Dr Jad Matta

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My experience includes working under Visual Studio.NET/MSSQL for more than 15 years starting back to 2004 while using as reporting engine Crystal Report Software. I did many projects concerning Accounting, Stock, Project Management, Point of Sale, Document Control, and Responsive ASP.NET web mobile projects. Besides Microsoft Technologies, I am a professional PHP/MySQL developer and I've been working under laravel, Codeigniter MVC frameworks since year 2009 Good experience in using NodeJS, Angular 8 and MongoDB. Java and C++ development Under Eclipse/BlueJ/DevCpp and .NET Environment for more than 15 years. Mobile engineering development android Android Studio, and API Development back to 2009. Recently, I 've learned swift and XCode development. Independent mathematician since 2010, I was giving private lectures from grade 9 and first year university students mainly on algebra, calculus and probability I received my Ph.D. from Bircham University in 2016. My thesis tackled graph theory algorithms and combinatorics. I have published many papers regarding algorithms and compiler design and I look forward to start a Ph.D. in applied mathematics and machine learning. Main Courses: -Data Structures in Java/C++/C/Python/C# -Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence -Compiler Design/Programming Languages/Theory of Computation -Operating Systems/Unix Systems Programming -Game Programming in Java and C++ -Web Development/Networking -Graph Theory and Heuristics -Calculus/Linear Algebra/Number Theory/Computational Analysis -Mobile Engineering (Android/IOS)

Work experience

Jan 2019 - Present

American University of Beriut


Research and Development and Instructor


2015 - 2016

Bircham University

PHD, Computer Science

Phd in Computer Science

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