Frank Pape

Vice President, Global Business Development & Carrier Relations at Twilio Inc.

Redmond, WA

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Proven business, strategy, operations, production leader, and ecosystem builder, with 25 years of games industry, platform/OS, and cloud business and corporate development experience, including pivotal business, operations, production, and program management roles at the top three leading games publishers (Activision, EA, and Microsoft), and two of the leading cloud companies (Microsoft and Twilio). Superlative content and development talent scout -- discovered/negotiated/signed five Game of the Year winners (Quake II, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, and Gears of War 1 & 2). Win-win negotiator -- signed hundreds of profit-generating development and licensing deals for games and tech across all platforms and drove acquisitions of numerous ROI-positive development studios, including Digital Illusions, Lionhead, BigPark, and PlayFab, and divested Bungie from Microsoft. Decisive operations leader and process driver — created and instantiated Microsoft’s global resource and investment allocation process (DWR) for all key development decisions. Charismatic, consistent, and trustworthy business, operations, and production leader -- responsible for creating/developing/releasing 300+ AAA game titles on next-gen platforms, and magnetizing thousands of customers to Microsoft Azure, Windows, and Twilio’s CPaaS, while building thriving, motivated, diverse, loyal, and enviable teams.

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Jul 2019 - Present

Twilio Inc.

Vice President, Global Business Development & Carrier Relations

Responsible for global business development, corporate development, strategy, partnerships, and carrier relations for Twilio, the world’s leading cloud communications company for business. Managing a globally-distributed team of 50+ staff to ensure that Twilio remains the top CPaaS on the planet.


Nov 2017 - Jul 2019


Partner Dev Network/Head of Business Development & Ops, Azure Engineering

Responsible for building the Global Dev Network, as well as, the processes and engagement model, for Microsoft’s Azure Engineering org (CSE). CSE Codes With dev partners and top-tier companies to unblock technical business problems and move to and/or deepen Azure integration. In charge of operations and implementing the Free-to-Fee business model with our dev partners, as well as, with Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS). Responsible for driving Digital Transformation Partnerships for Microsoft. Implemented contractual process change across CSE globally. Identified the need for and drove the creation of an Attribution/ROI Model with which to measure the success of CSE’s Code With engagements.


Dec 2016 - Nov 2017


Head of Cloud Gaming

Head of Cloud Gaming, December 2016-November 2017. Recruited by the XBOX GM, Cloud Gaming to both lead development of and partnerships for Microsoft’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) for games and to create and grow the MS cloud gaming ecosystem. The MS PaaS will consolidate a comprehensive fabric of Azure services for console, PC, and mobile developers. Global responsibilities include: developer acquisition, retention, and monetization, as well as, partner management, business development and strategic M&A. In charge of partner and business strategy and drive collaboration on product definition and execution of the features that drive our cloud gaming service across console, PC, and mobile platforms. Responsible for end-to-end delivery of innovative partners and services for cloud gaming, structuring and mobilizing the team/v-team to deliver continuous cloud innovation, and collaboratively interacting with business and technology leaders across XBOX, Azure, Windows & Devices Group (WDG), 3PP, ATG, CSE, Store, and the worldwide games industry. Drove the corporate acquisition of PlayFab, the industry-leading PaaS (Platform as a Service) company for Microsoft Studios. This critical M&A deal was approved by Satya Nadella (MS CEO) and closed on 1/29/18, following 6+ months of negotiation. PlayFab will be the backbone of xCloud, launching in 2020.

Apr 2014 - Dec 2016

Microsoft Corporation

Head of Global Apps Business Development & Operations

Recommended by CVP, MS Business Development Division (DX) to lead a world-class apps strategy and business development team. This team is responsible for Microsoft’s global, platform-wide apps strategy, planning, process, business development, and end-to-end P&L. Managing against a multi-million dollar budget this FY, my team’s charter is to build Microsoft’s worldwide apps portfolio for all platforms (Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Win32, Windows Phone, XBOX 360, XBOX 1, Azure, and Office). Driving significant change across the Business Development Division in the first year alone, I’ve services-oriented and laser-focused DX on identifying and landing the top apps that generate both significant consumer OS and device adoption and shareholder ROI. My team is motion-based, targeting Games, Media, Social Media, B2C, Productivity, and Devices. Thus far in FY16, we’re not only ahead of plan, but also, we’re signing the key apps needed for Microsoft to grow market share and win in this critical space.


