Gil Plotnizky

Vice President Of Business Development at InfoBionic, Inc.

Boca Raton, FL

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I am passionate about technology and how it is transforming healthcare services for the patient. For 20+ years now my mission has been to accelerate the adoption of remote patient monitoring solutions with health care providers. I am most interested and knowledgeable on the potential clinical value of modern affordable monitoring devices and with transforming those devices from just pure technology to a usable, holistic solution that directly improves patient health. My work experience and technology background alongside with my volunteer work at various NGO’s - assisting patients with complex medical conditions, fuel my aspiration to bring a positive impact using digital health care technology to the world. Telemedicine and the Homecare arena are clearly among the fastest growing markets in the healthcare industry, due to the high percentage of aging, chronically ill, bedridden and disabled people. I have gained in-depth understanding of the clinical and management needs of patients, physicians and service providers in correlation to current regulation and reimbursement including: Clinical aspects Technology and sensors Data analysis and clinical support decision making systems and platforms Regulation and reimbursement Patient management Remote patient-physician management Mobile applications Remote patient monitoring with passive and active technology ECG algorithm analysis technologies, e.g. embedded, back end, and cloud-based Back end and cloud-based management solutions, e.g. clinical and administrative Cardiology monitoring centers and IDTF models

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Apr 2021 - Present

InfoBionic, Inc.

Vice President Of Business Development

2019 - Present


Intelehealthcare is multi-faceted business led by MD’s and Telehealth specialists with over 75 years of combined experience. Intelehealthcare is focusing on the infrastructure, commercialization, and sales/marketing of remote patient monitoring solutions. Today, the chronically ill patients and elderly contribute to increasing healthcare costs due to underdiagnoses, severe comorbidities and home health services. The current need for Remote Patient Monitoring solutions is rapidly groewing to the point that they will be absolutely required. We're already seeing the appearance of reimbursement codes for these types of engagements with patients. Intelehealthcare offers providers highly reliable and easy-to-use technologies, and monitoring services to allow the elderly and chronically ill populations to age comfortably at home. Early detection of abnormalities by passive remote patient technologies enables the initiation of intervention with a focus on hastening response in real time (24/7) and delaying deterioration of their health and activities of daily living. In some cases, these may even improve their health status both physically and psychologically.

Sep 2015 - Present

A.Y. Electronics

Executive Vice President Innovation Technologies and Strategic Projects

A.Y. Electronics Ltd., VP Strategic Projects and Technology AY Electronic is an Israeli international supply chain Solutions Company operated over 35 years, founded in 1980 By Mr. Arik Rod. AY Electronics is a leading one-stop shop for both contract manufacture and a complete range of supply chain services with over 350 employees providing A-Z services including: New product introduction, Sourcing and Manufacturing. • Discovering and exploring for new business opportunities in the USA, EU and Japan. • Screening potential business deals by analyzing market strategies, deal requirements, potential, and financials. • Developing negotiating strategies of new ventures with company strategies and potential partners' needs and goals. • Structuring & negotiating deals, partnering with the Technical and Legal team. • Leading due-diligence activities and capital investment deal-flow for early stage investments focusing non invasive medical devices / e-Health / Remote patient monitoring technologies

Sep 2007 - Present

Remote Patient Monitoring and E-Health Consulting

- Artificial Intelligence (AI) autonomous homecare system: The Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine that will revolutionize the Internet of Things (IoT), starting with aged-care at homes and assisted living. The System ensures the home users to have peace of mind by knowing aged loved ones are alright as they maintain their independence, living in their own home. - Research & Product Development services for, US based monitoring centers designing of hybrid ECG telemetry / diagnostic device and ECG algorithm analysis software both embedded and back office platform for Arrhythmia, Ischemia and Apnea. - Sleep Monitoring autonomous, contact-free digital health solutions: The system measures heart and breathing rate, heart-rate-variability, sleep stages and movement activity in real time. It also provides ballistocardiography heart and breathing waveform for diagnosing of obstructive sleep apnea or atrial fibrillation. All this from simply from bed, installed under the mattress. It works automatically and autonomously over the Internet. - The Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Department of Molecular Pharmacology, Business consultant for the department and office of the Israeli chief scientist projects. - Developing the Point4Care highly professional monitoring medical systems to cater to the needs of the elderly, frail, disabled and chronically ill patients, who require long term care. The company will focus on continuous monitoring medical systems and patient data management solutions for the hospitals, nursing homes and home care arena. - Home Care and Telemedicine: In depth understanding of the chronic diseases and elderly & disable patient ecosystems including: Clinical, Financial, Services, Remote monitoring, Call center, Medical devices, Active & Passive patient monitoring. - Start-Up companies and business models: clinical studies, capital investments, marketing strategy and due-diligence for private investment groups

