Jack Salmon Ph.D.

A former professor in academic research centers; now Independent Researcher and Writer

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My new book with Stephen Thompson, on Corporatization of Medicine: Corporate Hegemony over Information Technology and the Loss of Physician Hegemony. has been published in January 2021. It is listed on Amazon now. More recent research projects include conditions for the American medical profession, global health/medical tourism (including India), the Japanese pharmaceutical industry, pharmacy in Haiti, the government regulation of health facilities in Shanghai, and the COVID-19 vaccine issues.

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Work experience

Jan 2007 - Present

home in River Forest

Research and writing activities

Researching various policy issues, all with colleagues. Still presenting papers at professional organizations and lecturing about town too. 2021 shows promise of several research project completions and publicizing my new book with Steve Thompson as well as possible teaching abroad.

Jul 1984 - Apr 2016

UIC School of Public Health

Professor of Health Policy & Administration (Retired)

Research on international health issues and publishing in academic journals after collaborations with several colleagues. Lecturing about Chicago town and internationally on various subjects of current and past research..


2001 - 2014

Chulalongkorn University

Adjunct Professor of International Pharmacy Administration

Taught Managed Care Pharmacy Systems course years ago and periodically visit to lecture in the Graduate Program in Pharmacy Administration. Lectured at Thai FDA and consulted with TPMA, the Thai generic drug group. Ongoing research on Thai compulsory licensing challenges to multinational drug firms. Carefully watching political developments as many close friends in Thailand.

2012 - 2012

Jack Warren Salmon, Ph.D. Recognized by Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Health Professions Edu

August 22, 2012

Jack Warren Salmon, Ph.D., has been recognized by Worldwide Who's Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in health professions education. For more than 40 years, Dr. Salmon has remained passionate about developing expertise in a critique of corporate for-profit medicine and international health issues. Dr. Salmon has researched corporate medicine and pharmacy, complimentary and alternative medicine, urban health systems, international health, managed care pharmacy, and domestic health policy. Dr. Salmon has written books on the corporate transformation of medicine, alternative medicine, and local public health reorganization. He is proud to have begun his profession working at a hospital print shop copying journals during the Medicare and Medicaid debates. Since the copy machines worked slowly then, he read nearly all the information to stimulate his interest in health policy. Later, he had wonderful mentors that prepared him for his Masters and doctoral studies in medical care organization at Cornell. Being a child of the 60s and influenced by its social movements, his values in health policy were shaped to advocate for social justice and equity in healthcare. This continues in his international health studies.

May 2010 - May 2010

Lecture tour of Germany

Presentations on Obama health reform

Lectured on Obamacare and enjoyed exchanges with German colleagues on European Union crisis, health care systems, and overall political scene.

1984 - 2010

Health & Medicine Policy Research Group

Board member

Since before moving to Chicago for my Urban Planning Professorship at UIC in 1984, I had joined the Board of HMPRG and have worked on Cook County public health sector reform, led local policymaker study tours to six American cities and Canada, co-authored several policy papers and conference proceedings, and supervised about a dozen Pharm.D. students in the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship program run by HMPRG. The latter mentoring was one of my most enjoyable experiences in the UIC College of Pharmacy. Schweitzer Fellows work in the inner-city on access issues for underserved communities.


Dec 2008 - May 2009

University of Sharjah

Visiting Professor of Pharmacy Practice

Taught 4th year pharmacy students on Health Care System developments. Students came from various Middle Eastern nations, were very smart, studious and lovely in so many ways. I had an enjoyably new cultural experience, making solid friendships with several faculty and students, which continue to this day.

Jun 1990 - Dec 2007

UIC College of Pharmacy

Professor of Pharmacy Administration

Had tremendous fun working with the AMCP Student chapter for 17 years. Great Pharm.D. students and graduate students in Pharmacy Administration sent on to top residencies and fellowships across the nation. Assisted in the implementation of new pharmacies in federally-funded community health centers. Developed many international health connections for students and myself.

Jul 1972 - Jun 1984

Drexel/Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital

Assistan/Associate Professor of Community Medicine

Taught medical, nursing, physician assistant, physical therapy, and clinical psychology students amidst administrative responsibilities. Extensive involvement in community health activites within Philadelphia.


1995 - 1995

Harvard University School of Public Health

Certificate, Information Systems for Managed Care and Integrated Delivery Systems

Program delved into the criticality of designing advanced data surveillance of operations in organized medical care systems for efficiency and quality improvement.

1970 - 1978

Cornell University Johnson School of Management

Ph.D., Medical Care Organization & Administration

Thesis: Corporate Attempts to Reorganize the American Health Care System

1970 - 1972

Cornell University Johnson School of Management

M.S., Sloan Institute for Health Care Administration

Program in health and hospital administration preparation.

1965 - 1970

Drexel University

B.S. College of Business Administration, Industrial Relations, minors in Law and Economics

Undergraduate studies in business, with additional 24 graduate credits from the Center for Urban Research and Environmental Studies. Campus leadership in extracurricular activities.

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