Igor Barbashin

Senior Frontend Developer at gradient.io

Vancouver, CA

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Igor comes up with ideas and brings them to life. Being in the web for 12+ years he has worked on countless projects as a full-stack and front-end developer. Igor is passionated about user-centred approach when building interfaces and often likes to try himself as a designer. He also plays in a band called Mngwa and always learning something new.

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Work experience

Sep 2019 - Present

Senior Frontend Developer

- Designing the product UI/UX - Developing UI using react (hooks, graphql) - Setting up automated project linting and formatting - Writing and maintaining automatic E2E tests using cypress

Jan 2019 - Present

Software Developer

- Leading the frontend development and maintenance of a large react/redux project (500+ components, Ruby-on-Rails RESTful backend, automated static site generation using Middleman) - Following agile methodology in working with product manager, project manager and the backend team (sprints, daily scrum, feature discovery and estimation, tracking progress and communicating using Pivotal Tracker) - Migrating printable document generation from wkhtmltopdf to Headless Chrome - Prototyped, designed and built a custom mobile-first e-commerce webapp using React, CSS-in-JS, Hooks api, Node.js and GraphQL. - Covering code with unit tests using Jest - Building UI components using React - Using git for source control - Conducting code reviews and providing feedback on code quality and reuse - Integrating with RESTful cloud-based services using Node.js - Pair programming with team members on frontend and backend Clients include: Fresh Tracks Canada, Pure Diamond, Zhivov Law, Federal Gemological Laboratory

Aug 2018 - Jan 2019

Front End Engineer

Aug 2018 - Jan 2019

Front End Engineer

- Working in a group of 10+ designers and developers to define, prototype and build the features for the flagship company product (Chrome extension, React/Redux, Redux-saga, SASS, integration with Ethereum blockchain) - Contributing to CryptoKitties project (the largest game on Ethereum blockchain) - Leading the weekly company-wide javascript meeting. Organizing agenda, preparing topics for discussion, making notes and sharing minutes in the development repository - Setting up development tool chains with automated code quality checks and formatting (ESlint, Prettier). - Mentoring a junior developer on React and application architecture - Reviewing and assessing hiring test-assignments - Using git for source control - Writing E2E tests (smoke/regression testing) - Building a design system of reusable and accessible UI components - Using redux-saga for managing side-effects - Performed code reviews

Jun 2015 - Jun 2018

Senior Frontend Developer

- Using React and Redux on medium and large projects (>500 components) - Using advanced CSS techniques (Sass, BEM, Animations, SVG) for building rich, scalable, accessible UI systems - Initiating and facilitating migration to modern JS practices and tools (ES5 -> ES6, Angular1 -> React, Grunt -> Webpack, Unit testing, E2E testing, npm) - Writing E2E tests using Selenium and Cypress - Replaced a 3rd-party thumbnail service with a custom solution that increased stability, removed dev downtime and added customizability for the benefit of the whole development team - Introduced functional-light programming principles to the team - Using Docker for continuous integration and unified development environment sharing - Assisting students at workshops as TA - Developing an atomic UI design system comprising of 100+ elements to be used as building blocks for a custom Java-based CMS - Giving a talk at the React Vancouver meetup with 150+ attendance (Styling in React) - Leading a company-wide weekly javascript meetings (5-10 developers attending). Preparing agenda, making notes, exploring new technology and sharing best practices - Organized intro to blockchain talks at the company - Building interactive annual reports using HTML, SCSS and Javascript - Building new and maintaining existing websites built with Wordpress - Setting up the development experience toolkit using Gulp, Webpack - Configuring the build toolchain to unify the development experience and enforcing top code quality and best practices (ESLint, pre-commit/pre-push hooks, Prettier) - Prepared SR/ED claims with a following successful CRA review for work conducted within client and internal projects - Writing documentation

Dec 2010 - Jun 2015

Foldable Studio

Frontend Developer

- Building a business management tool for managing a large inventory of diamonds and jewellery (template-based certificate generation, client/asset management). Designing printable material templates and building the system for automated generation of PDFs. The system has allowed to scale the certificate issuance by 500% and prevent costly re-issuance - Designing, architecting and building a unit conversion mobile app using HTML, CSS, Javascript/Coffeescript and Phonegap - Adopting Docker for containerization and streamlining the development/deployment process - Managing a multi-tenant linux server (setting up permissions, access, CRON jobs, managing running processes) - Designing and building interactive multimedia projects using advanced Google Maps api - Building e-commerce solutions with Authorize.net integration - Designing and building landing pages using HTML, CSS and Javascript - Building interactive map of a neighbourhood for a property developer using HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery - Working with company owners on defining digital strategies and implementing them - Building responsive markup using Bootstrap Clients include: Next Compression, Strad Energy, MJ Logs, Federal Gemological Laboratory, Pure Diamond, Ancor Panama, Creative Cultural Collaborations Society, Zhivov Law, Visualping, Inbound Retargeting Technologies Inc, Canadian Tire, K+S Potash Canada, VanDusen Botanical Garden, Cressey Development Group (Maddox), Granfondo, DTC USA, Simply Elegant Tech: Wordpress, HTML5, CSS, JS, Node.js, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular1, Docker, Coffeescript, Phonegap, Bash/Shell Other skills: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Dec 2009 - Mar 2011

Suitcase Interactive

Frontend Developer

- Converting designs into pixel-perfect responsive markup using HTML, CSS and Javascript to be used with Java-based backends - Integrating existing and building custom jQuery plugins - Building apps using Flash and Actionscript - Building HTML emails for campaigns - Integrating with various web-APIs Clients include: Shaw Business Solutions, Pattison, Jayman, SportChek, Canadian Badlands, Big Rock Brewery, Spruce Meadows Tech: HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, AS3, Joomla, SVN

Dec 2008 - Dec 2009

Lacerta Sign


- Building websites using HTML, CSS, PHP and Drupal - Designing and building a mobile game using Objective-C - Built a collaborative art-project that has engaged 3000+ artists around the world over span of 10 years - Communicating with company owners on strategy and design Tech: Design, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, Amazon S3, Canvas Clients include: Lighting Design Innovations, Marani Wines

Dec 2007 - Dec 2008

Chandran Media


- Maintaining multiple company websites Tech: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP


2001 - 2005

Saratov State Technical University

Computer Programming

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