIMITED (China)

Shanghai, CN

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Experience on health policy in Asia, payment mechanism in China including DRG/DIP and private commercial insurance, health economics research and epidemiology. Real-world evidence generation. Global & China market exposure and expertise in providing unique HEOR insights, improving business impact, and penetrating chartered markets through the utilization of health economics, outcomes research, real world data and epidemiology. Specialties: RWE, health policy research, Health Economics & market access strategy and epidemiology study. Statistical knowledge in analytic aspects and knowledge of data architecture 10 years working experience in SAS Ability to partner and lead in a highly matrix environment

Work experience

Jan 2018 - Present

Johnson & Johnson Medical (China) Ltd.

Health Economics and Market Access Head

1. Led team to conduct RWE studies to support all priority products (Peri-/Post-launch) in China 2. Work with global/regional team to better provide health economics evidence and market access strategy for reimbursement and hospital listing, etc.

Jan 2016 - Jan 2018

Eli Lilly and Company

Sr. Consultant (Associate Director), EMBU/Japan/China, Global Patient Outcomes & Real World Evidence

1 Lead autoimmune product’s pre-launch/post-launch support relevant research projects and RWE strategy and in Asia (including Japan & Australia) /Latin American. 2 Lead RWD exploration and external collaboration in Asia (including Japan & Australia) 3 Work with affiliates in Asia to prepare HTA submission dossier and local economic model adaptation 4 Provide technical consultation and training for individual scientist the region

Jul 2014 - May 2016

Eli Lilly China

Sr. consultant (Associate Director)

1 Provide RWE support for oncology products 2 Lead China RWD exploration and collaboration 3 Take lead for HEOR/EPI research projects to support market access 4 Lead lung cancer site-base observation study to deeply understand current China treatment pattern and its impact factors, unmet needs


Apr 2013 - Jun 2014


HEOR manager

Contain 6 months training and rotation in Pfizer global HEOR and market access team 1. Take lead for HEOR/EPI and access strategy study to support market access for special care relevant products, included global cost-effectiveness model local adaption, local special HE model developed, build budget impact model base on local treatment pattern and pricing strategy. 2. Cooperated with international/national top academics to conduct study via real world database, health economics national education program & national health policy forum to shape policy. 3. Conduct local Medical Real-World database collaboration to provide evidence beyond clinical trials to support business. 4. Deliver toolkits with quality and broad evidence, including value dossiers, observational and real world data studies, predicative algorithms, scientific publications, and health economic and budget impact models 5. Formulate evidence based payer value propositions that are aligned with key products and have a foundation in a robust understanding of payers, organized customers, and their decision making systems 6. Provide evidence package and work closely with cross-function team to support new product launch, pricing, RDL, EDL, PAC, etc. Communicate related findings with internal/external stakeholders.


Nov 2011 - Apr 2013


Epidemiology Advisor

1. Take responsibility for vaccine HEOR/EPI study, included Markov transit model base effectiveness modeling study to support PCV7 license review, cost-effectiveness study in major urban cities to support NIP, deliver evidence based payer value propositions in CIP negotiation projects and provide HEOR data to help pricing in these pilot cities 2. Conceptualized, developed, and launched big data projects in Shanghai(district wide Community hospital based Comparative Effectiveness Center of Excellence) 3. Planning, initiating and executing epidemiology study to support HEOR research 4. Actively involved in the epidemiology data and project review and approval for whole medical department 5. Establishment of payer specific evidence generation plans focusing on payer needs to impact positive formulary decisions. 6. Operational responsibility for pricing, outcomes and epidemiologic research designed to obtain positive reimbursement and formulary placement


Jul 2010 - Nov 2011

Fudan University


Focus on Molecular Epidemiology and biomedical data analysis 1 Statistical design for molecular epidemiology study 2 Explore the relationship between metabolic syndromes with chronic hepatitis B infection: retrospective cohort study 3 Developed the Epidemiology-Pathogen discovery Toolkits for emergency pathogen detected and screening 4 Nucleotide sequence analysis: identification of genetic variation in influenza A virus DNA sequences based on multi statistical technology

Aug 2000 - Aug 2005

Fujian Center for Disease Prevention and Control

Physician of Public Health

1 Founded surveillance system for new emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, primary data collection, analysis and generates reports 2 Genome typing of Chlamydia trachomatis, analysis of gene expression pattern of the resistant strains of Chlamydia trachomatis 3 Provide new preventive strategy and standard methods training

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