Jul 2010 - Apr 2014


Studio Manager, Windows 8 Games

Directly responsible for 1st-party publishing for Windows 8. This includes P&L ownership, production, strategic direction, business, licensing, project management, cross-group collaboration, financial oversight, corporate development oversight, and all OEM partnerships. Managed a self-contained, multi-functional, publishing team of 50+ individuals tasked with delivering a large portfolio of AAA titles for the launch of Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and beyond. Responsible for managing 60+ external developers, in addition to the internal team. The majority of our future portfolio will release simultaneously on other platforms, such as, WP and/or the web, and we have already released three cross-platform Windows 8/WP titles. The titles in my portfolio employ multiple business models, ranging from DTO to PDLC to F2P/ad-based. Thus far, my team has launched more than 100 titles into the Windows Store, with 21 of them reaching #1 overall on either the Top Paid or Top Free charts and all of them breaking into the top 25. My team's titles comprised 30% of the top 25 (with over 21,000 games in the Windows Store). The all-up, three-year expected revenue is over $250M. Currently, the Casual Games Studio which I created generates over $100M annually with over 10M MAU.


Jun 2009 - Jul 2010


Senior Director, XBOX LIVE Games

Recruited by CVP of MGS to manage the XBOX LIVE Games organization. Responsible for WW production, development, strategic planning, business development, operations, content licensing, and business management. Portfolio consisted of multiple AAA titles with significant revenue expectations. Managed an internal team of 150+ and three external teams totaling around 500, based in Redmond, Montreal, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Created, designed, produced, and managed Game Room (launched March 24th, 2010) for XBOX Live and Games for Windows LIVE. Member of the XBOX LIVE Leadership Team. Sourced, negotiated, and signed several major WW licensed titles for XBOX Live as well.

Jan 2003 - Jan 2010

Independent Game Developers Association (IGDA)

Board Member

Member of the BoD for the IGDA


Nov 2007 - Jun 2009


Senior Director, Platform Business Development & Operations

Hired by CVP to centralize and manage WW business development, operations, product marketing, licensing, strategic planning, and management for the LIVE Software and Services Group (LSSG). Consolidated the platform business development function for all of LSSG, including: XBOX Live, XNA (tools and tech), Games for Windows Live, and XBOX Platform Software. Responsible for all investment decisions, portfolio and franchise planning, content licensing, product acquisition and management, developer targeting, internal due diligence, business modeling, and corporate development for LSSG. Member of the VP/GM Leadership Team that oversaw the 700+ LSSG staff members. Sourced and acquired Portal: Still Alive, 1 vs. 100, South Park, Joyride, et al. Drove M&A for several AAA developers, ranging from BigPark to Budcat.


Nov 2002 - Nov 2007


Senior Director, Business and Product Development

Hired to reorganize and manage WW business development, product planning, account management, strategic and portfolio planning, budgeting, and licensing for Microsoft Game Studios (MGS). Managed a team of 30. Promoted twice in this role. In charge of portfolio planning, product targeting, due diligence (development, sales, marketing, financial, and legal), product acquisition, operations, budgeting and P&L responsibility, franchise management, as well as, IP management and content licensing. Sales and marketing liaison – owner of all franchise planning and sales and marketing collaboration for current and prospective franchises. Sourced and acquired such successful titles as: Project Gotham Racing (2-4), Zoo Tycoon: CC, Zoo Tycoon 2, Rise of Nations, Rise of Legends, Mass Effect, Gears of War (1-3), Crackdown, Fable 2, Too Human, Marvel MMO, Alan Wake, as well as, sequels and expansion packs for many of the properties listed below. Oversaw the franchise planning for and account management of more than two dozen titles, including: Halo, Project Gotham Racing, Forza, Age of Empires, Gears of War, Banjo, Perfect Dark, Pinata, Shadowrun, Midtown Madness, Rallisport Challenge, Crackdown, Rise of Nations, Dungeon Siege, Zoo Tycoon, MechAssault, Unreal Championship 2, Counter-strike, Fable, Vanguard, Sudeki, Voodoo Vince, Halo Wars, Jade Empire, Pinata Party, SceneIt?, the Marvel MMO, et al. In charge of all IP management and content licensing for MGS (e.g., Marvel, Ferrari, Lamborghini). Responsible for driving corporate valuations of prospective developer acquisitions. Drove the acquisition of Lionhead Studios, as well as, the “dis-integration” of FASA and Bungie Studios. Member of the GM Leadership Team. Member of Games 4 Windows team, tasked with reinvigorating the Windows platform. In charge of “best practices” in business development, process management, legal interfacing, and marketing integration across MGS. The titles above have generated over $5B in net revenue.