Jan 2007 - Present

Health Care Consultant and Personalized Medicine

Service highlight: Patient Case Management Services by collecting the patient data, supporting collaboration and comprehensive understanding of the medical case, that goes beyond a single examination or incident. The service collects extensive examination and incident documentation involving diagnosis, recommended treatment, actual procedures, medication, rehabilitation, assisting devices and all associated data. The service aims to provide all data require guidelines and "Road Map" to reduce stress and confusion both for the patient and family in particularly when require multidisciplinary teams. Cancer treatment using Stem-cells and Immunotherapy methods Providing clinical application of innovative moralities based on immunotherapy and other personalized and tumor-targeted approaches for the treatment of patients diagnosed with cancer, included, known to be resistant to conventional anti-cancer moralities, always at risk of recurrent disease, unlikely to be cured by any of the conventional anti-cancer agents. Our methods focus on using clinical and investigation approach: 1. Conventional tumor debulking modalities (surgery, conventional chemotherapy etc.) 2. Application of innovative yet experimental moralities focusing on the use of combinations combined with allogeneic cell therapy with in vitro activated anti-cancer alloreactive effector cells, metronomic treatment, tumor cell vaccine, bone marrow transplant etc. 3. Molecular Profiling / Proteomic analysis perform by leading clinical laboratory using state-of-the-art technologies for a wide range of diagnostic procedures. Personalized medicine characterize the details both patient and tumor specific.

Jan 2010 - Nov 2012

Globmedic Ltd.

Partner & Manager Director

Globmedic Health Services specializes in health tourism to Israel. The company has vast experience in providing medical services, including medical evacuation and professional opinions on all medical problems.

Jan 2003 - Sep 2007

SERG Medical LTD.

Co-Founder and Manager Director

- Delivers high-scale healthcare projects and designs business models. These include medical center design, construction and equipment procurement for turnkey projects and e-health state-of-the-art technologies for healthcare organizations and governments worldwide. - Establishing and upgrading of medical centers and clinics - Designing of business models for establishing and operating of: o Hemodialysis centers o Radiology centers o Oncology centers o Privatization government / public own hospitals medical services - E-Health design programs to cater national healthcare services, HMOs and military medical corps with highly effective tools for reaching out to its people nationwide: an electronic medical record, personal medical card and telemedicine services for each and every citizen. This will have a great impact on medical services and national healthcare systems everywhere. - Concept and Design of Point4CareTM – The Quick Medical Checkup Services. a service dedicated to bringing technical and clinical solutions to the occupational health services, emergency care, remote and rural clinics worldwide. Point4CareTM healthcare solutions provide the latest up-to-date medical checkup and follow-up services to employees, members and customers; it gives organizations highly effective tools for reaching out to the members and serving their health needs. Point4CareTM offers companies and organizations with a powerful new medical checkup using state-of-the-art medical and telemedicine technologies; follow-up services for chronically ill patients; electronic medical records; and personal medical cards for use during emergencies or trips. - SERG's services were performed to cater governments, international organizations, NGO's, international companies in third world and developing countries covering south East Asia, West Africa, Eastern Europe, South and Central America.

Feb 2002 - Dec 2002

Project managment

Tele Mental Health, Trauma and Disaster Intervention project

Tele Mental Health, Trauma and Disaster Intervention project: Design of a unique propriety Mobile Trauma Unit (MTU) and management center for supervision, trauma management and education in emergency needs e.g. War, Terror attacks, natural and human-made disasters etc. to cater the population needs in real time. The project goal was to identify and provide on-site care, in real time for the population which suffers from Acute PTSD and to decrease the number of Chronic PTSD cases.


Nov 1997 - Feb 2002

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Regional Manager - Telemedicine & International Health Department

Jan 1995 - Nov 1997

A.P.G. Medical Communication


- Telemedicine and e-Health consultation services to international organizations, third world and developing countries - Business development and mulch-center clinical trials services for medical diagnostic and telemedicine device companies in the -

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