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I make it my responsibility to guarantee your data is safe 24/7/365, Support Law Firms, Accounting, Healthcare, Non Profit, Financial Planners and Wealth Management Community Leader (Co Host) @ Happy Neighborhood Project


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Erik Nonaka CEO and Founder Founded ENE Technology Services because we grew to be a Cyber Security business. We educate businesses employees about Phishing and give them training, and we are more about protecting businesses technology.

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Jul 2020 - Present

Happy Neighborhood Project

Community Leader (Co Host)

Happy Neighborhood Project

Jun 2012 - Present

ENE Technology Services

Business Owner

ENE Consulting is a Company that knows how to treat the customer with respect. ENE Consulting will be a company that will help guide the customer to make the correct choice in any of their Technology needs and will stay on top of all new Technology. ENE Consulting is also a reseller of Computers. We sell Desktop and Laptop computers. We will also sell Servers to Medium and Large Businesses. We service all PC's and will be servicing Macs soon. We will connect all PC's and Macs to Wireless network and printer. We will come to your Residence or Business to fix your issue if we are unable the problem over the phone. We also provide training on PC's and Macs. We will come over to your Residence or Business and Train you on the Basic Operations and also on the use of Microsoft Office Suite on your PC's and Macs.

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