Dec 1997 - Nov 2002

Electronic Arts (EA)

Director, Business and Product Development

Founded EA’s first acquisitions and external development group, MI6, based at EA Seattle and EA Canada. Integrated MI6 into EA World and managed all aspects of this group, from budgeting and scheduling to oversight and personnel management. Member of EAC’s Executive Committee which provided oversight for EAC and EAS. Transitioned MI6 into EA Distribution (now EA Partners) based at EA Redwood Shores (EARS) in 2000. Established EA as a major WW player in product acquisitions. Routinely interfaced with senior staff to finalize acquisitions. Responsible for all facets of product acquisition, production, and sales and marketing liaising, including: all corporate communication with developers; industry research and acquisition targeting; all internal due diligence (WW review, sales forecasting, quarterly WW sales presentations, marketing support, financial modeling, and contract and budget approval); deal term negotiation; drafting of legal documents; in-bound licensing; and relationship maintenance. Responsible for acquisition of, and in many instances, production oversight on the following: Deer Hunt Challenge (PC), Ultimate Hunt Challenge (PC and Add-On), Rushdown (PSX), Street Sk8er (PSX), Street Sk8er 2 (PSX), Need for Speed:V-Rally 2 (PSX), Championship Bass (PSX and PC), James Bond: 007 Racing (PSX), Kessen (PS2), Lord of the Rings: Two Towers (GBA), Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (GBA), Battlefield 1942 (PC/PC Add-On), Battlefield 2 (PC), Freedom Fighters: (PS2, Xbox, and PC), Ty the Tasmanian Tiger (PS2, GC, Xbox, and GBA), SSX: Tricky (GBA), and James Bond: Nightfire (GBA). Assisted in the negotiation for the Lord of the Rings, James Bond, and Harry Potter licenses. The cited titles have generated $2.2B in net revenue for EA on sales of over 65M units. Received the 1999 Award of Excellence. Guest speaker at two GDCs.


Apr 1996 - Dec 1997


Business Development Executive

Responsible for the targeting of, due diligence for, and negotiation and acquisition of videogame publishing rights for the PC, Saturn, PSX, N64, and GB. Collaborated with sales and marketing VPs daily. Discovered and acquired numerous titles, including: Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (PSX/PC), Car and Driver presents: Grand Tour Racing ’98 (PSX), Nightmare Creatures (PSX/N64/PC), Tenchu (PSX), Activision Classics (PSX), Intellivision Classics (PSX), Star Trek: Hidden Evil (PC), and assisted with acquisition of Quake II (PC/PSX/N64). These titles generated over $350M in net revenue on sales of 15MM units. Licensed Car and Driver and assisted with Star Trek. Director/Designer of Grand Tour Racing.


Jan 1995 - Jun 1995

The White House

Advance Staff, White House Scheduling and Advance Department

Acted as White House Liaison for domestically and internationally-based Advance Staff. Responsible for obtaining diplomatic passports and international visas for overseas personnel. Worked closely with Advance Team, White House Security, and Secret Service to ensure highest level of Presidential security and preparedness. Responsible for drafting Presidential correspondence regarding diplomatic visits. Consulted routinely with White House Chief of Staff, White House Security Director, Secret Service Presidential Attaché, and Presidential Trip Director.


1993 - 1995

George Washington University

M.A., International Affairs

Master of Arts in International Affairs from George Washington University

1993 - 1995

George Washington University

M.B.A., Business/International Business

MBA from George Washington University

1985 - 1989

Stanford University

B.A., International Relations

Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Stanford

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