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Nov 2019 - Present


VP Engineering


Jan 2018 - Dec 2019

Scale AI

Head of Engineering

Heading Engineering and Product teams at Scale AI. Scale AI is a company with the mission to accelerate development of machine learning applications, starting with problem of creation of ground truth data (data labeling). With the valuation of over $1Bn, Scale AI is the industry leader for processing sensor fusion scenes (Autonomous Vehicles data), general perception data, natural language and other task types. As the Head of Engineering, I am responsible for growing the engineering team, creation of structure and process that are appropriate at various stages of product and team evolution. Have to establish and oversee execution of technical roadmap across multiple teams working on backend, distributed infrastructure in AWS and Google Cloud, web interactive visualization/annotation tools, machine learning and data science features, operational, crowdsource administration frameworks.


Jan 2016 - Dec 2018


Director of Cloud Engineering

I head R&D for Cloudera Cloud division – Altus, which includes PaaS platform and IaaS for data engineering, data analytics, data warehousing in public cloud (AWS, Azure). In this role I • manage multiple engineering teams – backend teams, UI, SRE/DevOps; distributed between 3 sites • developing managed services around multiple Apache projects – Spark, Hive, MR2, Impala services, etc. • working with product org on product definition and strategy • working with sales team • assisting in customer engagements and exec presentation.


Jan 2011 - Dec 2016

Lifecode, Inc.

VP of Research and Development, Co-Founder

Co-founded genomic data analytics company focused on presenting cancer patients with individual-specific list of treatment options. Developed the company from its inception with R&D team of two, into operational commercial entity with over 40 employees; heading engineering, data processing, natural language processing, data analysis and scientific curation teams. Lead design and implementation of • distributed, cloud-based execution framework (AWS: EC2, S3, RDS, SWF; DRMAA, etc) • data versioning and representation (processing pipeline, customized Postgres, schema design) • entity extraction, entity normalization and representation • automatization of logic matching patients to treatment options and clinical trials • genomic data integration (COSMIC, TCGA, Ensembl, MeSH, SNOMED, ClinicalTrials, PDQ, etc) • probabilistic inference of pathogenicity for denovo mutations (proprietary ensemble method) • versioning, release and continuous integration (Gerrit, Jenkins, SonarQube, Git, Jira, etc) • software validation framework compliant with regulatory requirements (CLIA, HIPAA, HITECH) As a member of the founding team raised $20 million in venture funding (Sequoia Capital, Mayo Clinic) and took active part in all aspects of company business development.

Jan 2010 - Dec 2011

Greenplum, EMC

Sr. Computational Scientist

Early member of Greenplum analytics team, developed Greenplum distributed machine learning framework adopting machine learning methods to be optimized for in-database distribution. Implemented the following methods: • timeseries analysis parallelization for financial data • SVD decomposition for low rank representation of complex data • massively parallel clustering algorithms Worked in close collaboration with technical sales team leading technical side of client engagements and pilots. PL/SQL, Java, SQL, C, R


Jan 2009 - Dec 2010


Sr. Computational Scientist

Senior member of bioinformatics team, led the development of algorithms for analysis of various types of biological data and integrating querying logic into NextBio result engine. Developed and implemented algorithms for: • improved biological search engine capabilities • inference on knowledge set represented as a relationship graph • planar embedding of a complex graph for visualization • normalization and cross comparison of microarray tests results • driver mutation inference in cross sample tumor comparison Java, R, Perl, C


Sep 2004 - Jun 2009

Stanford University

Research Assistant

Worked on research projects in several areas of computational biology: • conditional random fields based method for ancestry inference from microarray data • graph density based tools for discovery of regulatory motifs based on DNA homology • statistical method for identifying drug retargeting candidates base on expression data


Apr 2004 - Feb 2005


Software Engineer

Worked on development of Voltage Security Cryptographic Kit, which was used to provide email security solution based on asymmetric identity-based encryption algorithm. Implemented necessary framework to take cryptographic algorithms through FIPS certification.

Jan 2002 - Jan 2004

US Marine Corps

Infantry Assault Section Leader

Served as a part of anti-terrorism quick reaction force for US FEMA region 9. Goal of the mission was to be a quick response team to deter planned or respond to on-going incidents involving vital parts of US infrastructure. Served as an assault section leader, part of Regimental Combat Team 1 (RTC-1) in the early stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Took part in planning and execution of multiple combat operations during our path of advance towards Baghdad.

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