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Executive Leadership in Artificial Intelligence | Data Transformation | Conversational AI | NLP

London, GB


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I am an innovative, analytical information technology professional with extensive history in successful software development, architecture, and management. I consistently motivate others toward goal acquisition and high achievement, thus constructing a professional environment dedicated to success. I offer optimum time management skills and an acute ability to streamline processes accomplishing maximum efficiency. I possess outstanding skills of critical analysis and problem solving. I have keen leadership and meticulous organisation. I am able to successfully multitask and thrive in a challenging and competitive market. My dynamic interpersonal skills and fluency in eleven languages offer me a unique edge for achieving advantageous interfacing across a broad cultural demographic. Some specific areas in which I excel include: strategic and analytical planning, machine learning and data analysis, software architecture, team construction, budget management, creative resolutions, project management, and business enhancement. I hold a solid educational background with a Ph.D. in Machine Learning from the University of Toronto, recent specialisations on Data Science and Machine Learning from Coursera and Udacity. Areas of Expertise include: * Machine Learning * Deep Learning * Statistical Analysis * Mobile Architecture * Android Apps Architecture and Development * Strategic and Analytical Planning * Software Development * Budget Management * Business Development * Relationship; Team Building * Project Management * Software Architecture * Training * Innovative Resolution

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IBM Watson Assistant
Natural Language Generation (NLG) Software
Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Software
Text to Speech Software
Qlik Sense
Tableau Desktop
Google BigQuery
Microsoft SQL
Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms
AI & Machine Learning Operationalization Software
Conversational Intelligence Software
Deep Learning Software
Data Labeling Software
Machine Learning Software
Machine Learning Operationalization Software
Synthetic Data Software
Chatbots Software
Bot Platforms Software
Intelligent Virtual Assistants Software
Natural Language Processing (NLP) Software
Work experience

Feb 2021 - Present

Behavioural AI


Behavioural AI provides AI Consultancy, Conversational AI design and development, Behavioural Data Science consulting services, Machine Learning models development


Feb 2020 - Feb 2021


Chief Data and AI Officer - CDO

- Led Data & AI transformation strategy. - Led Behavioural Data Science to create customer behaviour representation embeddings & predictive models. - Responsible for the Development & Deployment of Machine Learning models applied in Growth, Credit, Customer experience & service, financial fraud etc.. - Responsible for the following areas: Data Engineering, Data Governance, Data Analytics, AI/Machine Learning, DataOps, MLOps, Business Intelligence, Information Management & Reporting, Behavioural Data Science, Credit Modelling with the view to create a consistent Data & Aanalytics "as-a-Service" platform to support a true Data-Driven organisation.


Nov 2017 - Feb 2020


Director of Machine Learning

Responsible for the Machine Learning Centre of Excellence, which aimed at an AI & Data-Driven transformation through applied Machine Learning. The CoE defines processes, best practices, standards, and the development & deployment Machine Learning advanced models for fraud detection/prevention, complaints prediction and prevention, Chatbot, customer finance coaching, Customer Embeddings, Recommendation systems, text summarisation etc.


Nov 2015 - Jun 2017

HCL Technologies

Head of Machine Learning CoE

Feb 2011 - Nov 2015

UbiMobi Technologies Ltd.

CEO / Founder

UbiMobi Technologies is a software powerhouse that specialises in Mobile Application Development and Ubiquitous Technologies. Some examples of Android Application developed recently: o Sun+ Goals – April 2013 till present – Development of football app for The Sun newspaper. Use of top-notch Android API for Live video playback, RESTFul (using GSON for Json parsing), Urban Airship Notifications, Omniture etc. o TomTom - Developing TomTom’s next generation Android app with Nuance’s Speech Recognition. It uses the Android SDK and NDK to interface with Nuance’s C++ library. o Gear4 Connect - It’s a music player which connects via USB to the upcoming Gear4 Android Speaker Dock. It was developed based on the Android Open Accessory API to support music streaming over USB. It features, Music Player, Radio and Alarm Clock. It supports Android 2.3.4 up to 4.1.2. The project encompassed the development of a native Android app and a firmware for the Speaker Dock, written in C. o Zeebox - Zeebox is a new company, with the aim of making TV better by bringing the power of the web to every second of live TV – and making it a more immersive and social experience than ever before. o IRX - It’s a medical application for the King’s College London. It’s aimed at Medicine students for cataloguing and categorising medicines and the diseases they treat. It allows the students to register video and audio notes as well as written notes for any given drug or disease and share these notes with other. o Karaoke by Puresolo - It’s a Karaoke application which allows user to record their songs and share with friends. o eBizCard - eBizCard is a virtual business card app which allows the user to create custom business cards and exchange via NFC, QR Code or email. o TypeNGo Pro is a safe tool to use when you need to type a message while walking. It features SMS Text-To-Speech which reads incoming SMS out loud to you. It helps you to keep safe while driving.


