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São Paulo, BR


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I help small companies understand their finances, explaining concepts and structuring models and analyses to help informed decision making. I have also structured People departments in SME, with management 3.0 and agile inspirations.

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Aug 2020 - Present



Acting independantly with entrepreneurs and financial areas in Startups, worked on : 1. Financial planning 2. Accounting 3. Operational efficiency 4. Pricing 5. Organizational Design Some clients include Lett.Digital, Soham Saúde Integrada and Geekhunter.

Feb 2015 - Present

Business Training Company


BTC aims to accelerate career progress for high potentials, by offering an executive education program for graduates from top universities. Instructor for 1. Corporate Finance and Valuation (15h) 2. Financial Analyses (9h) 3. Excel & Business Program (40h) 4. Business Modeling (6h)


Jun 2019 - Apr 2021


Head of Finance

Founded in 2013 eduK is an online learnig platform that offers courses and tools so that people can learn, improve and invest in their passions. EduK has a free live broadcasting as well as an exclusive catalog, with over 2,000 courses in areas such as Gastronomy, Crafts, Photography, Business, Fashion, Beauty and more, taught by renowed market experts. In 2016 it was considered the most innovative company in Latin America by Fast Company Magazine. As Head of Finance in a Holocratic organisation I have had many roles. Currently I am responsible for all things in Finance, Administration and Legal. My main achievements were developing a new business plan that is helping guide the company into profitability. I have also coordinated the efforts of relocation of our office, renegotiated payment fees, as well as reaped tax benefits with savings over R$ 1.5 kk per year.


Mar 2018 - Feb 2019


Head of People & Office

ClickBus exists to facilitate the connection between people and their destinations. It is the platform which provides the best experience on bus trips, from the purchase and beyond. I have worked with HR for around 3 years. In this time period we have developed the career and compensation plan for the whole company. Following this, we implemented self and top-down evaluation (using nothing more than excel), and tied this to our company values as well as expected behaviors and technical knowledge. The evaluation became the official trigger for merit-based raises and promotions. We have also implemented an education assistance program, with good effect on morale. Later the focus shiffted to structuring the recruiting department, bringing top performers for technical and analytical roles, as well as some very high profile positions. We also started developing our Employer Branding and working on training and developing our employees.


Oct 2014 - Mar 2018


Finance, Human Resources, Customer Service, Facilities & Procurement Manager

FINANCE 1. Financial and Tax Planning 2. Cash Flow Management 3. Billing and Collection 4. Monthly Budget 5. Miscelaneous Excel Models 6. Payment Solution Management and Optimization 7. Investors Relations 8. Bookkeepping and Accounting CUSTOMER SERVICE & OPERATIONS 9. Customer Care 10. Operations 11. Telesales HUMAN RESOURCES & OTHER 12. Strategic Human Resources 13. Facilities 14. Procurement 15. Legal

Jul 2013 - Jul 2014



Estáter is a M&A advisory boutique, focused on large complex transactions. 1. M&A 2. Financial engineering 3. Operations of investment fund 4. Merchant banking

Oct 2012 - Mar 2013

Hypermarcas S/A

Strategical Planning Analyst

Brazil's largest consumer goods and pharmaceutical company. 1. Commercial planning 2. Corporate inteligence 3. Internal consultancy

Mar 2012 - Oct 2012

Ambriex S/A Importação e Comércio


1. Business turnaround 2. Diagnosis, benchmark and field research 3. Solution implementation

Jul 2011 - Jan 2012

Tanque de Provas Numérico (TPN-USP)

Internship in Naval Architecture

1. 3D computer models 2. Computational integrity analyses

Oct 2010 - May 2011

Escola Politécnica da USP

President of CEN

1. Negotiation and organization of events 2. Bringing partners and sponsors



Master of Business Administration in Finance - Focus on Corporate Finance, Finance

Business Training Company

Business Administration and Management, General

Escola Politécnica da USP

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.), Maritime Engineering

Colegio Visconde de Porto Seguro

Primeiro Grau

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