Andreas Eldh

Designer and developer

Stockholm, SE

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I like to learn new things and build great products together with smart people. Although I've worked with most parts of the product development cycle nowadays I mostly work with design, architecture and development of web applications. Some technologies I like: Javascript, React, ReasonML, GraphQL.

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Jul 2020 - Present


Senior Software Engineer

Jun 2018 - Present

Andreas Eldh AB

Freelance Software Engineer

I help my clients build better products. - I helped Klarna build the foundation for their consumer app (found at, iOS App Store & Google Play Store). This is a React & React Native codebase shared by ~200 developers powering an app used by millions of users. My team's responsibilities includes architecture, performance, accessibility, user experience as well as monitoring, tooling, reliability and developer productivity. - I worked with Visly to improve the architecture of their TypeScript/React/Next.js/GraphQL app. I also implemented some cool features like realtime collaboration (using CRDT:s and GraphQL subscriptions). - I helped Astrid build the foundations for their Electron/TypeScript/React app. I worked on architecture, tooling, design and built a bunch of features for this friendly little chatbot.


Aug 2017 - May 2018


Senior Httpster

I was the principal frontend developer for the customer facing application at Dooer ( I worked on the full stack (Node, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, React, Apollo) including infrastructure and tooling. I helped design and build a whole bunch of features and worked on improving the performance, architecture and design of the application, as well as working on improving the process and ways of working within the company.


Oct 2015 - Jul 2017


Senior Software Engineer

I was the main developer on the marketplace, a server-side rendered React application with high demands on SEO, performance, usability and design finish. I also worked quite a lot on improving our frontend frameworks and internal tooling.

Nov 2013 - Oct 2015



As the first dedicated designer and Javascript developer at Quinyx, I started building and designing a new frontend application platform for the company, and together with a growing team built the first three apps on that platform.

Jan 2012 - Nov 2013

Screen Interaction

Web developer & designer

I helped clients such as Ericsson, Handelsbanken and Kambi make awesome user interfaces. - At Ericsson I helped build and design a WebRTC, P2P video chat client (back in 2012, when this technology was just landing in browsers), and worked on a few other big projects. - At Handelsbanken I built responsive templates for their new customer facing sites. - At Kambi I helped build an advanced mobile-first, responsive javascript app – one of the first of its kind. It's running on both mobile web, desktop and packaged as iOS & Android apps.

Aug 2011 - Jan 2012

Capgemini consultant at Skatteverket

Interaction designer/Web developer

Interaction design and web development for the TINA project.


Sep 2010 - Jan 2012



Consultant focusing on the public sector. I mainly worked with front-end development and design. Java was the most common tool around there, but I also used Drupal, WordPress and tried to dig into mobile development and some other cool web stuff when I got the chance.


Feb 2011 - Jun 2011


Developer - Capgemini consultant

The project built an application for searching and viewing examination results from hospitals in the Zealand region in Denmark. The application, an XDS Consumer, connects to a central repository and displays information on examination for a specific patient. There were high demands on security, ease of use, stability and performance. I was responsible for user interface design and implementation. I designed prototypes and carried out workshops with the end users, and also developed parts of the server-side application, for example single sign-on with JAAS/Kerberos and audit logging. All this I accomplished with these fine tools: GWT, SmartGWT, Java EE, EJB3, git, Maven, JBoss and Eclipse for development. Photoshop, Notepad++ and HTML/CSS/jQuery for design and prototyping. The project used Agile, Scrum-like methodologies.


Sep 2010 - Dec 2010


Designer/web developer - Molnmyndigheten (In-house project)

An in-house Proof of Concept project, where we developed a service platform for the Swedish public sector. The most visual end result is the site I did interaction and graphic design which I then implemented after I set up the Drupal installation that powers the site. Also did some work on SSO and electronic ID that didn't make it into the site.

Aug 2009 - Aug 2010

Byteactive AB

Technical marketeer

Continued work on BaQup as interaction designer, implementation of a new company website, some other web development stuff, project management, test management, sales support and a lot of other stuff. At a startup, you have to be able to do all sorts of things.

Jan 2009 - Jun 2009

Byteactive AB

Master Thesis Student

I did a lot of usability, interaction design and requirements work on the backup client BaQup.

Jul 2005 - Dec 2007

Uppsala Universitet


In charge of course evaluations for the STS engineering program.


2004 - 2009

Uppsala universitet

Master of Science, Sociotechnical systems engineering

2008 - 2008

University of Melbourne

Exchange studies, IT, Management

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