Jun 2009 - Feb 2011



Opening new markets for MathEmbedded within and outside of the UK, which includes technical sales and negotiation. Working closely with clients to identify and deliver innovative solutions to their specific needs. Providing executive leadership to various project teams on client projects from strategic planning through implementation and deployment. Creating cooperations & partnerships in challenging markets to fulfil demands. Identification and exploration of new business opportunities.


Apr 2007 - Apr 2010


Software Micro-Architect

Working in the Home Video Division on software design for HDTV and Set-Top-Boxes. Design and implementation of portable drivers for SoC across different Os's, such as ST proprietary RTOS, Linux and WinCE. Reviewing Software Design, Software Quality and code portability. Successfully introduced Software Measures (Metrics), such as Maintainability Index, into development process. Responsible for the design of Power Management Solution for embedded software to leverage hardware capabilities. Development of several Linux device drivers. Implementation of Linux fast boot to achieve demands of HDTV. Management of Linux releases for development and distribution. Published various internal papers on Software development process for embedded system, software quality, software maintainability, code cloning and its impact in software maintainability etc. Research in Speech and Language Processing, in particular in Speech Synthesis and Recognition.


Aug 2006 - Mar 2007

Commtact Ltd.

Senior Embedded Software Engineer

Exercised critical analysis and innovative, research-based approach enacting enhancements for systems related to flight and mission control. Successfully designed and developed intelligent autonomous systems based on artificial intelligence algorithms.

May 2005 - Mar 2006

Guardit Technologies, LLC

Linux Kernel Engineer

Development of on-chip firewall on ARM 9 platform and Linux 2.6 kernel; Development of Network Device Drivers and kernel modules for ARM-Linux, such as frame and/or packets capturing and manipulation; Work on the following Network Protocols: TCP\IP, PPP, PPPoE, Bluetooth, Ethernet. Design of system architecture. Definition of the firewall’s features. Design of Intrusion Detection System (IDS). Set up of Development environment (toolchain, target filesystem, uclibc) for ARM-Linux. Improvement of current code for better performance on ARM processor.


Apr 2002 - Apr 2005

Weizmann Institute of Science


Research and Development of Grid Computing in Israel, in a joint project with CERN Switzerland; Network Security Setup and Management for PP Private Network; Set up of PP Virtual Private Network; Design of Firewall Rules (Linux Iptables) and set up of Adaptive Firewall; Set up of Intrusion Detection System (Snort and another IDS developed by myself); System Hardening against misuse or abuses; Network Vulnerabilities Test (Network Security Assessment).

Feb 1997 - Oct 2000

NetTech Consulting Ltd

Founder / Managing Director

Information Systems and Network Security Assessment for banks and telecommunication companies; Development of Device Drivers on LINUX; LINUX Networking Programming (TCP/IP), and KERNEL Hacking; Design and Development of Components in C++ for Internet Banking; Development of Billing Solution for Credit Card Operation (Platform: LINUX - Language: C, C++ and JAVA); Development of a Career Planning and Succession Plan System; Development of Virtual University Solutions, using JAVA; Development of Knowledge Management System, fully developed in JAVA accessing Oracle Database ,and Implementation of EIS and ERP fully developed on Oracle Database using Oracle Designer 2000; Project Management, including budget, human resources (about 30 people) and schedule.


2020 - 2022

Macquarie University

MBA, Business Administration

2021 - 2021

University of Oxford

Executive Education, Executive Leadership Programme

2007 - 2010

The Open University

Bachelor of Science, Mathematics and Statistics

1997 - 2000

University of Toronto

Ph.D, Artificial Intelligence (Computer Science)

1988 - 1992

Universidade Veiga de Almeida

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

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