Eric Hannah

IT Sales Leader, Startup Builder, Corporate Trainer and Team Builder

Boston, MA

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I believe in the power of people and technology. I've spent 15+ years providing IT solutions to businesses to be more operational efficient and accelerate their business. Technology should not be a burden or cost center to a business but a highly contributing business unit to products and services. Focus Areas for IT Services and Solutions: - Traditional compute, networking, and storage - High Performance Compute (HPC) and AI/ML workflows - Data Protection and IT Resilience: Backup, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity - Cybersecurity: Firewall, Ransomware protection, IAM, Encryption, etc. - Cloud Solutions for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud - Fractional CIO and IT Leadership - IT Administration Services - Data Center hosting services Client Accomplishment Highlights: - Fortune 250 Pharma: Backup modernization saving 35% in 3 years, improved service levels, and targeting AWS cloud - Boston Pharma: Centralized and automated instrumentation data workflow including primary storage, HPC, and backup - VC Backed Pharma: Automated and improved data protection of computational Chemistry and computational Biology workflows - Private Biotech Firm: Data protection modernization improving SLAs of data storage and backup from on-premise to Microsoft Azure - Academic Research University: Data protection modernization to handle PBs of research data from on-premise to Microsoft Azure - MA Based Pharma: Increased IT Resilience, protection from ransomware, and application uptime - Chicago Hedge Fund: Meeting data protection compliance requirements leveraging AWS - Chicago Investment Management Co: Increase IT Resilience for improved application uptime, availability and security - Kentucky Healthcare Organization: Modernize both data protection and data recovery services enterprise wide In this experience in selling B2B, leading sales teams, and being a part of high growth companies, I uncovered a passion for strong leadership, teamwork, collaboration, and corporate culture which lead me to cofound a company to help people work better together.

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Work experience

Jun 2021 - Present

Pennant Networks

Sales Director

Technology should not be looked at by the business as a cost center or overhead. It should be seen as a mission critical and contributing business unit to drive better decisions and revenue. Pennant believes technology should accelerate and improve the way we do business. We work for our clients day in and day out to accomplish these goals.

Jan 2020 - Present

Amplified Team Training


At Amplified, we believe in the power of the team! Our mission is to unlock the value of your most valuable asset - your people! We provide the most engaging, unique, and fun way to train your teams to better listen, collaborate, and work together. Use cases include: Executive leadership training DEI Training Customer Engagement training New Hire Onboarding Merging teams (M&A activity) General Team Building We will customize a curriculum to tackle your biggest people and culture challenge!


Jun 2020 - Dec 2020


Vice President of Sales


Dec 2017 - Jun 2020


Regional Account Manager (Acquired by Rubrik Dec 2020)

Igneous delivers PB+ scale visibility, backup, archive, and data management for unstructured data to the cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP). Take the simple steps to understand your PBs of data, billions of files, and easily apply a modern, enterprise, cloud based backup and archive strategy to lower cost. Available on AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace, and GCP.


Feb 2012 - Jan 2017


Enterprise Account Manager and Director of Sales (Acquired by HPE July 2021)


Feb 2011 - Jan 2012


Enterprise Account Manager

2010 - Jan 2011


Manager of Channels - Central US and EMEA (Acquired by Netapp Jan 2011)


Jun 2006 - Jan 2010


Corporate Account Manager


2003 - 2006

University of Maryland College Park

Bachelor of Arts, Economics

2005 - 2006

Universita de Richmond, Firenze

Italian, International Economics and Business

2002 - 2003

Saint Anselm College


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