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Co-founder & CTO at Brigit


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Building a better financial world for the people who need it the most.

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Sep 2017 - Present


Co-founder & CTO & CDO

Brigit is a financial health platform helping everyday Americans relieve stress today, start saving for tomorrow and permanently transform their financial futures by getting them on the path the better financial wellness. We're protecting the 100M hardworking Americans who live paycheck to paycheck from predatory financial services, and empowering them will tools and financial products to save them money and bring them much needed stability.


Jun 2016 - Sep 2017

Two Sigma

Software Engineer/Engineering Manager

Hands on engineering manger for small team building research tools. Focused on delivering incremental value by running tightly scoped 4 month projects (2-3 at a time) with rapid iteration and constant customer feedback. Solutions varied from big data analysis tools, to python analysis libraries to workflow automation tools and aimed to increase efficiency in the research process. Emphasized a partnership model with customers by focusing on deep understanding of workflows and trust in order to deliver the best solution to them. Also invested significantly in improving our in house Spark infrastructure and performed architecture review for projects across my engineering group. Skills: Apache Spark, Java/Scala, Python, Architecture


Dec 2015 - May 2016

Bloomberg LP

Senior Software Engineer

Helped architect and developed a new Spark Infrastructure platform for real time analytics backing the Bloomber Terminal. Data was sourced across various open source and proprietary data and streaming sources. Contributed to Spark HBase connector. Skills: Apache Spark, Spring, Architecture


Jul 2014 - Nov 2015

Palantir Technologies

Forward Deployed Engineer

Technical Lead for teams (4-12 people) at large CPG (consumer packaged goods) and retail bank clients. Helped to deliver analytic systems from the ground up and used those systems to perform analyses and build models on terabyte sized customer datasets. Interesting solutions involved working with transaction/account data for millions of customers to estimate income/default risk at one bank and using detailed historical sales data to perform geo-targeted marketing for a CPG company. Used a plethora of different open source databases, distributed computing and data science solutions (Postgres, Hadoop, Spark, Sk-learn, etc) and interacted with various enterprise data warehouses. Employed a variety of machine learning techniques to solve modeling problems (eg. linear regressions, logistic regressions, random forests, gradient boosted regression trees). Skills: Data analysis, machine learning, modeling and prediction, Apache Spark, Hadoop, Amazon Web Services, team leadership, devops


May 2012 - Jul 2014

Palantir Technologies

Platform Software Engineer

Worked on Palantir Configuration Server and began development of its replacement, Palantir Deployment Manager. Both were essentially tools for the deployment and management of distributed systems. Gained experience in the design and coordination of a new product with a cross-team use case. Learned valuable lessons regarding collaboration in small and medium size teams which are spread across the country. Briefly worked as a Quality/Simulations engineer, building out test infrastructure and testing out the Palantir Finance platform. Skills: Java, Python, Bash, Javascript, Spring

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