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MD/GM Samsung NEXT • Venture Partner EQT Ventures •

Berlin, DE

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Jun 2020 - Present



Building tomorrow's tech society with cultural diversity: 2hearts is a (non-profit) community of people with immigration backgrounds from the tech scene (founders, investors, top executives) with the mission to help underprivileged minorities.


Oct 2019 - Present

Samsung Next

Managing Director Samsung NEXT Ventures / General Manager Europe / Global Head of „Media Tech“

• Supporting and investing in entrepreneurs and startups who are building >> software << that could complement Samsung’s global hardware footprint. • Focus stages: Seed and Series A/B; ticket sizes: 200k-3m$. • Focus areas: 1. Media Tech 2. Edge 3. AI/Frontier Tech 4. Healthcare • Personally responsible for our activities and team in Europe and globally leading our Media Tech focus area (covering gaming, video, audio, mixed reality, synthetic media and monetization with a focus on creator tools & tech infrastructure). Media Tech Portfolio: Forte, StreamElements, Spatial, Scroll, Dapper Labs, PlayVS, Vidrovr, 8i, and more.


Dec 2018 - Present


Angel Investor

🤖 Human-centered programming of robots: Programming industrial robots is a complex, time-consuming and expensive tasks, done by experts. Today, most of the industrial have to be re-programmed when the task, the process or the surrounding changes. Wandelbots provides a solution for that. With Demonstration-based teaching robots can be programmed without writing a single line of code. Now, the task experts are able to teach robots even in dynamic and complex environments. By showing the robot how a certain task shall be performed, the concrete control program is learned and automatically generated.


May 2017 - Present

EQT Ventures

Venture Partner

• 566m € Venture Fund • "Half VC, half Startup"

Jan 2017 - Present



αlphalist is an exclusive and invite-only network of top CTOs.

2016 - Present

COUP Movement - Commandments of Outstanding Presentations


📣 Enabling everyone to be more successful through outstanding & impactful presentations 🎬 My hobby: I'm passionate about the secrets of impactful presentations since school and university. Over the years I've developed the "Commandments of Outstanding Presentations" (COUP) framework and deliver it through a unique masterclass format.

Jun 2000 - Present


Managing Partner

Empowering the best people and businesses to disrupt.


May 2017 - Sep 2019


Managing Director/Founding CEO Microsoft ScaleUp (Continental Europe)

I've founded Microsoft ScaleUp in Berlin (covering Continental Europe) and built a program with a 100(%) founder NPS from scratch: • International task force & most exclusive startup program within Microsoft. • Part of Microsoft‘s Cloud + AI Platform Team • Mission: Helping enterprise-ready B2B tech startups to scale. • Disruptive Growth Accelerator: Top 3 Accelerator worldwide, No. 1 global Corporate Accelerator. • Focus Segments: B2B + (Deep) Tech (AI, SaaS, Cloud, Big Data, IoT, Blockchain, etc.). • Focus Markets: Continental Europe (incl. Nordics). • Focus Stage: Series A (already raised or short before)

Jan 2015 - Apr 2017

Bauer Venture Partners GmbH

Managing Director

• Venture Capital Investor • 100 Mio. Euro Corporate Venture Fund of Bauer Media, Europe's leading magazine publishing and radio broadcasting house.

Sep 2015 - Mar 2017

Yummly (A subsidiary of Whirlpool Corporation)

Portfolio Company (acquired by The Whirlpool Corporation)

Globally leading recipe aggregation and food recommendation app -- acquired by The Whirlpool Corporation --


Apr 2015 - Mar 2017


Board Member / Portfolio Company (acquired bei Hoffmann SE)

High-growth e-commerce startup | MRO products -- acquired by Hoffmann SE --


Jan 2015 - Mar 2017


Portfolio Company

One of the leading calorie tracking and lifestyle apps

Jan 2015 - Oct 2016

Bauer Venture Partners GmbH

Interim M&A Bauer Media Group (Digital)

One of the World's leading media companies and Europe's largest magazine publisher and radio house.


Jan 2013 - Dec 2014

C3 Creative Code and Content

Member of Management Board (acquired by Hubert Burda Media)

• Leading European Digital Content Marketing & Storytelling Agency • Managing Director "COPE" ("Code and Content Performance"/formerly „getanet“) - the Technology Platform & Data Division of C3. • Integrated getanet into C3 as C3's tech and data core -- acquired by Hubert Burda Media --

Dec 2007 - Dec 2013

getanet GmbH & Co. KG

CEO / Managing Director (acquired by C3 Creative Code and Content)

• Technology, Software Development, and Online Marketing Consultancy • Strategy Consulting and top-notch Software and Big Data Infrastructure Development for clients like Axel Springer/Computerbild/Bild/gamigo, xplosion Interactive/Otto, Deutsche Telekom/T-Online, Deutsche Fußball Liga, Straits Times (Singapore), Stylehaul (USA), Volkswagen, Porsche, Telefonica, TUI. • Incubation of tech startups like Statista & Content Fleet. -- acquired by "C3 Creative Code and Content" and renamed from "getanet" to "COPE" ("Code and Content Performance") which became the Technology Platform & Data Division of C3 --

Jan 2011 - Nov 2013

emetriq GmbH

Entrepreunerial tech setup by getanet (acquired by Deutsche Telekom)

Building one of the smartest (big data) retargeting technologies in Europe. -- acquired by Deutsche Telekom --

Mar 2009 - Nov 2013

Content Fleet GmbH

A getanet incubation (acquired by Ströer Media)

Content intelligence and publishing technology -- acquired by Ströer Media --


May 2008 - Nov 2013


A getant co-incubation (acquired by Ströer Media)

Globally leading statistics portal -- acquired by Ströer Media --

Nov 2006 - Nov 2007


Strategy Consultant

A leading Strategy & Management Consulting Boutique for the TIMES markets. Project management, market screening, deal scouting, developing new digital business models, creating business plans and cases, conducting market/competition/best practice/benchmark analyses.

Oct 2004 - Oct 2007

dipeo - the distribution partner exchange (acquired by Müller Medien)


Leading German distribution partner exchange

Mar 2005 - Feb 2007 (acquired by XING)


Turkey's leading business networking platform.

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