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Founder & CEO Ciba Health Digital Therapeutics and a virtual care company


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Innocent Clement is the former CEO and Co-Founder of Kaia Health Inc., a digital therapeutic company. He led the Kaia Health initiatives here in the US, including partnerships, clinical trials, regulatory submissions, and expansion across North America. Innocent is a trained physician from both Columbia and Harvard University. In his role as the CEO at Ciba Health, Innocent plans to harness the core competencies of the team members to ensure optimal deployments of their skills and ensure effective and fast execution as he designs, implements, and optimizes business operations to support the company’s overarching goals.

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Oct 2019 - Present

Ciba Health Inc.

Founder & CEO

Ciba Health is a personalized digital therapeutics and virtual care platform. We utilize a precision health approach to treat and reverse chronic conditions while optimizing the physical and mental well-being of our patients


Oct 2015 - Sep 2019

Kaia Health

CEO & Co-Founder

Kaia is a digital therapy company that uses AI to treat chronic back pain non-invasively we improve care and reduce costs by providing digital therapy access to the most effective back pain therapy. Patients journey are distorted by lack of transparency and inadequate treatments. The effective yet costly multi modal therapy is available to only few patients. Kaia enables a guideline oriented therapy with early stratification of chronification risk for patients and payers. We provide digital access to the multi modal therapy for every patient in need via the Kaia app - a CE-certified medical product.

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